DJs are the life of every party; they liven up the people's mood on the dance floor. Can you imagine an event without music playing? To tell you the truth, it's boring. Give your business marketing plan a spin with these DJ flyer templates to give life to the event. Feel the beat and download our templates on DJ night flyer, DJ event flyer, club DJ flyer, and DJ battle flyers. Beautifully designed, 100% customizable and editable in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Publisher, Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, and Photoshop formats, these ready-made templates will surely save you time in making one from scratch. Friday night is coming! Download now and make everybody dance their night away.

What is a DJ Flyer?

A DJ flyer is a unique and stylish marketing material of the service of a DJ for a specific event. In case you are wondering, a DJ (Disc Jockey) is a person who plays recorded popular music on the radio, at a club, or at an event.

How to Create a DJ Flyer

dj flyer template

Having a DJ playing the music in your party is fun and entertaining. Without it, the place won't even feel complete. Why don't you try creating your very own DJ flyer for your potential clients and guests? Your readers will highly appreciate a well-designed DJ event flyer. To help you create one, here are steps on how to make an attractive DJ flyer.

1. Identify the Event

If you are a DJ who is looking for gigs, it is important that you identify the type of event you are about to attend. You want to be hired at the event. And your DJ service flyer can help you with this. Different events require different music to complement the theme. Is it a summer party? A rave party? Beach party? A wedding party? Or perhaps a DJ Battle? Check if your event is a ceremonial and traditional event, corporate event, private event, festival event, etc.

2. Choose a Fitting Design

To promote your DJ services and specialties, you need a marketing tool to communicate with your clients. And that's where a flyer comes in. In creating your simple flyer, choose a fitting design for the event. Are you a DJ who prefers to play hip hop, house, and club music? Or do you prefer to cater to formal events such as weddings and holiday parties? Use colors and designs that accent your flyer's theme and event.

3. Use Eye-Catching Images

To make your sample flyer more attractive, use eye-catching images and headlines. The time span of a person to get interested in something is quite short. This is why you have to catch their attention as soon as they take a glance at your flyer. By then, they will decide if your flyer is worth reading or not. Use interesting photos and legible font styles for your flyer. Organize your content and apply the element of visual hierarchy to guide your readers on what to read first and last.

4. Provide Necessary Information

Of course, you need to provide the necessary information for your promotion flyer. Your readers won't automatically understand your flyer's message without the content in it. Provide the event, its venue and time, as well as its theme. If there are known personalities attending, include them to have more chances of selling the event.

5. Organize Your Content

After you organize your flyer, check for any errors and see to it that everything is settled and understandable for your readers. You may print it on good quality paper for manual distribution, or you may save it in PDF or jpeg format for online distribution. Both methods of distribution are effective in marketing your DJ services to the public.

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