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How to Write a Thank You Letter for Donation [10+ Templates to Download]

Effective fundraising strategies don’t stop when the event is over or once the numbers are already enough to cover your fundraising plan and activities, nor is it defined by how early a project was completed. Success in an organization’s fundraising campaign also includes strengthening relationships with people who made it possible such as donors and the rest of your stakeholders by writing them a sample letter of gratitude.

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5 Steps To Write a Thank You Letter for Donation

Step 1: Remind Donors What Their Donations Can Do

That reinforcement strategy of convincing your donor to support your cause or activity still applies when you reach out to say your thanks. Rather than just your usual letter of gratitude, remind them of the difference their donation can do, which means your letter can be used as a great opportunity to upsell your other projects to get their continued support. You can also check out thank you letter templates.

Step 2: Send That Letter

Mail your letter within two days of receiving the donation. To the donor, this means you have received the gift and it has made an impact. It may seem a tad unusual to get in touch with donors after their donation but responding promptly is necessary to show you’re keeping track of donations and that they’re being valued.

Step 3: Focus On Saying Thanks

A common pitfall among charitable organizations sending thank you notes to their donors is that they forget why they’re sending it in the first place. Your letter of thanks is just that—a message of thanks to your donors for supporting you and believing that you’ll put their money to good use.

Step 4: Make It Personal

Sincerity goes a long way even when what you’re writing is a professional letter, so go ahead and show your gratitude in the most genuine way possible by writing in a personal tone. Don’t hesitate to make it a little bit more familiar whenever appropriate. Also, address the note to whoever the donor is and not the name of the business.

Step 5: Recognize Recurring Donors

If the donor you’re sending the letter to has a history of supporting your organization through gifts such as money, merchandise, or service, it wouldn’t hurt to mention it. You can mention it in passing or make it personal by indicating it in the last part of your letter. Tell your donor how you value their continued support.

10+ Thank You Letter Templates for Donation

1. Business Thank You Letter for Donation


A professional relationship may not be too friendly and warm but fundraisers and being part of a nonprofit organization demand that you connect on a personal level with your stakeholders. You can use this Free Thank You Letter Template for Donation to maintain a great relationship with your donors.

2. Free Thank You Letter for Donation


Writing a properly formatted letter for those who are writing a message of thanks to their donors don’t have to be complicated. Need backup?  The Thank You Letter for Donation on this website can be downloaded and printed easily if you haven’t written one yet.

3. Thank You Letter for Donation of Goods


After receiving a donation to your charity or organization, it’s always a good idea to thank your donors and sponsors. Use this high-quality and printable file that you can just edit or customize to give you a head-start and save time in writing your thank you letter.

4. Thank You Letter for Donation of Money


It’s not easy to ask for money from businesses or companies to fund your organization’s activity. When you do get the funds, it’s important to acknowledge the people or entity who donated. Feel free to download this template which is easy to customize and edit in MS Word, Pages, and Google Docs to nail your thank you letter!

5. Thank You Letter for Donation to Church


A Thank You Letter for donors is designed to extend thanks towards the party who supported and donated to your campaign. Haven’t started writing one yet? Make your donors feel valued by getting this thank you letter template, then edit, customize and print in any of the formats available.

6. Thank You Letter for Donation to School


Thank any or all of your sponsors using this carefully-designed Thank You Letter for Donation. Download any time since this is ready for use and can easily be customized according to the content you need to include as well as your organization’s and the donor’s details.

7. Sample Donation Thank You Letter


Want to write a letter of appreciation for your sponsor’s support or donor’s monetary donation? This Thank You Letter sample makes for a great guide in formatting your letter correctly so that you can make your letter both personal ad professional.

8. Thank You Letter Template


Encourage your donors to support your organization’s future campaigns with this Thank You Letter for donation template. Show your appreciation towards donors who shelled out personal and business funds in raising funds for your cause. This can be downloaded in the pdf file format that you can easily print.

9. Sample Donation Thank You Letter


Done with your fundraising campaign? Now it’s time to thank the people who were part of making it successful such as donors and sponsors. Use this thank you letter sample to show your gratitude or print and go over it to help you write yours.

10. Sample Thank You Letter for Donation


Want to make your sponsors feel appreciated for their contribution to your organization’s cause? Feel free to get this thank you letter sample in thanking them for their donation. Print multiple copies if you have lots of donors to thank.

11. Donation Thank You Letter Template


Worried about the language and wording in writing a regular thank you note? Use our available Thank You Letter for Donation Templates instead. They’re all structured professionally with clean and organized sample content which you can just edit and customize if you want to make your message of thanks more personal.

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