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What Is a Spa Voucher?

A Spa Voucher is a coupon that gives you the privilege of a discount and any other related benefits bestowed upon you by a spa. This can be received as a gift or won by participating in minor competitions. Birthday celebrants are the most common recipients for discounted spa treatments.

An ordinary individual might think that vouchers decrease sales. This might be true but with the right estimation and marketing techniques, you'll be able to drive customers in and increase your profit. You may provide vouchers during major seasons such as your Anniversary, Christmas, Mother's Day, and such because these seasons call for a celebration. Take note that vouchers do not only provide discounts but they have the chance to drive new customers in.

Vouchers have unique numberings printed on them to help store owners to track which ones have been redeemed.

How to Create a Spa Voucher

spa voucher template

Statistics show that 92% of individuals rely on vouchers. This has become a driving factor for businesses to provide more vouchers to their customers. With this vital information alone, we can already deduce that competition is high voucher-wise. We will provide you tips below on how to set your voucher apart from your competitors.

1. Emphasize Expiration Dates

Every voucher has its expiration date. Most customers use their vouchers without the knowledge that it has expired already. So, display the date where it is easily noticeable and print it in bold, if possible.

2. Design Your Voucher With Pictures

Your presentation of pictures can reflect your customer's choices. Displaying a picture of well-pleased customers in your vouchers has a more positive impact than just displaying random pictures.

3. Estimate Your Budget

Offering your services at a discounted price could mean a decrease in sales but with the right marketing techniques, you'll be able to increase it instead otherwise. Estimate if you have a sufficient budget to pull this off. Invest in good marketing for your profit to exceed your expenses.

4. Add Text

Your text should include the discount details, your store location, contact number, days and hours you are open to the public, and social media pages or websites (if any). Provide ways to your customers on how they can address their inquiries. Try not to clutter your voucher by putting too much text into it.

5. Compare and Contrast

If you're wondering as to what techniques your competitors are currently adapting, take a look at their business vouchers. It doesn't hurt to examine what works for your competitors. Although, this doesn't have to mean you'll be exactly copying everything; you'll just gather ideas and improvise on what you have gathered.

6. Distribute the Vouchers

After all the efforts you have invested to produce a voucher, you have to formulate ways on how to distribute them. Decide on how you will distribute your vouchers. You can inform through your website or social media sites or send a newsletter through email.

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