You know that feeling when you regret the times you haven't made people feel how much you love them, then suddenly they're already 6 feet under the ground. Provide them a decent burial and honor your loving memory with the deceased ones using our Burial Service Brochure Templates. Let us help you out by utilizing our beautifully designed and well-written burial services brochure templates to get you through. These samples are 100% customizable and printable in available sizes: (US) 8.5x11, (A4) 8.27x11.69 inches + Bleed. Subscribe and start downloading them now!

What is a Burial Services Brochure?

We always want to give our departed loved ones a decent burial as we honor their loving memory. Part of which is to provide a good funeral program; which also includes the eulogy. A funeral program may be held outdoors or indoors like in funeral homes. In simple terms, a burial service brochure provides the program order which includes the obituary — honoring statement for the dead.

How To Make a Burial Services Brochure?

Sometimes making a burial services program could be quite stressful, especially when you are deeply drowned in grief. Plan a decent burial program with the simple and comprehensive steps provided below:

1. Gather Information

Before creating a burial service program brochure, it's important to gather necessary information from the bereaved family members. Hand down their personal details including their complete names, contact numbers, email addresses, etc. Also, conduct an interview wherein you would ask questions and let them tell something good about their departed loved one. This will be your basis on what to write on the sample obituary.

2. Write An Obituary

Since an obituary is defined as a notice of a person's death which also includes his brief biography. The biography will then indicate all his achievements or good deeds. There are also challenges that come when writing an obituary especially when you only know a few people to ask about the deceased person. We recommend you watch the movie "The Last Word" for you to be guided comprehensively about writing a simple obituary.

3. Outline The Burial Program

Now it's time to outline your program. Start by collecting all the information you have gathered then choose a software program to use. Although there is a lot of software program you can use like Microsoft Word (.doc) or Publisher. These two mentioned are easier and are more familiar to use. Then, use graphic designs like flowers, a small picture of a dove, or (a) ray(s) of sunlight. Also, include the order of the burial or funeral program. You may do it however you wish to, as long as it includes the obituary and the people assigned for the eulogy and the priest who will facilitate the ceremony.

4. Include An Appropriate Photo

Again, decency is important if you want to effectively honor the deceased. If possible, choose a picture with a decent pose and decent clothing. Preferably the ones where the deceased wore white clothing. Then, use symbols like flowers, ribbons, doves, on the background sheet where the photo will be posted.

5. Proofread Your Program

After you have prepared everything, it's time to review any spelling mistakes, especially the details on the eulogy funeral brochure. Aside from checking out spelling and grammar, it's important to verify the information to avoid disappointments. Also, review the program flow then mail it to the bereaved ahead for feedbacks or changes (if any).

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