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The template system is quite an amazing option for people who have little or no time to create salary certificate for their business. It is obvious that creating the certificate from scratch is going to take quite some time, which is the reason why the blank certificate template has become an alternative option for many people.

Salary Certificate for Accountant Template


Salary Pay Certificate Template


Salary Certificate for Bank Template


Salary Certificate from Employer Template



Salary Certificate Format


Simple Salary Certificate Template

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Annual Salary Certificate Template

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Monthly Salary Certificate Template

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You are getting a well organized printable salary certificate template here that starts with salary certificate letter and is followed by 2 tables on salary structure & deduction details. It’s neat and sleek.

Employee Salary Certificate Template

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If you are looking for a minimalist salary certificate format that does not compromise on the major essentials, this template here would be great for you with its smart tables on both salary & deduction.

Salary Certificate for Accountant Template


Salary Certificate from Employer

Salary Certificate from Employer


You have a simple salary certificate sample here which begins with a short declaration by the HR, followed by salary details & deduction details. The salary details include basic salary, house rent, convenience allowance & gross salary.

Salary Certificate Is The Legal Proof Of Your Secured Income

The salary certificate, just as the name suggests, refers to the salary documentation of an employee. It’s the legal proof that you have a dependable, regular and verifiable income. The employers are bound to issue salary certificate if an employee asks for it at the end of the financial year.

Salary Pay Certificate

Salary Pay Certificate


What Constitutes a Salary Certificate?

A simple salary certificate sample will come up with 2 important details. First, it will state about the salary structure of the employee and then it would talk about the deduction details. It’s created by the HR department of a company and is issued by the CEO.

Purpose of Salary Certificate

A salary or pay certificate is needed for various purposes and in places where the employee is needed to produce his employment & income proof.

For Loan Applications

Lenders & banks would prefer to have a legal proof of your income to check your eligibility for the desired loan. In such a situations, you would need to produce your certificate of employment with salary details (issued by your company CEO) to confirm your position as a reliable loan applicant.

For Bank Accounts

Banks usually ask for salary certificates when an employed person is about to open an account with the bank, say savings account.

Lease Applications

The smart landlords today run a background check on the financial credibility of prospective tenants before handing on their property to the latter. Thus, if you are planning a lease application, you must ask your employer beforehand to support you with a salary certificate- so that you can establish yourself as a reliable tenant.

To Establish Credibility of the Company

The certificate of employment with compensation that is issued to the employee by the employer also establishes that the business duly acknowledges the contribution of the employee- and that he/she is compensated fairly for his efforts towards the company.

Tips on Writing Salary Certificate

The Entire Salary Details

The salary certificate must state the entire salary structure of the employee and not just the net amount that he gets end of the month or annually. Thus, it would include the details on basic salary, house rent, convenience allowance & gross salary. At times, the salary certificate must also mention the period of payment of the employee, such as monthly, biweekly, per project etc.

The Entire Deduction Details

Under the deduction section, the certificate should provide a complete break-up of the deductions from the salary, including figures on –Income tax, E.O.I.B., total & net payable salary.

Letter or Declaration from HR

The salary certificate letter will begin with a letter or declaration from the HR department of the company, acknowledging that the concerned employee is employed with the specific company and draws a salary. The certification would also mention the date of joining of the employee and his position. If the employee is leaving the job and need the certificate for his new job application, the certificate must also mention the employee’s last date with the company.

After the salary & deduction details are discussed, the certificate will say that the salary certificate has been issued to the employee on his specific request.

It is no denying that custom certificate templates have become popular in this time and age, and there are good reasons why:

  • Think the times you wished you would do less and gain more. The Employee Certificate Template helps you do write less, and still end up with the best output at the end of the day.
  • There is no longer a need to spend money unnecessarily on a task you can now do on your own. instead of hiring someone to do to the certificates for you, simply download the remuneration certificate templates, edit them to make them more personalized, print them and then use them. You see! You got this working for you without paying even a single buck.

> Dos and Don’ts with Salary Certificate

> Do’s

  • The employee’s name, position in the company and date of joining should be clearly mentioned.
  • All the figures related to salary details must be correct.
  • All the figures related to deduction details must be correct.
  • The certificate must be signed by HR department of your company and the CEO.
  • Use separate tables to discuss salary structure & deduction details.
  • Give your HR department at least a week to construct the salary certificate.

> The Don’ts

  • No spelling mistake or typo issue is allowed with your name, the salary or deduction figures on the certificate.
  • Do not lie about anything in your salary or deduction structure.

> Come to us

A salary certificate usually follows a simple format but one has to be correct with the specific structure. We, at template.net, are ready to help you with our great list of salary certificate format pdf templates. All of them are designed by experts to ensure the most professional format for our visitors. Whether you are looking for a salary certificate letter format word or salary certificate format in excel, we have got everything covered for you. Our templates are really easy to use. You would simply need to download their readymade format and customize it with your specific details.

You can get the best template online, precisely on this page. Here, you will be able to browse through the list of the available templates in the category, then download and use any of those available free.

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