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Still undecided on what theme or motif to follow for your own wedding? If yes, perhaps you should consider using blank wedding templates instead. Blank templates can serve as the starting point for any design idea. With a blank slate, you are free to explore whatever creative inspiration interests you.

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Why use blank wedding templates?

As mentioned earlier, there are different ways to utilize wedding templates for your own wedding. One way to do that is by using pre-made templates. These templates will often come with a pre-formatted layout design. Another way to approach wedding template creation is through the use of blank wedding templates. Enumerated below are various reasons why you should consider using them.

  • Creative freedom. If you want your wedding stationery designs and decorations to be truly original and if you value things that are created using your own hand without having to make everything from scratch, using blank wedding templates is the way to go. Blank templates will already include the most basic formatting and layout designs in a template. However, it will be up to you on how you transform this and adapt it for your own wedding.
  • They cost less. In general, printable wedding card templates cost much less than handmade card designs. But if you intend to use pre-made blank wedding templates, the costs associated with purchasing these templates will be lesser compared to purchasing full wedding template sets. If you are willing to devote time for making customizations on the blank templates, this will really help reduce the wedding costs.
  • They are easy to edit. As with most printable templates, blank wedding templates will come in an easy-to-edit format. Often, templates are created and stored in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Publisher file formats. There are a lot of sources for wedding card templates in PSD on the Internet nowadays, so you will not feel lost if you take this approach.
  • You already have Adobe Photoshop (or the corresponding software program) to edit the template. Most weddings follow a strict planning timeline. This means that couples (and their wedding planner) need to accomplish each task by a specific date before the wedding. To help you meet this deadline, you may need to use blank wedding templates stored in file formats that you know you can edit with existing software on your computer or laptop. To illustrate, if you already have Adobe Photoshop installed on your computer, it will make sense to use blank wedding templates saved in a PSD file format.
  • You have a lot of time to create original template designs before the wedding.  On the other hand, if your wedding is set to happen more than six to eight months in the future, you will have more time for customizing a blank wedding template. Note that you should use this allotted time wisely. This allows you to make great use of wedding graphic design elements to create a card that you will treasure forever.

These are just a few reasons why it may makes more sense to use blank wedding templates. It is up to you to decide if they apply to your situation or not.

We have also listed 15 different blank wedding templates that you may use for your own wedding cards below. They range from blank invitation design templates to sample blank thank you cards that you may use for your own wedding. Feel free to look study each template design and download the one that suits your taste.

Editable Wedding Menu Template

First on this list is the Blank 5×7 Editable Wedding Menu or Program Template (shown below). As its name implies, this template can double up as either a wedding menu card or as a wedding program template.

blank 5x7 editable wedding menu or program template

The sample template shown above features only sample text added at the back of the finished menu card or program card. You may edit them accordingly to match the kind of template you wish to create. This blank wedding template measures 5 inches by 7 inches when printed out. This means that you will get two wedding cards on one standard letter-sized paper or card stock. To further spice up this wedding template, you may opt to use colored card stock when printing. Just make sure that the color you choose matches your wedding motif.

Blank Wedding Place Name Card Template

blank wedding place name card template

Elegant Monogram Blank Wedding Place Name Card

For those who are following a minimalist or a black and white wedding theme, you may like the Elegant Monogram Blank Wedding Place Name Card featured below. This wedding place card template allows you to fill out the guests’ names and table numbers manually after printing out the cards.

elegant monogram blank wedding place name card

This place card template measures 2 inches by 3.5 inches just like a typical business card template. However, if you want to have foldable place cards that will stand on their own, the entire card will measure 4 inches by 3.5 inches. This template also follows the CMYK color model and has a 300 DPI resolution. If you like this card design, you may customize it using your and your spouse’s initials. You may also choose between different kinds of paper thickness and finish. Also, this card template is sold in sets of 25 cards.

Burgundy and Navy Floral Blank Wedding Template

burgundy and navy floral blank wedding template

Custom Blank Wedding Gift Invitation Template

If you are looking for the ultimate blank wedding invitation template, take a look at the Custom Blank Wedding Gift Invitation Template pictured below. Use this blank wedding template if you prefer to create your own original and handmade card designs, or if you just prefer to have this kind of paper or card stock. The sellers of this template allow the customization of this wedding template for an additional fee.

custom blank wedding gift invitationtemplate

By using this wedding invitation template, you are given free reign to create your ideal design. This card template measures 5 inches by 7 inches in portrait orientation and 7 inches by 5 inches in landscape orientation. You may also choose among different card shapes such as rounded, scalloped, bracket, or regular corners.

Wedding Invitation RSVP Card

Need a creative destination wedding template to use for your wedding? The Las Vegas Wedding Blank Invitation and RSVP Card Template shown below may be the one you are looking for.

las vegas wedding blank invitation and rsvp card template

This template works as an invitation ticket template and follows the format of a plane ticket to Las Vegas. It is fully editable so you may easily change the graphic and text elements on the template. Also, this template includes a wedding RSVP card template that you may print at the back of the invitation card or on a separate piece of card stock. The RSVP template is formatted just like the invitation card and features matching graphic design elements.

