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What is a Vertical ID Card?

A vertical identification card basically identifies a certain individual whose name and photo appear on it. It contains information like age, address, organizational affiliation, etc. in a vertically shaped card. It is a commonly used type than the horizontal ID.

How to Make a Vertical ID Card?

An article states that identification (ID) cards are now becoming an essential element of facilities and workplace safety and security. Not only employees are required to have an identity card but also students. Schools are also strict about letting students- be it high school, college, or any level- to wear IDs to recognize if they are really connected to the school.

Institutions such as business equip employees with employee ID cards to quickly identify who is associated with the office and to streamline employee operations. In this short guide, we will present useful and easy-to-follow tips on how to create a simple yet appealing vertical identification card. Read and understand each detail.

1. Note All the Basic Information

Basically, a vertical identification card contains the necessary information of a certain student or employee. Details that will be displayed will depend on the type of card that is to be made and its features. For instance, identification cards usually consist of more than just a name. Most likely it contains other details like ID numbers, job position titles, names of departments, etc. Take note, get these pieces information beforehand to provide an easy way of making your ID cards.

2. Incorporate a Logo

Along with the main details, you may include your security agency logo (if applicable). It is also the best way to represent your school or business. Just a tip, in incorporating a company logo, make sure it matches with the institution you are in.

3. Include a Photo

The image on an ID card makes it distinctive and easily recognizable. Photo identification is naturally used to increase the document's security and authenticity on identification documents, such as a driver's license, passport, or ID card.

It is also essential for easy identification. Your vertical ID card or any type of identity card would not be complete without a picture. This is basically a form of visual confirmation that proves who the ID card belongs to. Take note, make it visible, and place it on the front of the card.

4. Put your Signature

For validity purposes, print a signature on your identification card. It is one of the best ways to verify fraudulent of fake ID cards. Ensure that you have registered the signature in the system database of your agency. It can be used to compare it with the one printed on the ID card format. Signatures also help to confirm an employee's identity.

5. Add Security Features

Aside from putting a signature on your company ID, adding security features is a smart idea. The most common features are bar codes, QR codes, RFID, and event magnetic stripes. Consult with your security team if they can recommend other features.

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