45+ Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitation will most likely speak out your kind of wedding and your kind of chosen theme. It is important that you pick the right ideas and designs for any wedding or maybe your own. You do not just simply plan it overnight; you have to have an inspiration for it, and you also have to perhaps finally see your dream wedding come to reality.

If you are currently looking for invitation designs for an upcoming wedding, feel free to browse through these Invitation Templates templates and take your pick. You might be looking for something classy and something that is elegant for the guest and most especially for the newlyweds.

Personal Wedding Invitation

Personal Photo Wedding Invitation

Personal Photo Wedding Invitations


Funny Personal Wedding Invitation

Funny Personal Wedding Invitation


Free Personal Wedding Invitation

Free Personal Wedding Invitation


DIY Wedding Invitation

DIY Destination Wedding Invitation

Diy Destination Wedding Invitations


DIY Traditional Wedding Invitation

Diy Traditional Wedding Invitations


Autumn Wedding Invitation

Autumn Themed Wedding Invitation

Autumn Themed Wedding Invitations


Handmade Autumn Wedding Invitation

Handmade Autumn Wedding Invitations


Autumn Glory Wedding Invitation

Autumn Glory Wedding Invitations


Scroll Wedding Invitation

Vintage Scroll Wedding Invitation

Vintage Scroll Wedding Invitation


Royal Scroll Wedding Invitation

Royal Scroll Wedding Invitations


Art Scroll Wedding Invitation

Art Scroll Wedding Invitations


Modern Wedding Invitation

Modern Flower Wedding Invitation

Modern Flower Wedding Invitations


Modern Floral Wedding Invitation

Modern Floral Wedding Invitations


Modern Art Wedding Invitation

Modern Art Wedding Invitations


Wedding Planning

With or without an engagement beforehand, you have to know your pace throughout your decision to get married. You will certainly have to plan your wedding. Do not panic on everything you have to prepare as you will only have to follow a step-by-step process and see everything fall into place on your wedding day.

Starting to plan out your wedding anytime soon? You don’t need to rush. Breathe and read through this guide:

  • Announce wedding details. You do not necessarily have to gather for an announcement party. You just have to have a sketch of your wedding plans mapped out for everyone to lead on. Making an announcement is in itself something special, important people like family and close friends will have to you. They will surely have ideas to contribute which you may also like for your wedding.
  • Look back on your dream wedding. While you worry so much about your wedding expenses, you could always set it aside and talk through it with your fiancé or fiancée. Talk about the dream wedding you have always imagined about and pick your own styles. As a couple, you probably won’t get anything straight right away, but you are going to be married in a couple of month’s time, so work on compromising.
  • Timing. You will have to agree on the time, date, and even which season your prefer your wedding to fall on. You also have to consider timing with your guests, most especially those special people whom you certainly would not want to miss your wedding day. You decisions will involve the capacity of your venue or even the cost of how much you would pay for it for your chosen capacity. You will also have to deal on whether there might be travel involve for a unique church or wedding venue. All these boils down to one thing—how much, as a couple, would you are able to afford.
  • Budget. This coincides so much with timing. You would not want to wait for both your parents to shoulder your expenses, so it is much better to have everything liquidated as much as possible. You could always put together the entire amount you get from your relatives that would willingly help you on your expenses. Find out how much is to be contributed and you could start settling down your expenses from there.
  • Organize. Write everything down to document all the ideas and expenses that are expected. Organize your notes in different sections for your chosen budget categories. You may also want to write down separately for people who could help you with the specifics through your wedding. It is important that you list down details especially contact numbers. This way, you do not get so confused with so much going on with your preparations.

If you are looking for creative ways to come up with unique wedding invitations, check out these Pocket Wedding Invitations and Designer Wedding Invitations. Try out something you might like! You can share these to your friends who are getting married for wedding invitation suggestions too!

Beach Wedding Invitation

Beach Theme Wedding Invitation

Beach Theme Wedding Invitations


Beach Destination Wedding Invitation

Beach Destination Wedding Invitations


Disney Beach Wedding Invitation

Disney Beach Wedding Invitations


Burlap Wedding Invitation

Burlap Pocket Wedding Invitation

Burlap Pocket Wedding Invitations


Burlap Photo Wedding Invitation

Burlap Photo Wedding Invitations


Burlap Lace Wedding Invitation

Burlap Lace Wedding Invitations


Retro Wedding Invitation

Retro Beach Wedding Invitation

Retro Beach Wedding Invitations


Retro Disney Wedding Invitation

Retro Disney Wedding Invitations


Retro Themed Wedding Invitation

Retro Themed Wedding Invitations


Email Wedding Invitation

Animated Email Wedding Invitation

Animated Email Wedding Invitations


DIY Email Wedding Invitation

Diy Email Wedding Invitations


Funny Email Wedding Invitation

Funny Email Wedding Invitations


Lace Wedding Invitation

Handmade Lace Wedding Invitation

Handmade Lace Wedding Invitations


Floral Lace Wedding Invitation

Floral Lace Wedding Invitations


Tri-Fold Lace Wedding Invitation

Tri Fold Lace Wedding Invitations


Finding Your Venue

The thing is, you will have to decide for the majority of the wedding details. It could be the bride on one thing and the groom on the other but it isn’t expected to go smoothly so both soon-to-be married couples must still agree on things. It would be fine to disagree at some point, and it would also be ideal if couples always reach a compromise. Here we discuss the two most important venues in marriages.

