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How to Create a Perfect Certificate of Merit?

merit certificate template

Basically, a merit certificate or an appreciation certificate is a paper that acknowledges the accomplishment of a person or group of people. The document is one way of showing gratitude, respect, and most importantly, honor.

Although it is special to receive praise from workmates, classmates, or other people that surround you, receiving a certificate is a whole new level of special. The merit certificate is not given to someone unless he or she is worthy of the recognition. Hence, we present you helpful guidelines in crafting an exquisite certificate.

1. Begin with a Thorough Plan

A well-planned certificate is a good certificate because it is a result of an in-depth deliberation and brainstorming. To avoid messing up the craft, make a list of methods that you should follow in order to achieve your desired result. Also, take into account the purpose of your simple certificate, if it will just show mere appreciation or will you be stating the things that the person garnered for clarity and orderliness.

2. Construct the Format

Since you already have a plan, it means that you now have a good starting point in crafting your management certificate. The next thing that you should do is to build a framework so that it will be easy to input the necessary details later. Determine the orientation of your craft, if it will be in portrait or in the landscape. Then select an appropriate size afterward, but most certificates are in 8.5 by 11 inches.

3. Design Appropriately

Input the details and the decorations in your employee certificate orderly. Do not exaggerate and overdo your design because you are making a certificate and not a billboard poster. Mix and match the font sizes and font styles but bear in mind that you should also maintain professionalism. Combine pleasant color schemes if you want to have a colored result, or you can just have it in black-and-white, it is all up to you. Moreover, use fine borders or frames but make sure that it suits the theme or motif of your layout.

4. Put the Significant Information

Do not get carried away with layouts; you might forget the important data to be encoded such as the name of the person being recognized, date of when the company certificate will be given, and the reason why he is being acknowledged—but it is optional.

5. Proofread

Make time to review your work so that you will not produce a default certificate. Also, it is for the benefit of your institution and the awardee because the former should preserve its integrity and formality while the latter should be satisfied and not be disappointed. Moreover, it is advantageous to proofread because you will have enough time to correct the mistake if there are any, and not waste money and effort.

6. Print and Present

After checking for mistakes, you can already produce a copy of your service certificate. However, just make sure that you will be printing it in a high-quality paper for an excellent outcome. Then, you can give it to the person that deserves it.

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