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10+ Comp Card Templates

Different industries have different ways of getting employees and people who can work for them on specific projects. It is very common for a lot of businesses to require an applicant to have a resume cover letter with him during the interview process. However, some jobs are looking for the specifics or the actual performance of a person that is needed for the output that a company is looking for.

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One of the examples of this kind of industry is modeling. There are thousands of models around the world and their job require them to take care of themselves, especially their physical appearances as this is a major factor in why brands acquire their services. A model needs to have a comp card, also called a z card or zed card, for her job applications. You can take a look at our card templates and see if there are templates that can be of use to what you are to do. We provide professional samples for creating both an actor and model comp card in your preferred size and layout. You can even incorporate our digital templates into making comp cards for a baby, toddler, or child model.

Child Model Comp Card Template

File Format
  • PSD
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Toddler Baby Comp Card Template


Australian Professionally Printed Composite Card

Modeling Portfolio Comp Card Template

Simple Comp Card Layout Template

Model Digital Comp and Set Card Template


A model’s job application is called casting. In this process, they are judged either by the client based on the following:

  • Their looks including their body proportions, height, and both face and body features
  • The relevance of their overall look to the project needed to be done be it for a product launch, a photoshoot for a new campaign, or a video advertisement for a brand
  • The way they project to the camera, especially if it is an advertorial project
  • The way they walk, should it be a runway job
  • How they can represent the brand

But before all of these happen, a comp card is needed to be submitted for initial casting. A comp card, or a composite card, serves as the resume of the models. It is a tool that includes all the basic information about the model regarding her body measurements and looks.

A comp card is a document that may either be a size of a photo, half a page of a legal paper, or its entirety. It depends on the casting agency that represents the model on what size will the comp card be and how all the details will be put together.

Since there are photos that are needed to be attached so that the client will know how a model projects in the camera and how wide is his or her range in terms of portraying a character, a comp card is a preview of a modeling portfolio template with a few of the best works being featured.

Aside from comp cards, we have downloadable digital card templates available on our website.

Modeling Actor Comp Card Presentation

Model Comp Z Size Card Bundle

Modeling Comp Card Template for Fashion

Comp Card for Atlanta Models

A model comp card usually includes the following details:

  • A whole-body photo of the model
  • A closeup photo of the model
  • The model’s best photo that is high fashion
  • A photo of the model showing his or her bone structures and other strong features
  • The name of the model
  • The height of the model
  • The measurements of a model’s feet size, waist, bust, and chest
  • The color of the model’s eyes and hair

How all of these components are arranged may vary depending, again, on the casting agency. Our model rack card templates are available to download for free or licensed at a reasonable amount. This basic licensing means you could modify each template to match your preferences and utilize the designs however you want. They also come in various PSD Templates, Vector AI, or EPS formats so all you need to edit our templates is photo-editing software.

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