13+ Food Order Templates – Word, PDF, Excel, Google Docs, Apple Pages

A food order can be defined as an order that is taken either in person or on the website (if the restaurant has an online portal). This order mainly contains all the food items the customer wants to order from the hotel/restaurant. You can create the right orders for your business using the food order forms that are available on our website for you to edit as per your liking.

food order templates

There are samples in Word, Excel or PDF format that will be easy for food restaurants and those in the food business to manage their work promptly especially in dealing with the satisfaction of their customers. The food samples are free, can be easily downloaded, edited and printed anytime, anywhere.

Sample Food Order Template

sample food order template
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The above template is a sample food order template that will be useful for you in case you work in the food industry. Service providers who are in the business of providing food to customers will require as much information as they can to do the job right. That’s why they must be able to come up with food order forms that will allow customers and clients to provide the needed details. The above template will help you make a food order form that covers everything from the type of food, the quantity, special requests, etc.

Sample Food Order Template in Excel Format

food order
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Free Food Order Form Template

free food order form template
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Free Download

Simple Food Order Template Download

simple food order template download

From the serving size to the weight, water percent and energy provided, this template provides all the related information for food tracking. It also shows the number of components each has as well. Email orders are easier since many people prefer to order online and eat at the comfort of their home than go out, stand in queues to have a meal.

PDF Template for Food Order Form

food order delivery form pdf template

This template initiates the responsibility of providing details such as personal details of the customer. There are many order forms in PDF online, that would be of great help for it. The above template helps in giving you a gist of how quick access to customer details can be.

Food Order Distribution List Template Download

food order distribution list template download

A printable order form, like the one above, is easier to edit. You can find details of all the food ordered with all the mandatory details of the client, that is, the address, contact number, rating, etc. The template can be modified as per the use.

Food Order Delivery Form PDF Template

food order delivery form pdf template

Creating a Food Order:

creating a food order

Step 1: The Order Number

The basic details like the name, the address, contact details, etc. of the customer should be mentioned in the order form. The order number is what makes it unique from other orders, so make sure to include that without fail. This will help you keep track of any specific order form that has been made by any particular number. This means that every food order will have a unique number.

Step 2: Details of the Order

The next step would be to mention all the order details carefully. This is one of the most important as you have to make sure the customer gets what they want without fail, otherwise your reputation is at stake. It is your responsibility to make sure everything is written down, just to not be confused with other orders. The things to involve in this step would be the food, the quantity asked by the customer and if there are any special requests placed by the customer.

Step 3: Payment Method

Payment is also an important part of the order. The payment process involves the unit price, the total price of the items selected, etc. You can also give the customer options for the payment methods he/she can pay in, but limit them. It is always better that you provide a list for the customers to choose from so that they can choose the best from it. Check blank order templates for more. The final price will be determined by the amount of food the customer orders.

Step 4: Type of Order

GIve the customer the options of the type of order he/she can take. This could be home delivery or pick up. The customer can choose whether they can get the food delivered to their residence or whether they want to pick it up from your restaurant. Sample delivery order forms will help you create the right delivery form. This depends on what the customer orders, the amount of time to make sure that everything is perfect, etc.

Step 5: Review

The last and final step would be to review the order. If you have any doubts, be sure to ask the customer, instead of sending in the wrong order. Make sure to correct any mistakes that you might have made. Mention the restaurant details, customer details, date, item descriptions, and payment details in the most understandable way possible.

Document for Bakery Food Order Template Download

document for bakery food order template download0a

This is a simple document that comprises the details of the document for a bakery food order. The classification can be done as per the choice of the user. The bakery is loved by everyone, especially the food. And the order form is different from the normal one. Check the above template out if you own a bakery and need to know how to make a food order.

Food Order Chart PDF Download

food order chart pdf download

This template helps in giving entire details on serving size and other details of the food order chart. A food chart gives details of how the food, the amount of glucose present in it, the quantity, etc. in detail. Check the customer order for more details on how to create the perfect order for your restaurant.

Excel Template for Price of Food Order Template

excel template for price of food order template

Order in excel will show you how to create the right food order in the excel sheet. It might be tough for you to create the right order form without help, so here, we come to your rescue. Check out the template shown above, which is proved to be of great help.

PDF Dinner Bake Sale Order Form

pdf dinner bake sale order form

A bake sale is always fun to do. It shows the different types of bakery items one can eat, make ad sell. The above template is one such PDF from the bake sale order form. It carries all the basic and necessary details of the sale for a particular date. Event order templates can be of great help in case you want to make a bake sale in an event near you. Check them out now!

Restaurant Food Supplies Order Template Free Download

restaurant food supplies order template free download

Restaurant food supplies orders can be easily tracked with the help of the above template. The information for a whole week can be tracked effortlessly. Menu order forms will help your customers know the menu that is available in your restaurant and those that can be ordered for them to eat.

Food Purchase Order Excel Template Download

food purchase order excel template download

Food Lunch Order Form PDF Template

food lunch order form pdf

Food Menu Order Document Free Download

food menu order document free download
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Order templates will show you the right forms and templates you will need to design the right order form for your business. There are many food order templates available on our website for you to go through, so you can choose the most appropriate one effortlessly.

This will also save you the time of creating one from scratch. All you would have to do is download the template that suits you best and edit it accordingly. Edit the document in the file format you think will suit you best and make the necessary changes once you download the file. You can use them on any electronic device you want. Happy Editing!

Food Order General FAQs

1. What is A Food Order?

A food order can be defined as a confirmed request by one party to another to buy, sell, deliver or receive goods or services under specified terms, laws, and conditions. When accepted by the party receiving the order, the order becomes a legally binding contract.

2. What is the purpose of using a Food order?

Food order is a tool that is used to manage inventory by food type that is ordered by a customer, either online or in the restaurant. It also acts as a food inventory when the owner/managers of the food place set levels for certain items are needed to run the place.

3. What is an Order used for?

An order is a document buyers use to requests merchandise from a seller, manufacturer, retailer or wholesaler. It can also be a request form, a restocking document, etc. Aside from only selling goods or products for the buyer, an order can also be used to sell various services across the counter if needed.

4. What is a Food Ordering System?

A food ordering system is an application that will help restaurants and hotels optimize and control themselves effectively. For the waiters, it is making life easier because they do not have to go to the kitchen for every order, every time. It makes giving food orders to the chef easy too.

5. Is Food Inventory an Asset?

When you purchase food, it does not immediately count as an expense in your accounting items of inventory. It is considered inventory, and an asset only if you resell it for your profit. Once you sell the food you bought, it is no longer an asset but becomes a cost of sales.