In a world full of technological advancements where mail sent through the post office is considered slow an obsolete, an email invitation is the fastest way to inform someone that their presence is requested at an event, board meeting, dinner, grand opening, etc. However, just because it's fast to deliver doesn't mean it's as easy to make; it requires a lot of editing, layout planning, designing, and all that stuff — unless of course, you had a very convenient source of high-quality, beautifully designed, and easy to edit email invitation templates. Consider that wish granted because here at our website, we offer you tons of amazing email invitation templates ranging from event email invitations, dinner email invitations, sample email invitations, wedding email invitations, meeting email invitations, and so much more. But there's more, for your benefit and ease, all our templates are 100% customizable, printable, can be used on many editing formats such as Photoshop, Apple Pages, and MS Word, and are available in 4x6 Inches, 5x7 Inches + bleed. Subscribe today to make email invitations the fast and easy way. 

What is an Email Invitation?

One thing about today's society is that everything can be done online such as sending and making invitations. An email invitation is just that; an invitation sent online. It can range from simple dinner parties and board meetings in the office to wedding invitations and invites to exclusive parties. They can be used to call conference meetings, invite loved ones to your marriage, maybe even your close friends could avail free food for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner at your grand opening through the email invitation you sent them, the possibilities are endless. Of course, that implies that you know how to make one.

How to Create an Email Invitation?

The best way to make an email invitation (since you're probably going to send it via email anyway) is online. Now, it may sound easy at first, and it is if you don't put much effort into it. But when you're making an sample invitation for an extravagant event and/or for an extravagant person, you better put in the work to make it eye-catching — which isn't the easiest thing in the world if you have no idea how to use an editing format. However, to help you, here are still a few tips you can try:

1. Use a Good Online Editing Format

A good online format isn't just a canvas where you can edit, it must have all the necessary tools you can use to make a wonderful email invitation. Another way, if you aren't familiar with how editing formats work, is finding a template that is easy to edit for your convenience (you can check out our templates if you want to). Whatever your format, template, or layout, make sure that it is something you know how to use, and/or easy to edit and place pictures on.

2. Make Sure They Know What the Invitation is for

Once you have your layout, you can start making your party invitation. Now, the first thing you want to make sure is that the receiver knows exactly what they are going to, what for, when, and if there is a dress code, what kind. If you're planning to invite a person to a dinner, a wedding, a meeting, or a formal lunch then it should be apparent that they are invited to the said event at exactly this time, wearing this kind of clothing, and are expected to have this kind of experience. The last thing you want is for an unhappy guest because dressed in a tuxedo thinking he was headed for a corporate lunch when he was being invited to a conference call meeting all because the invitation wasn't clear.

3. Use Eye-catching Pictures

You can use photos you found online or you can upload pictures you already have that are relevant to the event, nevertheless, it is important that your pictures are eye-catching and can hook in your clientele. The only difference between an emailed invitation from an simple invitation found at the post office is that they can be held physically and that's it — visuals still matter and when you have good visuals, you've got half of a good invitation with the other half being the text in it.

4. Hook Em with Your Text

Got your design? Good. Have great pictures? Excellent. Decided to bombarded your invitee with a wall of text so thick that they can't even see the pictures you put in? Yeah… no. Let's not go with that. In an invitation, you want to keep your words short and easy to read but impactful i.e. be persuasive. Here's an example, something as short as "Exclusive party. For adults only. 7 PM Sharp at (insert location here)" on a sleek font style and in the center of the printable invitation is enough if you're inviting someone to an exclusive party as it gives off a nice mysterious vibe to it. On the other hand, if you're inviting someone for a wedding, try starting with a quote about love before moving on with the event details and ending with something like "We would be so pleased to know you were there for us today like how you always have been for us all our lives."

5. Take Time to Look It Over

Small and helpful tip; before you hit that send button, take time to actually access your work. You do not want to accidentally send an invitation twice because the first one was flawed. Remember that once you press that send button, there's not Ctrl + Z for that in real life so take your time in making sure it's perfect.

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