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There are any number of potential situations where you might be able to use sample letterheads, especially if you need them for your work. After all, you would need basic letterhead samples for all your official documents so that they can contribute to adding your name and logo to your documents. That is true of different kinds of institutions, from businesses to schools to law firms. You may also see attorney samples.

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Attorney Letterhead Template

attorney letterhead template
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Attorney at Law Letterhead Template

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Basic Attorney Letterhead Templates

Lawyer Application Letterhead Template

application 1 788x1019

In the case of legal letterheads, you can easily find examples that you can use to help make letterheads that you can attach to all your official documents. This is only natural as you can find different sample professional letterhead templates to use in your documents regardless of what your line of work is. In any case, it should be a fairly simple task to make your own letterheads so that they can suit whatever purposes you might need them for.

Lawyer Report Format Letterhead

audpgm 1 788x1019

Attorney Letterhead Template

final minutes bullying commission 11 10 10 1 788x1019

What to Include in Attorney Letterheads

As you may have seen in various examples of letterhead templates, there are some components that you simply have to add to your letterheads regardless of your specific profession. These components are generally similar across different professions, but in the case of attorney letterheads, there are some consistent elements that you would have to include in order to have your letterhead do its job properly.

Attorney’s Name

The most vital part of any letterhead is that the user’s name. After all, a letterhead is much like a business card in that respect since they both denote representation on part of whoever uses them. As a matter of fact, you may even use custom letterhead templates as a framework here as you may benefit from being able to make your own personalized letterheads. This is only natural, as you would want a very recognizable letterhead to help promote yourself to potential clients. This way, you can ensure that your name might be more easily found by any interested parties who might need an attorney themselves.

Law Firm

If you also happen to be part of a law firm, it would be wise to include your firm’s name on all your letterheads. This is similar to the case of corporate letterheads where it would be necessary to include the company’s name for the purpose of branding and marketing. After all, if you are an associate with a law firm, you would have to remember to help contribute to business for the firm as a whole. This way, you can help promote whatever firm you are part of in order to help generate more awareness of your firm to your client base.

Attorney’s Position

It may also be prudent to include your specific position on any law firm letterhead templates you may use. This can serve to reinforce your suitability to your clients as you can easily imply your relative level of experience based on your position.

For example, if you happen to be a partner in a law firm, then saying so on your personal letterheads can convey the idea of a consistently successful track record to any clients who may engage your services. It always helps to be as specific as possible when promoting yourself to your clients so that you can provide them with more information. This can also help to specify exactly what you can do for your clients, particularly in the case of laymen who do not have your legal background and knowledge.

Firm’s Website

Nowadays, any organization would have a website to inform potential clients and partners of what they have to offer and what they stand for. The same can be said of law firms, which would make including their websites on their letterheads a wise idea. This can be counted as another form of promotion, as it would be more than possible for clients to get

This can be counted as another form of promotion, as it would be more than possible for clients to get a complete idea of a given law firm by checking their website. This can also serve to help point potential job seekers at the firm if they happen to be looking for a place to work, or students looking for a firm to intern with. In any case, it would be prudent now not to neglect one’s website.

Contact Information

Letterheads also include one’s contact information, including phone numbers and email addresses. This is important for the purpose of promotional purposes as it becomes considerably easier for clients to keep in touch with attorneys in case there needs to be greater coordination on a case. This can also help make it possible for clients to get in touch with specific attorneys if they wish to engage the services of one attorney in particular.


It also helps to include one’s business address on the letterheads one uses. This serves practical purposes such as pointing one’s clients to one’s office so that it can be easier to set up meetings in person. Another reason that can be met by including one’s address is that it can be easier for clients to visit the premises and be assured that they can get quality service based on what they see of the office.


One last vital element that does need to be present on your attorney letterheads is your logo. This is a necessity for most any letterhead being used by any entity as it makes it possible for a firm to be associated with the logo in the eyes of their client base. This can be used for promotional purposes as this can make it easier for potential clients to fix that particular image in their minds as is definitely the case when it comes to corporate logos. As such, this would be a wise lesson for attorneys and law firms to keep in mind themselves.

