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What Is a Custom Voucher?

A custom voucher is a small piece of paper that holds a discount offer to any goods and services. Custom vouchers do not offer a discount voucher to anything particular. These vouchers are made to be customized by the consumer in any way he or she wants. Custom vouchers are a special kind of voucher as it gives freedom to the consumers on to what product they want their vouchers to be consumed on.

How to Make a Custom Voucher


Making a custom voucher is easy. You don't have to have any specific company or brand in mind to create one. All you need to think about is the deal and the offer that you want to give. So here are the steps in making a custom voucher.

1. Research First

Before anything else, research about custom vouchers. Find out how custom vouchers work and how to make such deals with companies. Bear in mind that you are giving a custom voucher. So you have to do thorough research about how it is done.

2. Plan the Voucher

The next thing to do is to plan the content of your voucher. You need to plan how much percentage or discount you want off. Make it very specific. Then, decide if you want to leave the brand or the offered services blank or you want to offer variations for the consumers to follow. It's customized after all. Also, plan the expiration date. Just like any voucher, custom vouchers also have expiration dates. That is something the consumers cannot customize. So decide thoroughly. Most vouchers last for 12 to 24 months from the date of acquirement. Also, plan the number of sample vouchers that you want to produce. Every voucher has a limited amount. So decide how much you want to give away.

3. Design the Voucher

It's time to put some colors on the paper. Open your trusted voucher maker app or software and start creating your voucher. The usual size of the vouchers is 3.5 in × 8 in. After resizing, decide on your design. Choose colors that are appealing to the eyes and patterns that are appropriate for the voucher. Next, insert the necessary texts. What you want to accentuate in your voucher is the discount. Position the discount in the middle and make it big and noticeable. Next, put a blank to put the decided goods and services. You can also use the back portion of the voucher. You can put there the expiry date, the conditions if there is, and the contact information. After that, you are done with your custom voucher.

4. Finalize the Voucher

As easy as it took you in making the custom voucher, you still have to double-check the printable voucher. Check for any incorrect spellings, incorrect numbers, and incorrect information. Check if you have already included all the necessary information.

5. Save and Print

After finalizing, the last thing to do is to save your handmade custom voucher. Then, print it and give it away to the public.

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