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Menus, flyers, and posters are not the only marketing tools you can use for your restaurant. One of the more untapped materials that are as effective as flyers are postcards. Although technology has made postcards quite ineffective, they are still widely used by companies around the globe.

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Restaurant Thanksgiving Postcard Template

restaurant thanksgiving postcard
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Restaurants need as many marketing and advertising tools they can get to succeed. Due to competition, restaurants face the risk of losing out and eventually closing shop. Although postcards don’t guarantee high sales for your restaurant, they do guarantee increased visibility when customers receive your postcards either as souvenirs or gift certificates. Postcards are a unique way to attract customers, so use them to your advantage now.

Free Restaurant Christmas Postcard Template

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Here are some restaurant postcard designs you can use for your formal or casual restaurants.

Best Restaurant Postcard Designs

Vintage Diner Restaurant Postcard


This vintage postcard design uses a photo of a bar in 1930s-era USA where suits and fedora hats reigned supreme. If you are selling American fast food especially hamburgers, hotdogs, and shakes, try using this vintage diner restaurant postcard design. Diners also began during the 1930s and aided the popularity of the famous fast food restaurants we all love today. Vintage designs are one of the best designs to use for any event.

Celebration Postcard


This hand-painted celebration postcard is one of the best restaurant postcard designs around. The painting showcases a family celebrating and eating outside an Italian restaurant. You don’t need to have an Italian restaurant to use this postcard as your restaurant only needs to have a relaxing family atmosphere where they can enjoy food and each other’s company. Hand-painted designs are some of the best options to use for any event and any setting. It adds a vintage effect to the design and makes it more nostalgic.

Restaurant Waiter Postcard


Waiters are centerpieces of restaurants. They don’t only take your order and serve your food, they can also act as information sources regarding the restaurant’s history and cuisine. Without waiters, restaurants cannot function properly as chefs are too busy preparing the food. This restaurant waiter postcard design uses an image of a cartoon French waiter complete with a mustache, hand towel, and striped pants. Elegant chairs and tables in a starry night sky provide the background of this postcard design.

This postcard is best used for formal restaurants although restaurants who have sharply dressed waiters can use this postcard as well.

Blackberry Ice Cream Dessert Food Postcard


Sometimes, the best restaurant designs are the ones with photos of food. This Blackberry Ice Cream postcard perfectly represents that. Ice cream is everyone’s favorite dessert and it is truly a no-brainer to use an image of ice cream to entice your customers. Even if strawberry is not your customer’s favorite ice cream, it’s still appetizing.

Retro Vintage Kitsch Restaurant Best in Food Postcard


Here is another vintage restaurant design. This design uses the 1940s and 1950s comic book art styles with an image of a diner incorporated in the design. The “Best in Food” text also uses a vintage comic book font style. Use this postcard if you are serving some classic diner dishes like hamburgers, eggs, bacon, and pancakes.

New York City Pizza Place Postcard


If there is pizza, there is always a feast. One of the world’s favorite snacks, there is just no describing the taste of oven-baked pizza with mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, and tomato sauce. A pizzeria is one of the most popular and easiest ideas for a startup business. Additionally, you can get a franchise from a proven brand, making it easier to market to customers and increase the chances of a higher income.

Use this New York City pizza place postcard for your own pizzeria and hand it out to your customers. They won’t be only satisfied with the food, but also with the postcard as well.


Restaurant Photo Postcard


Here is another photo postcard you can use for your restaurant. The design can be edited to include photos of your own restaurant. Make sure to take high-quality photos with some nice angles if you’re planning to use your restaurant’s exterior as the main photograph design. Additionally, you can take photos of your food and use them for this postcard as well.

Watercolor paintings are just beautiful to look at. They are not that detailed compared to other painting styles, but they still look very attractive. This watercolor painting postcard depicts a cafe in a European town or city complete with tables, chairs, houses, and stars. If you own a coffee shop or cafe, or if you are selling pastries in your restaurant, then this postcard is highly recommended.

Here is another diner-style postcard. But compared to the other diner-inspired postcard, this has more detail. Instead of only showing the diner, cars during that era are also depicted in this restaurant postcard design.

Restaurant Interior Painting Postcard


If you want to have an elegant restaurant postcard design, use this. Formal restaurants are a better fit for this postcard as the contents of this design resemble a vintage restaurant setting set during the 1970s or 1980s.  The guests seen in this postcard are all dressed in their best clothes while the waiter serves up some delicious food. If you want to have an old-school feel to your restaurant, give out these beautiful vintage postcards to your customers or hang them on the walls of your restaurant.

Other Restaurant Postcard Designs

Italian Restaurant Postcard


Lucca Restaurant Postcard


Heap’s Sausages Postcard


Venetian Flower Vendor Postcard


France Cafe Postcard


So there you go. Some of the most beautiful restaurant postcard designs are on display here and you can use them for your restaurant needs. Give them out as souvenirs to your loyal guests or make them as designs for your restaurant gift certificates.

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