28+ Education Website Themes & Templates

If you are a person who is engaged in the field of education then it is of prime importance that you make use of free Education Templates to create a website that is so awesome and brilliant that it gives you a great presence in the virtual world. These templates are so marvelous and unique that they give a premium look to your website which is simply top of its class and has no comparison whatsoever. You may also see education model themes & templates

This is one of the best ways to not invest much money or time and yet get a website that helps you describe all the credentials that you have in the best possible way so that you can get the maximum traffic on your website which would ultimately lead to more business and more profit. You may also see School Website Templates.

If you want to provide education consultancy services online by giving classes, training, and coaching, using an education website is a great tool. We have templates that can help you provide information for college and academy attendees. You can make your website with CSS and our template’s convenient features. This theme is often used for developing a website which is for an educational institute. This theme has a lot of attractive graphics and thus the theme is often used while making a website for primary school or nursery school. You may also visit Joomla Themes & Templates.

Education Website WordPress Theme/Template

education wordpress theme templateDownload Now

New High School Education Website Template

new high school education website template

Education & University Joomla Website Template

education university joomla website template

Free Coaching Education HTML WordPress Theme

free education wordpress theme

This School Education Website Template is designed with a two columns design layout. It uses colorful dark and light color shades and works on various HTML templates. This template ensures that it can be downloaded from any source and can be easily edited as well. You may also see education PSD templates.

Free Online Courses Education Joomla Theme

free online courses education joomla theme

As the name represents, this theme is used by online education institutes which provide online classes to the students. In such a case, the developers need to use a theme like this one as it helps the client in perceiving that the website is all about computer education. You may also see education flash CMS themes & templates.

Free Academy Education WordPress Theme

free acadamic education wordpresstheme

There are a lot of people who do not want to develop the design of the website from the scratch and they may go ahead with a theme that can support the WordPress programming. The theme can only be used with WordPress. You may also see Top WordPress Templates.

Free Responsive Education WordPress Theme

free responsive education wordpress theme

The templates of responsive education WordPress Theme are also available online and the website is usually used for institutes providing higher education. The website template has certain features which enable the responsiveness of the website.

Free Education CSS & Joomla Theme

free premium education joomla theme

Free Online Classes Education WordPress Theme

free online education wordpress theme

Free e-Learning WordPress Theme

free education learning wordpress theme

This simple template is available in fully responsive design and Mozilla, Firefox, internet explorer are some of the platforms where it can flawlessly work. A set of high-definition images is provided which can be used for a lifetime without any type of hassle.

Free Education Center WordPress Theme

free education center wordpress theme

Fully editable, the best fonts can also be changed as per particular requirements. White is used as a base color for this template and a major section is occupied for the image slider. This sample template is based on a fixed-width layout and a mixed column structure is provided as an additional feature.

Happy Learning Responsive Website

happy learning responsive website

Free Perfect Education WordPress Theme

free perfect education wordpress theme

This Educational Board Website Template in PDF is designed with a video tab and mixed column tab. This template is based on XHTML and ensures a fixed-width layout tab. Customization can be done with this template as per specific needs.

Free Professional Education WordPress Theme

free professional education wordpress theme

Free School & University Education WordPress Theme

free school university education wordpress theme

This Art Website Design Template is available with more than 15 high-resolution images that can be arranged accordingly. This is a very colorful template that generates more traffic for a website, resulting increases online presence.

Free Simple Education WordPress Theme

free simple education wordpress theme

Elementary School Training Education Website

elementary school education website

Now, most of the templates we discussed in this template are WordPress enabled but what when the developers are willing to use HTML or CSS templates to develop the website? Well, there is a solution to this and the solution is that the developers can use templates that are compatible with HTML and CSS.

Best High School Education Responsive WordPress Theme

best high school education responsive wordpress th

Many themes are available for use by the primary school in word as well. The themes available can be used to create a responsive website as well as a normal website.

College Landing Page Free Responsive Website Template

college landing page free responsive website templ

This basic template is used to create a homepage of the college website and this also enables a feature to get education gratuity. The template is easy to use and can be downloaded free of cost.

Free Educational Institute Responsive Website Template

free educational responsive web template

E learning Free Educational Responsive Web Template

elearning free educational responsive web template

University Education Website Theme Template

university education website theme template

Business School Education Tutorial Responsive Website

business school education responsive website

Education Consultancy Website Theme Template

education consultancy website theme templateDownload Now

How to Create Free School Website?

Creating School Website is like creating any other website. It is just that the theme of the website differs slightly. So while making a website, you would have to use an education template in pdf and that would make the website look brilliant. There are many free templates available online which can be used directly after integration with your present modules on the website. You may go through some of the online tutorials available on the web which can help you in integrating various templates. It is also to be noted that most of the templates are available for free download from the webspace.

The best part is that these printable templates are available for free which means that you do not have to spend even a penny on the creation of your website and simply need to install these templates which are very simple to use and even easier to install. So, do not wait anymore and go get these Website Document Templates which would create a website for you that is simply fabulous.

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