Free Attorney Letterhead Examples

Law Firm Letterhead Example

standardcoiwaiver120605 1 788x1019

Sample Attorney Letterhead


Basic Attorney Letterhead Template

prospective attorney letter head 1 788x1019

Sample Attorney’s Letterhead


Significance of Attorney Letterheads

There are some very concrete reasons why a given attorney may wish to use sample personal letterheads or other letterhead templates. After all, there must be very good reasons behind institutions using such letterheads in their documents. In order to understand why these are, you may want to know about some of the potential functions of such letterheads to ensure that you can use them properly yourself. Some of those functions include:

Providing a Name for Clients’ Benefit

In the case of personal attorney letterheads, it would be possible for clients to be given a specific name to work with. This can make it much easier on clients’ parts as they may find dealing with a specific person more convenient. For this purpose, you can find different sample custom letterheads to help you personalize your letterhead to make it easier for clients to get in touch with you, particularly if you have an independent practice. This is, of course, also applicable in the case of law firms as you may still have your own personal letterheads for dealing with whichever clients are assigned to you.

Allowing You to Authenticate Documents

The reasoning behind letterheads is that including an entity’s name and logo helps confirm that it is indeed official documentation with the name and authority of that institution behind it. You can see this in certain sample business letterheads, particularly if they happen to be for organizations like law firms.

Such documents can clearly be seen as being associated with that body. This is particularly important in the case of the law as these documents need to be written properly so that any information or directives included in them can be assured of being carried out. After all, these documents definitely need to follow the proper forms if you want them to carry out their assigned functions.

Allowing You to Provide Access to Further Information

Letterheads, especially sample company letterheads, can be used to promote a given firm, particularly in terms of accessing the firm’s website and contact information. This can obviously help to promote the firm to its clients and provide clear information to laymen, which can help clients understand exactly what the firm can do for them. Part of a firm’s promotion should have to do with transmitting this information clearly to their clients so as to let the clients understand exactly what the firm is capable of.

Reinforcing the Attorney’s/Firm’s Image with Logos

One can also make heavy use of a firm’s logos in order to help boost their particular image. You may see this in other organizations’ letterheads, which do prominently feature their logos. After all, this helps to reinforce the firm’s particular services, in this case, legal representation. Using logos in such a manner helps clients get the point directly since images can be understood with one glance, which can serve as a means of indirect marketing.

Lending Weight of a Firm or Company to Your Name

If your attorney letterheads happen to be associated with a firm, then you can take advantage of your association with the firm. After all, if your documents happen to be involved with the firm’s business, then it would be possible for you to use the firm’s name to give the document more weight by borrowing the firm’s authority.

This can help give whatever information your document has included more weight since the firm’s name has been invoked, giving you some measure of implicit authority in terms of what you have written.

Attorney Letterhead Template Samples

Attorney Letterhead Format Template

judge letter 1 788x1019

Sample Legal Attorney Letterhead

completedsamplelegal 1 788x1019

Model Attorney Letterhead Template

anders letter 20081031 1 788x1019

Tips for Using Attorney Letterheads

Like any other document, you can also use certain tips that could make the task much easier. While you can use sample free letterheads to help you through the task, you would still need to know how best to use these templates yourself.

Of course, some of these tips are easily applicable in the case of different types of letterheads such as church letterheads, or even other kinds of documents, which should give you more convenience in using such tools.

Remember to update your letterhead regularly.

It is vital that you be sure to update your letterhead on a regular basis, particularly if the circumstances of your employment change. This can include receiving promotions, such as becoming a partner or simply changing your contact information. When it comes to your work, it always pays to be prepared whenever you make such changes so that your listed information reflects your actual condition accurately.

Be sure to use the letterhead as a marketing tool regularly.

This advice is true of other kinds of letterhead templates like doctor letterhead templates. Since it is fairly simple to use your letterheads to help promote your firm, it would be wise to use them for such a purpose. After all, if any of your tools can be used to promote your name in the minds of your client base, then you should take care to use them as such. After all, you should not balk from any kind of promotion, even through indirect methods like these.

Always make sure your letterhead is present on all your documents.

Your official documentation always needs to have your letterhead present at all times. Since you have tools like sample letterhead templates available to you, then you ought to be absolutely sure that you do have the letterheads present. This is especially true of legal documents as they need to be sure that they are following all the proper forms for them to have any official authorization behind them.

Be sure to double check the information on your letterheads.

It also does pay to make certain that all the information you put on your documents is correct and complete. The task can be made easier with tools like sample law firm letterheads, but it should still fall to you to make doubly sure that you have indeed included all the more important information.

Make sure to design a distinct letterhead.

When designing your own letterhead whether for yourself or your law firm, then you need to be sure that your letterhead is something unique. After all, the letterhead is meant to represent you, similar to your name and logo. As such, yours should reflect you properly so as to give readers important information in a relatively direct package.

With these, you should be better prepared to use your own attorney letterheads, which should definitely be a great help whenever you ever need to include such details to your own documents, whatever they may be.

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