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What Is an ID Card Format?

An ID Card or Identification Card is used in defining and differentiating people from particular organizations, categories, or affiliations whether in schools, companies, and organizations. If you are responsible for designing an ID card that best represents your establishment or organization, then check out the rest of this article where we share a step-by-step guide on how to make simple ID cards.

How to Make an ID Card Format

A step-by-step guide on how to design an ID card is presented below. Study these steps well so that you can be able to create an ID Card for your own establishment. Check this out!

1. Specify the Type of Picture you Want to Present

You must first determine the image or identity of your business, organization, or company. You can then decide on the specific design theme or motif for your ID cards once you have selected the type of impression you want to achieve. For example, you may use a colorful employee ID card design if you want to represent the contemporary yet enjoyable business culture for your employees.

2. Choose the Right Design Components for Branding

Next, the specific branding design elements that you want to include on the ID card must be carefully selected. This constitutes selecting the design of the color scheme, design of the modern ID card, header, logo as well as the letterhead. Save all these images or files on your desktop's computer in one file to avoid confusion.

3. State the Necessary Information

You also need to write down and save all the pieces of information that you want to include on your professional ID cards apart from the image elements. You can compile a list of all your employees with their corresponding images and signatures, their complete address, their emergency contact person, and a piece of brief information about your company.

4. Design or Download ID card Template

The fourth step is the card design. ID Cards doesn't need complicated designs and colors, it needs to be simple and professional to look at especially when it is used in offices, by a teacher or a student. Choose a template design that fits your brand or organization best. It also depends on your institution whether you will use a vertical or horizontal format in your ID Card. But if you don't want to design from blanks, then you may download ID Card online or our printable ID card formats here in Template.Net. We offer you a lot of samples that you can choose from and can be accessible in Microsoft Word, Publisher, PSD, and a lot more.

5. Print the ID Card

Finally, the last step in creating any service ID card is to use your preferred printing material to print the final ID card design. Most ID Cards are made from PVC and plastics. Ask the ID card printer shop about the various alternatives they offer. Once you're done printing, distribute it immediately to the ID Card's owner.

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