Cover Letters: 21+ Creative Examples and Freebies

Letters can be written in any forms – informal and formal. Generally, offices tend to require formal letters that can be used for sending official mail to clients, vendors, employees and many other people. Now it is known to all that creating a letter format with all the official details can be a hassle. So certain customizable and editable letter templates are available that can be used with ease with just slight modifications.

cover letters

Actor Cover Letter Example

actor cover letter example

This sort of a template can be used to create personalized letters by a professional actor or an actress. The upper part of the template can be used for mentioning the official address of the sender and the left side might contain his or her basic details.

Chef Cover Letter Example

chef cover letter example

The red and white color combination gives this template a classy appeal. The functionality of this particular template is to serve the purpose of a top notch chef who might need it to write letters or create official menu planning modules.

Content Writer Cover Letter Example

content writer cover letter example

This is a simple looking letter format of the upper portion, which can be used to mention the name and contact details of the person who is in the content writing business for a long time. The middle portion can be used to write the main text.

Data Entry Cover Letter Example

data entry cover letter example

If you are a freelancing data entry official then this template will serve your purpose. The black and blue top border will comprise of the contact details and some official information about you. The rest of the blank space is meant for the main gist.

Developer & Designer Cover Letter Example

developer designer cover letter example

The use of single and thin lines strokes gives this template a very chic appeal. Web developers and designers can put this template to use for their personal and professional purposes. The main body text column has abundant space where the text can be written with ease.

Doctor Cover Letter Example

doctor cover letter example

If you are a doctor and in need of an easily customizable template for your work related letterhead then this is the one for you. Official letters and medical prescriptions can be written with ease in the blank space as provided.

Executive Cover Letter Example

executive cover letter example

Letterheads of such kind have a very professional look with a hint of elegance as well. You can use the right-hand side of the design for the main body text and the left-hand border will comprise of the basic details of the executive for whom the letterheads has to be assigned.

Fashion Application Cover Letter Example

fashion application cover letter example

If you are a designer and in need of a chic and elegant looking letterhead template then this is the one you should go for. It has enough space for you to write down the main purpose of the letter, as well as add in your personal details about the areas where your expertise lies in.

Graphic Designer Cover Letter Example

graphic designer cover letter example

If you are a graphic designer and happen to be looking for a simple and professional-looking letterhead sample, then this is the one to go for. You can add your name and personal details at the top of the template.

Photographer Cover Letter Example

photographer cover letter example

If you are a pro photographer, then you can opt for this particular template. The letterhead can be edited at ease, the left-hand side of the letterhead will comprise your name and other official details so that people can contact you with ease.

Web Designer Cover Letter Example

web designer cover letter example

This web designing based letterhead has a very casual and kirsch look. If you are a freelancer, you can use the left-hand side of the letterhead for your name and details insertion purposes and the rest of the space will comprise of the main text.

Web Developer Cover Letter Example

web developer cover letter example

The use of yellow and black borders at the top and the bottom part of the template gives this file a sense of proficiency and professionalism as well. The right-hand side will comprise of the main text and the left part will consist of the sender’s name and other details.

WordPress Developer Cover Letter Example

wordpress developer cover letter example

App Developer Cover Letter Example

app developer cover letter example

Civil Engineer Cover Letter Example

civil engineer cover letter example

Dental Assistant Cover Letter Example

dental assistant cover letter example

Java Developer Cover Letter Example

java developer cover letter example

Marketing Analyst Cover Letter Example

marketing analyst cover letter example

Production Data Analysis Cover Letter Example

production data analysis cover letter example

Software Developer Cover Letter Example

software developer cover letter example

UI UX Designer Cover Letter Example

ui ux designer cover letter example

The above-mentioned template can be customized and edited with ease. All you need to do is decide on the designs and details that will suit your needs and start off with it. The letterheads have enough space where the main required text can be jotted down at ease so don’t stress over that. You can also see Free Cover Letter Templates.