Ceremony Venue

It would definitely be easy to look for a place where you would want to exchange vows, a lot easier to get yourselves a solemnizing officer for your wedding. You surely have someone in mind by now. The only thing you might want to consider is how accessible your chosen venue is and if your guests wouldn’t have a hard time arriving in the area. It doesn’t take so much effort to do this though, just make sure of their availability and your ceremony venue is good to go.

Reception Venue

You have your dream wedding theme and reception, right? Everything just has to mix up properly if you are deciding on your reception. Think about how much you wanted a garden reception venue or perhaps a beach reception? As soon-to-be newlyweds, you get to decide whether it’s an outdoor venue or an old-fashioned hotel. Take your pick as this is your advantage.

Tying the Knot

Couples who wish to tie the knot soon must know of the responsibilities that they are about to pursue. When planning everything for a wedding, couples must always put into mind the thought that having to tie the knot is actually marriage, and this is something no couple has ever expected but is willing to undertake.

Tying the knot in actual wedding ceremonies is indeed symbolic. It signifies an expression lasting unity and unbreakable bond among couples.

Look out for more wedding invitations and check out these Black-and-White Wedding Invitations collection. If you opt for a simple wedding, you might as well need some Simple Wedding Invitations for your wedding announcements and invitations soon.

Destination Wedding Invitation

Destination Themed Wedding Invitation

Destination Themed Wedding Invitations


Disney Destination Wedding Invitation

Disney Destination Wedding Invitations


Frozen Destination Wedding Invitation

Frozen Destination Wedding Invitations


Rustic Wedding Invitation

Rustic Floral Wedding Invitation

Rustic Floral Wedding Invitations


Autumn Rustic Wedding Invitation

Autumn Rustic Wedding Invitations


Rustic Garden Wedding Invitation

Rustic Garden Wedding Invitations


Vintage Wedding Invitation

Handmade Vintage Wedding Invitation

Handmade Vintage Wedding Invitations


Floral Vintage Wedding Invitation

Floral Vintage Wedding Invitations


Lace Vintage Wedding Invitation

Lace Vintage Wedding Invitations


Disney Wedding Invitation

Disney Princess Wedding Invitation

Disney Princess Wedding Invitations


Disney Cinderella Wedding Invitation

Disney Cinderella Wedding Invitations


Disney Beach Wedding Invitation

Disney Beach Wedding Invitations


Photo Wedding Invitation

Funny Photo Wedding Invitation

Funny Photo Wedding Invitations


Engagement Photo Wedding Invitation

Engagement Photo Wedding Invitations


Retro Photo Wedding Invitation

Retro Photo Wedding Invitations


Wedding Speeches

Special people like those of family and closest friends and relatives will always have a special place in the hearts and minds of the newlyweds. They will have to give their advises and to put up with reminders as they make their wedding speeches whether it is done within the wedding ceremony or during the reception.

Whichever way the couple would be comfortable would be just as fine as those who are willing to leave messages for their beloved couple.

As all speeches are bound to be emotional and funny at the same time, these are all written beforehand with sincere thoughts and wishes. These may feel like something that isn’t really necessary to be said out loud in front of a huge crowd, but sometimes these speeches really just show how much bond and friendship there has been before marriage.

Most of all, it talks about continued support from family, friends, and relatives for a successful marriage.

Here are common wedding speeches that loved one tear up about in a wedding.

Best Man Speeches

This could seldom be emotional as a best man’s speech always cracks up secrets in between. This is one less serious but definitely one sincere speech. The crowd often gets emotional listening to best man speeches, but to the groom and the best man, it could just be their usual brotherly, heart-to-heart talk. It may be less on emotion but certainly more on the assurance of being always able to count on someone even after marriage.

Father of the Bride Speeches

This is just widely declared to be the most emotional speech that a bride will ever hear in her entire life. Apart from her now-husband wedding vows, a bride’s father could just be the most emotional of all on his daughter’s wedding day. It would feel like giving away a daughter to a new man owning the responsibility he used to have. A father’s speech to the bride would basically be all about taking care of one’s self and how much he has loved his daughter more than anything. Above all, a father’s speech represents the entire family’s and would sum up how each member cares just as how as their dad would.

Maid of Honor Speeches

This speech represents more of a best friend speech. A maid of honor could be a best friend, a sister, or the best cousin. Whoever the bride picks, she must be really close to this person. This speech is truly an emotional one for the bride and her chosen maid of honor. Well, women are twice or even thrice as emotional than men so you would quite understand why. Just like when both of these ladies were single, they try to catch up and share on lot things even when the bride is already married. Somehow, the bride is assured that she will still have someone to lean on along with her family and relatives.

You might want more of these wedding invitation templates for anyone’s wedding that could possibly be fast approaching. Make it all easy by checking out more of these Free Printable Wedding Invitations! If you finally get a theme for your party, start inviting your guests using these downloadable templates

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