What Is A Vertical Organizational Chart?

A vertical organizational chart is a type of organizational structure utilizing a portrait form of a chart. It is also classified as a flowchart that shows the hierarchical organization of a company, school, family, and such. It is a useful tool to manage, subordinate, and dividing the labor. With the help of a vertical organizational chart, you can disseminate works quickly.

How To Create A Vertical Organizational Chart?

There are many types of organizational structure — horizontal and vertical. In comparison with a horizontal organizational chart, a vertical organizational chart is more effective. It will present a diagram in scrolling up to the down method. Whether you will use it in business or personally, in that way, it will make you more organize and presentable. Do you want to start making one now? Well, here are organized methods to make your effective vertical organizational chart.

1. Collect the Needed Data

The first step in making your vertical organizational chart is to collect the data you need to organize. In this way, you ensure that the information you received is verified and legit. For instance, if you are preparing for a company organizational chart, conduct a one-on-one interview. Eventually, make a checklist of the members, their corresponding hierarchical position, and their role in the company.

2. Format Your Organizational Design

Before making your actual vertical organizational chart, make sure that you carefully format your organizational design or structure. You can use a matrix organizational structure as it is proven to be effective. For your design, sketch your chart in a vertical (portrait) orientation. Include shapes for your texts such as square, circle, rectangle, and such. Also, make use of lines (straight or curve) to establish the relationship between your organization.

3. Decide The Perfect Type Of Flowchart

After making your vertical organizational chart, decide as to what would be the perfect type of flow chart you will use. To make it possible, look further to your gathered data. E.g., if you are making a vertical organizational chart for your class, count and take note as to how many positions and persons under that position. Afterward, look for the right flowchart that fits for the amount of your data.

4. Choose A Template

Rather than starting from scratch, you can make use of templates that are readily available online in template.net. They offer different kinds of vertical organizational charts — service organizational chart, department organizational chart, management organizational chart, sales organizational chart, and more. They also provide other templates for your everyday document needs, such as different types of charts.

5. Launch Your Software Program

The templates that you can download in template.net are versatile and accessible to any software program you desire. You can edit it in Microsoft Word (.docx), Google Docs (.doc), Apple Pages (.pages), Editable PDF, and many more. Just make sure that in using a software program, you are comfortable with its features.

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