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Cover Letter Template – 17+ Free Word, PDF Documents Download!

In order to get hired your cover letter is the perfect opportunity to impress the hiring manager. By using a professionally designed cover letter template, you increase the chances of standing out from the crown of applicants and getting the job. Simply download these templates in PSD, Word, XPS or PDF formats, fill in with your information and send out or print and post hard copies. It’s a very cost effective way of using presentable documents for your job applications.

931+ FREE COVER LETTER Templates - Download Now Microsoft Word (DOC), Google Docs, Apple (MAC) Pages

Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Template

Administrative assistant cover letters template require a great deal of personal qualities to be mentioned. Qualities such as excellent organizational abilities, prioritizing and holding confidentiality become of top priority when writing an administrative assistant cover letter. All types of file formats like PSD, PDF and word are supported.

Free Accountant Cover Letter Template

Health Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Template Word Doc

Basic Cover Letter Template

Suited for any job one may be searching for, if you want to get placed, this basic cover letter template will give you a head start in a competitive job field. The templates are available for download in PSD, PDF, XPS, Word or RTF formats. Just fill it in and apply for the job.

Printable Company Basic Cover Letter Template PDF

Business Plan Cover Letter Template

The most important part of a business plan cover letter template is the tone of the letter. All types of file formats like PSD, PDF and word are supported. It must be very professionally written straight to the point. Also do mention an outline of your business plan.

Business Proposal Plan Cover Letter Sample Download

Cover Letter Template for Mac

A good cover letter must always make an impact on the reader. So, when writing a cover letter template for mac, one must add their earnest to join the company, maintaining a professional tone.. All types of file formats like PSD, PDF and word are supported.

CV Cover Letter Template for Mac PDF Format

Email Cover Letter Template

With the increasing preference for job applications by email, you need a professionally designed email cover letter template to impress the prospective employer. If you wish to get placed simply fill in your information as guided in the template and download in the format you like including PDF, RTF, Word, XPS or PSD.

Sample Email Cover Letter With Resume Attached Editable

Employment Cover Letter Template

An employment cover letter template must include the details of your previous workplace or educational organization. Highlighting about your strengths and ensuring the hard work from your end in the cover letter, makes its impact. All types of file formats like PSD, PDF and word are supported.

Customer Service Representative Cover Letter Example

Fax Cover Letter Template

If you want to get hired, this professionally designed fax cover letter template is suitable for your job search. You can easily customize these templates as it pleases you. They are vailable in PDF, XPS, PSD, Word and RTF, these templates can be personalized and filled with the information you want.

Stylish Stylus Fax Cover Template Free Download

Internship Cover Letter Template

An internship cover letter template needs you to mention about the things that you can do, rather than the things that you have done. One must always mention about their educational background when writing an internship cover letter template. All types of file formats like PSD, PDF and word are supported.

Sample Cover Letter for Engineering Students PDF Download

IT Cover Letter Template

Cover letters are the first impression you make to a hiring manger so if you wish to get placed make it professionally attractive. And it cover letter template can help you achieve this without breaking a sweat. Simply download these easily in PSD, Word XPS, RTF or PDF formats and fill it in fully then send to the recruiter.

Entry Level IT Job Cover Letter Template Word Format

Job Cover Letter Template

As a job seeker, consider using this job cover letter template if you wish to get placed. They are made by professionals so you will also appear to the employer as someone who knows how to write. Just fill the Word, PDF, PSD, RTF or XPS document and apply for the position.

Internal Job Cover Letter Example Download

Latex Cover Letter Template

For the extremely professional and well-designed layout one can always opt for latex cover letter template. All types of file formats like PSD, PDF and word are supported. It favors in a way that the company logo can be added, making the cover letter professional.

Medical Assistant Cover Letter Template

A medical assistant not only performs clerical but has to perform clinical tasks as well. Hence, medical assistant cover letter template must mandatorily mention about the organizational skills of a person. All types of file formats like PSD, PDF and word are supported.

Administrative Medical Assistant Cover Letter Sample Download

Nurse Cover Letter Template

For anyone who is writing a nurse cover letter template, it is of paramount importance to mention about their knowledge on medical software and various other medical terminologies. Critical thinking abilities and pressure management are valuable assets. All types of file formats like PSD, PDF and word are supported.

Graduate Nurse Cover Letter Template PDF Download

Nursing Cover Letter Template

Writing a letter for the position of a nurse must stand out in terms of your training and your practical experience. Mentioning about the working relations is of utmost importance in the Nursing cover letter template. All types of file formats like PSD, PDF and word are supported.

Free Download Nursing Cover Letter Template Pack

Resume Cover Letter Template

With this presentable and professionally designed resume cover letter template you can make your job application as good as you wish. They are available in RTF, Word, PDF, XPS and PSD formats. If you wish to get hired, you can download them effortlessly and customize your resume cover letter on your computer.

College Resume Cover Letter Template PDF Format

Sales Cover Letter Template

If you want to get hired in a sales position, these templates are your weapon. In order to appear in the top of shortlisting you need a professional sales cover letter template. These can be downloaded in PDF, Word, RTF, PSD or XPS formats. Fill it with your information and dispatch and you will never regret.

Marketing Sales Cover Letter Template Sample Printable

Simple Cover Letter Template

Here is a simple cover letter template to customize as you desire if you want to get placed at any job. They are easy to personalize without making it look complex and confusing to the hiring manager. Download these templates in Word, PSD, RTF, XPS or PDF formats and proceed to fill it and email or print and send.

Simple Resume Cover Letter Template Download

Teacher Cover Letter Template

This teacher cover letter template has been designed in a general layout and professional format to be used by anyone who wants to get hired in a teaching job. Just download it in PDF, XPS, RTF, PSD or Word format and fill with your information. Make that presentable cover letter to ensure you get the job in a crowded field.

First Year Teacher Cover Letter Sample Template

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