Photography is a fun and useful craft to get into. Some people take it up as a hobby, while others do it as their profession. If you need to make awards for things like course completion and activity participation, feel free to download our Photography Certificate Templates. Choose from one of our samples for quick and simple content creation. Plus, our content comes compatible with various applications, like Adobe Illustrator and Mac Pages. So, download now—create photography awards for fashion photoshoots, art institutes, and more!

How to Make a Photography Certificate

Merriam-Webster (a long-running information resource) explains that a certificate contains official documentation of someone’s achievement. And so, certificates are perfect for when you need tangible awards for those involved in the field.

From completing a studio course to participating in a school workshop session, certificates work well as authenticity awards. If you’re wondering how to make an original certificate design, consider reading our tips below.

1. Prepare Your Certificate’s Size and Orientation

Since a certificate is an official award, it needs a professional document layout. And so, in your chosen application (i.e., Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Publisher), set up a space of 8.5 x 11 inches for the design’s body. If you need a larger size, go with 11 x 17 inches instead. For the layout orientation, both landscape and portrait formats are viable.

2. Incorporate Graphic Designs in Your Photography Certificate

Along with your certificate’s basic format, graphic renders also play a role in its presentation. Decorate your document with a subtle background and border. Regarding the border design, use a simple vector style to give it a sleek and modern appearance. Apply associated branding colors if there are any to work it.

3. Give Your Photography Certificate Appropriate Dialogue

The most essential aspect of a certificate is its written content. Start with the title, which is written at the top in large bold font and accompanied by a relevant logo. Next, draft a presentation line followed by the recipient’s name and the certificate presenters. Finally, add the award’s description, presentation date, and approval signatures.

4. Use Proper Fonts in Your Photography Certificate

The look of your dialogue also needs to be presentable, as not to take away from the design. When choosing font styles, pick ones that are easy to read. Additionally, use font colors that complement yet stand out from the overall aesthetic.

And there you have all our tips! Remember to download our Photography Certificate Templates for quick and easy content creation!

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