Pink Floral Blank Wedding Templates

Flower patterns and a pink background color is a very common wedding motif. If you want a new take on this theme for your own wedding templates, you may use the Pink Floral Blank Wedding Templates shown below.

pink floral blank wedding templates

The Pink Floral Blank Wedding Template Set shown above includes 17 templates for creating anything from wedding invitations to wedding address label cards. With a template suite like this, you do not have to worry about different wedding cards that you need to use for a wedding. This template set will have almost anything that you need. All you have to do is transform these templates using your own imagination. The watercolor floral design used on this template will also make it perfect as part of a floral-themed wedding.

Simple Blank Wedding Favor Tag Template

The details matter. This is a rule in wedding planning that most wedding planners take for granted. But if you want to ensure that you have the best and the most creative wedding ever, you should pay attention to even the smallest wedding stationery item that you may need. An example is the wedding gift tag. Take a look at the Simple Blank Wedding Favor Tag Template (shown below) and marvel at how this tiny part of a wedding can help glam it up.

printable blank wedding favor tag template

By using the wedding gift tag design template shown above, your guests will realize how much attention you have poured into the event. Perhaps they may even grow to treasure the tiny wedding favor you have sent their way. Use this blank wedding favor tags if you have a lot of guests for your wedding. This way, you just have to write down the names of those who showed up to the wedding. In addition, to make this wedding favor tag more personalized, you may add your own wedding logo design on it before printing.

Wedding Blank Invitation And RSVP Ticket Template

paris wedding blank invitation and rsvp ticket template

Tickets Vector Blank Wedding Invitation Template

Choose the Tickets Vector Blank Wedding Invitation Template shown below if you prefer to use blank wedding invitations where you will only need to write down the names of the card recipients.

tickets vector blank wedding invitation template

Printable Blank Wedding Menu Card Template

printable blank wedding menu card template

Customizable Blank Wedding Menu Template

Another often neglected aspect of wedding planning is using wedding menu templates and creating menu cards. With the help of the Customizable Blank Wedding Menu Template pictured below, it will surely not be a problem for your own wedding.

printable blank wedding menu template

This wedding menu template will suit either floral or vintage wedding templates due to the neutral color scheme used in designing it. This printable menu may also be used for other dinner occasions and is not limited to being used for weddings. It measures 5 inches by 7 inches after printing it out. Make sure to set aside enough space for the pre-formatted cut marks on each template. Note that this template is available as a digital download. This means that you will receive the template in JPEG format.

Purple Wreath Wedding Sign Blank Template

The Purple Wreath Wedding Sign Blank Template shown below will suit any wedding that uses floral wedding templates. Most wedding template suites will not include blank sign templates so using this template will fill in the gap seamlessly.

purple wreath wedding sign blank template

With this printable wedding template, you will no longer worry about having matching floral signs around your wedding venue. This template takes care of it all. When printed out, this sign template measures 20 inches by 30 inches. It may be propped up on an easel or tacked to a wall or tree trunk. When downloading this file, you will receive both  JPEG and PDF versions to facilitate easier printing. You may even write the sign wording by hand or you may type them up using calligraphy fonts before the template is printed.

Boho Floral Blank Wedding Invitation Template

boho floral blank wedding invitation template

The Boho Floral Blank Wedding Invitation Template embedded above is another wedding template that makes use of flower patterns and fancy font styles. This may be used if you wish to create your own original beach wedding templates. This template measures 5 inches by 7 inches. It is best to print it out on card stock for a better effect. Also, you may use this template design to create other beautiful wedding card templates that you may need. You do not need to purchase separate templates for each wedding card.

Gold Glitter Blank Wedding Escort Card Template

Wedding escort cards are tiny cards typically shaped like a business card that tell wedding guests where they are supposed to sit at a wedding. Some weddings may use customized items as their escort cards and so these may not always look like business cards in shape and size. But if you are having a formal wedding reception, you may prefer to use the Gold Glitter Blank Wedding Escort Card Template shown below.

gold glitter blank wedding escort card template

As its name implies, this escort card template features golden textures that can perfectly match the luxurious ambiance of a formal wedding dinner. This card template measures 3.5 inches by 2 inches when printed out. One standard letter-sized paper or card stock will yield eight of these cards. To personalize this escort card template, you may add your own wedding monogram sticker into the template before printing it out.

This template is a vector image. This means that you will be able to resize it to any sample wedding card size you prefer. It will also suit any weddings that follow a blue color motif or if you are planning a space-themed wedding. To create more impact with this wedding template choice, you may also incorporate the same design elements into other wedding decorations like your wedding favors and gift tags.

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