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What Is A Guest Identification Card?

Like any other ID card, a guest identification card is a printed document card that validates the identity of an individual who partakes in a club, organization, or entity. A guest ID card is also used to grant the specific visitor the necessary access to an establishment, service, and amenity.

How To Create A Guest Identification Card?

A guest ID card is a very important document in an organization, establishment, or an event. The guest ID card can help you enhance, regulate, and stabilize the security system of your company. Creating a guest identification card for your desired use doesn't need to be flash. It only needs to be systematized and credible. Whether you want to have a company visitor ID or hospital visitor pass, make sure to refer to our guide below. The how-to step that we provided can help you achieve an ID card that is efficient and effective.

1. Choose Your Layout Size And Card Orientation

There are different standard sizes that you can use for your desired guest ID card. A standard ID card size would run at around 85.60 x 53. 98 mm and 125 x 88 mm for US government ID cards. Carefully choose the sizes that will best fit your preference. It is best if you pick the larger card size for security purposes. Moreover, you have to also decide on the card orientation that you want to use, whether you want a portrait ID or landscape.

2. Choose Your Editing Software

Like any other agent id, a guest ID card also needs to be designed digitally. After determining the perfect size for your card, you can now pick your desired editing software. If it is your first time to do a layout project, it would be best if you pick the software that offers a user-friendly feature, like Adobe Photoshop. On the other hand, if you want to make use of our ID card templates above, all of them can be accessed through different file formats

3. Add Your ID Card Design Objects

Your company guest ID card doesn't need to be traditionally plain and simple. Still, you can incorporate creative style in the overall look of your simple ID card. Choose the best high-quality design objects in your ID, from the color scheme, design vector, typography, down to images. For design consistency purposes, you can also make use of your company's brand design.

4. Transfer The Important Details

After designing the aesthetic look for your corporate ID card, you can now add the card's relevant data. Include the name, contact number, company logo, ID number, and profile picture if necessary. You can also include adding an emergency contact person that is needed when emergency circumstances arise.

5. Produce And Distribute Your Guest ID Card

To ensure the durability of your identification card, you can visit your local print shop for the best print quality. The print professionals can give their best suggestions on the best print card quality that is necessary for your guest identification card.

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