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What Is the Purpose of an Educational Brochure?

The purpose of this particular type of brochure is mainly for school promotion or school advertising. If one wishes to learn about a particular educational institution in detail, then a brochure should be able to provide all the information he/she needs. It's one of the best tools for helping people see what a school has to offer and to help make the reader decide whether he/she should apply to become one of its students.

How to Make an Educational Brochure?

1. Decide on the Type of Brochure

Although there are many different types that you can go for, there are 2 that are most commonly used: the bifold brochure and the trifold brochure. It should be clear that trifold brochures are used to provide more details as opposed to bi-fold ones. However, know that both are fine choices for displaying content regarding your school and what it has to offer.

2. Use the Right Pictures

No matter what kind of school you end up promoting, it is important to consider what pictures you're going to use for the brochure. It's best that you go with ones that provide a positive image of what the school's culture is like and what facilities it has to offer. Take note that you want to make sure that you'll want to use images with high resolution so that, when scaled, it won't lose its quality. If you want to make sure that you are able to rightfully position each picture, then you can always download and make use of blank or editable brochure templates that already have premade layouts for you to follow.

3. Share Information about the Educational Institution

Aside from providing its name, you'll want the reader to learn about its history. You can provide a short paragraph that points out how the school was founded and other details such as who found it and when. It's also in your best interest that you include the school's vision and mission statement. This is very useful for helping the reader understand what the school's goals are and how it'll go about in teaching and nurturing its students.

4. Point Out What It Has to Offer

Tell the reader what it is that your schools are willing to offer if he/she were to decide to become one of its students. Make a list of things such as the courses that they can take and the facilities that they can make use of. It's also best that your educational brochure includes a paragraph that tells the reader about the application process.

5. Place Contact Details

Lastly, you'll need to provide the school's contact details so that in the event that the reader has any questions or concerns, he/she will know how to get in touch. Write down any phone numbers or email addresses that can be used by the reader. Make sure that whatever contact details you've provided are ones that are still being actively used. Also, include the school's complete address so that the reader will know exactly where it's located if he/she wishes to make a visit.

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