18+ Best Email Templates for Ads & Sales

Get your advertising noticed with attractive emails that can be easily created using custom advertising email templates. The templates offer flexibility as well as powerful options that allow users to get the exact marketing tool they were looking for. Choose from the hundreds preset themes and background layouts available and just upload the content to get started right away.

The templates come loaded with stock photos, infinite color backgrounds, unique font styles, and a number of stylish icons that can simply be added to the email page with a click of a button. The templates are available in a number of formats that allow them to be opened with any popular image editing software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and so on and even support layered import/export options.

The templates have been optimized for mobile viewing and for a faster browser performance using the HTML5 coding. The columns and rows of the templates automatically rearrange and adapt to any screen size, and work especially well on mobile screen resolutions. The templates also include useful functionalities such as subscription letter renewal links, unsubscribe links, buy now and register now links, and also flash player compatibility that allows them to play even animations without lag.

The template layout can be switched between fluidic, for mobile users, and column design for desktop users instantly with the options provided. Also the templates can be customized to work with popular advertising analytics tools such as MailChimp and Campaign monitor that give you an accurate perspective of the performance.

Rich Typography Email Template

  • rich typography email template

Superstar Newsletter

  • superstar newsletter

Magic Mail Email Template

  • magic mail email template

BlauMail Email Template

  • blaumail email template

Newsletter & Alert Template

  • newsletter alert template

Responsive Email Newsletter Template

  • responsive email newsletter template

Responsive Email with Template Editor

  • mantos responsive email with template editor1

Responsive Email Template

  • responsive email

Destiny Responsive Email

  • destiny responsive email

Responsive Newsletter with Template Builder

  • responsive newsletter with template builder

Responsive Email

  • mastermail choose your layout

Aero Responsive Email Template

  • aero

Responsive Email Template

  • promail email builder responsive landing page

Rena Responsive Email

  • promail email builder 1 responsive landing page

Breathe Responsive Email

  • responsive email 1

Responsive Email Template

  • responsive e mail template

Advertising and Marketing Firm

  • advertising and marketing firm website template wix


  • architect co

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