“The price should be right.” Prices are a natural determinant of any customer’s purchase. It can't be helped if consumers compare prices. Be practical like them by creating a pricing page on your business website and take this chance to have a price conversation with your products and services' consumers. Get help in making it with our ready-made Pricing Page Templates. These creative web templates are convertible to PSD and HTML formats. They come with free images and artworks plus their bootstrap grid, and other elements such as menus, buttons, and text fields are designed to be responsive and interactive. Easily get your items sold and win sales for your company now!

What Is a Pricing Page?

A pricing page is a landing page included on a website where products and services can be availed. It contains the proposed payment bids together with their corresponding descriptions. Some of the common items that have pricing pages are templates, subscriptions, journals, and other sources, etc.

How To Create A Pricing Page

Thirty percent of the pricing decisions companies make every year fail to make the best prices for their products and services. Prevent this predicament from happening to your business by checking out and following the guide steps and tips we prepared below.

1. Set the Benefits

Layout a pricing plan. Come up with the price list and of the company’s products and services. Along with the list, secure the profits your users can gain once they avail your offers. It will make your customers understand your price justification. Indicate how long a service or product would last for those specific prices. A simple catalog of the costs is better than a complex one. Prices are part of the business' marketing plan, so keep everything apprehensible for all types of consumers. This proposal you present will determine the buying choice of your business clients.

2. Use A Clear Call To Action

Continue the progress of the pricing page by adding a call to action. Appropriate a clear call to action. Align them below the price catalogs then put an comprehensible label for each of them. Write these as the definitions of where these call to actions will lead the users when they hit that purchase button. Note if the subscription is a free a trial or not. Applying this tip will help prevent future consumer complain regarding your offered plans.

3. Compose a Business Pitch

Though the main content in a pricing page is the price plans and other sellable offers, the business pitch also plays an important role on the page. It serves as an introduction to the offers and subscription plans that will be displayed on the page. This is where you first persuade users to avail of your products and services. Influence them through the pitch to make them check out your offers and be convinced to pay the price.

4. Organize the Page

Open your business website and add a page. Ask for access if you need permission to make customizations on the website. Using website tools and appropriate software or platform, apply the additional contents to your company site. Position them properly and modify their font sizes and styles to contribute to the overall look of the page. Design it to finish this setup. Do less work in this step by downloading our free and editable pricing pages templates. They are convertible to PSD and HTML. All you have to do is to update the contents and readily publish the page once done. Utilize the template's built-in designs for more convenience. Use these innovative templates now, and get your work done faster and smarter!

5. Test the Page Yourself

The most critical part of making websites is: the page must work! So we dare you not to skip running a trial of the pricing page. If everything appears and goes well, you're on the right track; but if not, you have to figure out where you've gone wrong in the process. Check it from the software or platform you used to create the page. When it is settled, go over and read the details that appear on the page. Amend errors if there are any. If you see the page perfectly polished, officially publish it.

Congratulations! Thousands of people will now see your pricing page. Create more of your work with us! See you on your next project!

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