Guidelines for Appraisal Letters

Managers are people who are in charge of overseeing the operations of the business that they work for. They have to see if the quality of the products or services are doing well, if policies and procedures are being followed, and most importantly, they have to see if employees are working at a level that the company expects them to.

This is the reason why there are performance reviews wherein the managers go one-on-one with employees to discuss their performance. However, it is required that the employee receives a document that will give him or her an idea of what will be discussed during the review. These documents are what you call appraisal letters, and this article will focus on the guidelines you’ll have to follow in order to make one.

Guidelines for employee appraisals

Conducting performance reviews is critical in ensuring an employee’s success. This can help build a relationship between the employee and the manager, as well as let the employee understand what the company expects out of him or her. So if you plan on creating an appraisal letter that you’ll want to hand out to your employee before the review, then the following are the guidelines that you’ll have to take note of:

Tips for writing appraisal letters

Now that you’ve learned all about the guidelines, you should be ready to create your own appraisal letter. So if you do plan on making one, then here are some tips you can follow to help you out:

If you would like to know more about appraisal letters, such as ones for self-appraisals, and how they’re made, then you can go through any of our articles that should be able to give you the information that you need.