Homework Planner Templates

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Regular homework really can be a headache to most, if not all, students. While homework does allow for discipline to be cultivated at home, it would be great to just take a rest at home instead of thinking about schoolwork. To ensure that you get your homework done and have the time to manage other activities like rest or socialize, making use of any of our Homework Planner Templates could be key to your overall success. These templates assist any student track down the things they need to do for school as well as plot the time needed to finish things up. Our products are customizable, printable, and available in file formats such as MS Word and Pages for our users’ convenience. Subscribe now and you can improve your time management skills in a fun and organized planner. 

How to Make a Homework Planner

Survey data collected by researchers from the Standford Graduate School made mention that more than 50% of students feel that homework is their source of primary stress. While anyone who has ever been in the traditional school setting can agree to this data, most schools in the elementary, middle school, high school, and even college sectors continue to hand out regular homework to their students. Though there are many institutions that have started a “no homework” policy across the globe, we still have a long way to go as the pre-conceived notion that homework is inherently good continues to trump the idea to the benefits of having no homework at all. 

We cannot yet completely eradicate homework out of the students’ lives. However, what we can do is make their lives a little less stressful by cultivating an organized manner of planning to better manage their time. Through a homework planner, this can easily be accomplished in a fun and neat set of calendars, trackers, and lists that can be filled up regularly. If you want to learn a few tips on how to maximize the benefits of a homework planner, read more.

1. Select a Template that Suits Your Personality

We understand that planning can be a bit tedious and boring. However, when you have a cute planner that looks good, you become more inspired to doodle in your little notebook or sheets of paper. However, if a planner with too many decorations isn’t your speed, minimalist and simple planners can be great for you!

2. Regularly Update Your To-Do List

It is important for student planners to include a section meant for bullet journaling or having a to-do-list. This can help anyone keep track of the things to do not just for homework but for projects, and so you can get ready for exams as well. everyone knows that the life of a student can get very unpredictable. With this list, you can see what the tasks you need to do are, allowing you to transfer tasks on other days when the day is full or heavy.

3. Have a Calendar to Keep Track of Deadlines

Seeing a bird's-eye view of your weekly or monthly calendar gives you a sense of how busy you are for a time frame. For heavy projects or assignments, you can space out little tasks across the time you were informed of the project until its deadline. This ensures that you don’t become too stressed out by dedicating just a day or two for finishing your work. This also helps with a person’s time-management skills.

4. Include an Inspiration Portion

Oftentimes, we can set ourselves up for failure when we put too much pressure on ourselves. Remember to keep yourself in check by not becoming too stressed out with schoolwork. You can have a part of your planner be a page where you can write down the things you are thankful for or a section where you can place your goals in. A self-care planner can also be a great way for you to maintain your mental health and to remind you to have fun in school.