Certificates are used for a lot of purposes, whether for gift voucher creation, course completion, or any form of achievement. If you need to make certificate templates, you begin by designing one that fits your purpose and suits the occasion. Get to download our custom certificate templates in any of their presented file formats for your organization, school, or institution. They are beautifully-designed, making use of high-definition images, graphics, and other design elements. Our custom certificate templates are available for FREE on any device of your choice in various formats like MS Word, Photoshop, Apple Pages, and Publisher. They are all easy to edit, shareable online, print-ready, and available in (US) 8.5 x 11 inches with Bleed. Don’t pass up this excellent opportunity by downloading any of our Custom Certificate Templates today!

What Is A Certificate?

A certificate is a form of document that serves to show an individual's credentials, qualifications, entitlement, or achievement. It also serves as proof of going through and finishing a certain course or training.

How To Create A Custom Certificate?

Though certificates are usually made of paper (or cardstock), the value and privilege a certificate hold mean a lot for someone who worked hard to earn it. In making the award certificate, you must also put your heart to it. A reliable certificate maker or certificate template will lessen your workload and will make your job easier and quicker. Here are the basic steps on how you can make your own certificate:

1. Know The Purpose Of The Certificate

There are many instances and fields that may need certifications to provide concrete evidence of an individual's participation, involvement, or achievement in a certain activity, program, or life event. Documents such as a birth certificate, baptism certificate, and marriage certificate are just a few examples of certificates given in these specific life events. Other certificates provide entitlement to a person who holds it, such as gift certificates, school certificates, professional certificates, and more.

2. Identify The Key Components

After you identify the certificate type, start collecting the needed information that will be included in your documents such as the name of the receiver and the award-giving body or sponsors, the signatories, the date and venue, the title of the certificate, and other details. If you are making several copies of this document, it is wise to record this information in a worksheet to organize the data for future reference.

3. Check Out Our Templates

If you are inclined to create a specific certificate, crafting specific documents, or a certificate template that is customizable and can be edited according to your preferred format, then check out any of our certificate templates.. We offer free certificate templates in different categories (e.g., certificate of appreciation, an employee of the month certificate, award certificate, and more.).

4. Download And Customize Your Certificate Template

Using the template, supply the needed information on the required fields and apply the necessary formatting to it. Add supplementing details like borders, watermarks, vector images, and/or others to your document to help enhance its presentation. Don't forget to attach the logo or the trademark of the company or the institution that is sponsoring the said event or program. Indicate the name of the awardee and have the document signed by the event or program sponsors or attesters.

5. Use Premium Quality Materials In Printing

Now that you're done with all the formatting, scan through the whole document and check for any writing or editing errors and do revisions if deemed necessary. Use high-quality glossy cardstocks, paper stock, or any specialty paper in printing the certificate. You can conveniently use your home or office printer if you're only printing a few copies of the document. But just to make sure that the printing quality is met, leave the job to printing professionals and send them a copy of the certificates for printing.

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