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4+ Salary Pay Certificate Templates – PDF

Nothing gets more exciting than getting the paycheck after weeks of working. All the hard work is worth it when you see the fruit of your labor. We are informed how much we have earned over a month days before we can get it. And once we get our pay, it is up to us on how we are going to spend it. You may also see salary certificate for an accountant.

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As proof of how much pay we are getting, employers give us our salary pay certificate. It has the breakdown of how much we are paying for our taxes and mandatory government contributions, how much we earn in a day, and how much is subtracted with our uncredited absences. Bonus payments are also stated in the certificate if we worked on holidays.

Salary Pay Certificate

Monthly Salary Certificate

How To Spend Money Wisely

We earn money through our hard work in the paycheck that comes every month. With so much amount in our disposal, we usually spend it to our heart’s content and end up crying because we are already running out of money. To prevent that from happening, follow these tips in spending money:

1. Withdraw the amount you need.

Decide how much you are going to withdraw when the pay comes in. Always think of setting an amount that you need to spend when withdrawing money. It disciplines you in spending just the right amount for the right purpose. You may also see free salary certificate templates.

2. Allot a part of the salary for basic needs.

It is very wise to allow a part of your salary for your basic needs such as food, water, electricity, and other bills. Have them paid earlier and shop some food right before you run out of money for unnecessary expenses. These should be prioritized every payday. You may also see salary certificate for your employees.

3. Sort out the “wants” and “needs”.

Before spending your salary, determine your wants and needs. Apart from the basic needs, list down what you really need in your house. Your wants can be purchased later if you have extra money. Always prioritize your needs first as these have more weight than the things you want to buy. You may also see salary certificate for a bank.

4. Make a budget.

Writing a monthly budget is a big help if you want to spend your money in the most organized way. Put in everything that needs to be spending money on. This will guide you in spending your money wisely. Having a budget limits you from overspending your money. As much as possible, do not go beyond the budget to avoid any financial problem.

5. Record the expenses.

To track where your money went, record your expenses on a sheet of paper. Sometimes we don’t have a clear idea of what we are spending for any more as time goes by. This is for further reference when we ask ourselves where we spent our money on. By recording our expenses, we can take note how much we are spending and how to minimize it in the future. You may also see salary certificate formats.

6. Never buy anything you can’t afford.

This is the golden rule in spending money, regardless if you have too much or a zero budget. Never purchase anything that is beyond your purchasing power. It will lead you to serious financial problems in the future. Most of the time, the pricey things are the ones not worth spending for. You may also see experience certificate templates.

Salary Certificate Form

Standard Salary Certificate

Salary Certificate Breakdown

7. Start saving money for personal purposes.

Set aside a chunk of your salary for personal purposes. If you want to start your own savings, you can just go to a bank and get a savings account. This kind of saving will remind you to save at least once a month. It gives you the habit of setting aside small amounts for you to put in your account. Over time, your savings will grow. You can use it for other purposes. You may also see sample certificate templates.

8. Set some money for an emergency.

We never what can happen in the next few hours. Accidents and diseases are just around the corner, so it’s better if we set some of our money for emergency situations. This money is used for paying hospital bills and other emergency matters. You may also see employment certificates.

9. Spend less on leisurely stuff.

It is important to unwind to relax our minds and regain our energies. However, it does not have to be all the time. It takes so much money to go for a long travel and not being able to get back the amount financed. If you want to travel, consider setting aside money for that purpose and plan your travel expenses well. This saves you from a lot of stress. Unwinding helps in developing one’s personality and relieving from all the stress. You may also see internship certificate templates.

10. Save up for purchases.

If you plan to purchase a house or a car, save up for it instead of putting it on credit. Doing so will add up more payments than originally planned. It will become a burden later on, as you would have a hard time paying the rates charged by the store. If you save up for a purchase, you can pay what you’re buying in one go. You don’t have to worry about paying on a monthly basis anymore. You may also see volunteer certificate templates.

11. Don’t depend on a credit card.

Credit cards have high interest rates that will become a burden to pay later on. Banks can cancel the card, and increase and decrease the credit limit of your card whenever they want to without any notice. The more you spend, the higher they charge you with whatever payment they can think of. You may also see student attendance certificate templates.

12. Start saving for retirement.

Another thing that you have to save for while you are young is your retirement. Save up some money for retirement after availing a retirement program that suits your income. This is one of the most important savings that you have to save for as early as now. Your years of working should pay off when you get old.


Knowing what to spend your money on and how you are going to make ends meet is an essential for every working adult. Money is always around the corner and we get more when we work hard for it. We should spend on things that will really matter in the long run. You may also see certificate format templates.

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