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Greeting cards come in pieces of special paper or cardboard that contains greetings printed or engraved in texts, in photographs, in drawings, and a lot more expressions of craftsmanship. These greetings are often designed with various images and designs that establish great appeal to its audience.

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As it is more known to be about celebrations and occasions, greeting cards are also about sentiments from one person to another. These actual cards are preferred by many since it resembles pure sincerity.

Check out these Funny Greeting Cards and try to see which designs you’re absolutely going to get for your family and friends!

Printable Children’s Day Greeting Card

printable childrens day greeting cardDownload

Printable Easter Greeting Card

printable easter greeting card1Download

Free Christmas Greeting Cards

Christmas and New Year Greeting Card

christmas and new year greeting cardDownload

Christmas Day Greeting Card

christmas day greeting card2Download

Christmas Funny Greeting Card

christmas funny greeting cardDownload

Free Birthday Greeting Cards

Happy Birthday Greeting Card

happy birthday greeting card11Download

Handmade Birthday Greeting Card

handmade birthday greeting card2Download

Animated Birthday Greeting Card

animated birthday greeting card6Download

Free New Year Greeting Cards

Homemade New Year Greeting Card

homemade new year greeting card1Download

Business New Year Greeting Card


business new year greeting card3Download

Corporate New Year Greeting Card


corporate new year greeting card2Download

History of Greeting Cards

  • Though only a speculation, some say it all started when Ancient Egyptians have written greetings on papyrus sheets and sent these greetings through an actual human messenger.
  • Europe adapted the practice by late Middle Ages and even sent their love letters whenever Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.
  • In 1846, Henry Cole, a British businessman invented the first greeting card which was a Christmas greeting card was produced commercially. This idea of an easy way of sending Christmas greetings to friends and loved ones caught mass attention and so the practice went on.
  • In 1860, greeting cards eventually gained its popularity through continued practice.
  • And in 1870, Louis Prang introduced beautifully designed and colored greeting cards. He invented chromolithography, a multicolor printing process. Later then, he was referred to as the “father of the American Christmas Card.”

It is indeed significant that you go over the history of how greeting cards came to be. History will tell you how expressive communication was given importance even during the ancient times. This practice does not only highlight greetings in itself, but it also marks innovation of this practice through time.

Greeting Cards for All Occasions

Greeting cards are made thoroughly in its process. You will find cards that have less design and more message and others might be more of designs so you could write your own personal message right after. You have to carefully pick which cards would actually mean something to you and mean more to whoever you are going to give it to.

Commonly, Anniversary Greeting Cards are used to greet loved ones or couples who have been constantly reaching milestones in their lives. See through this list and know more possible occasions that will make you want to get another greeting card one after another!

  • Easter. Celebrate new life with your family and peers and send them solemn and celebratory Easter cards!
  • Mother’s Day. Show your mum how much she means to you by a poignantly written Mother’s Day card. A simple “I love you” card and some flowers should do the trick!
  • Graduation. Congratulate the fresh grad and induct them into the world of new possibilities with a graduation card.
  • Christening. Welcome the newborn into your community with a cute “Happy Christening” card.

This list would probably just go on if you would want to send greeting cards even for a long-distance friendship or “get well soon” wishes to a sick loved one. Greeting cards will make you want to celebrate just about anything since you are free to write your thoughts and messages on each kind.

Virtual Greeting Cards

Nowadays, people prefer to send their loved ones virtual greeting cards instead of the actual paper and cardboard greeting cards. For most people, it saves them a lot of time and money. To others, they stick with what they’re used to. But how meaningful are virtual cards?

It doesn’t actually matter which types of cards send out more meaningful messages. In a world full of people nowadays, it would be quite a surprise to even send greeting cards. The main point there is lies on the idea of giving away these greeting cards regardless if these are actually or virtually given.

Thought of someone dear today? Use these Free Anniversary Cards and send them your warm thoughts!

What Greeting Cards Are Literally Made Of

You basically say it’s made of paper and cardboard and some scrap designs. But really, do you care to know about the raw materials needed to come up with each greeting card you give away to your loved ones? Those Happy Anniversary Cards you have been giving away are made of processed materials that are mainly paper in production.

Know what your cards are made of and check out these:

  • Wood pulp or part “rag.” This is referred to as “textile waste” that results to become expensive paper throughout the process. The wood pulp is jointly processed with recyclable materials that further results in card stocks.
  • Water-based acrylic coating. Though not all companies make use of this coating for finishing touches, this serves to improve how finished products would look like. This is what gives out a glossy effect to your cards.
  • Ink. The ink used in writing messages down on your cards may also vary. Some card productions use soy ink which contains water-based solvents that are more recyclable and reusable should the cards be up for new designs. This ink is known to consist of soybean oil, waxes, and resins.

You will definitely appreciate these greeting cards more knowing even just the raw materials before it is processed. Your Wedding Anniversary Greetings will mean more to you now that you know all about the process. There is truly so much appreciation for these greeting cards that are of material quality.

Anniversary Free Greeting Cards

Wedding Anniversary Greeting Card

wedding anniversary greeting card4Download

Baby Shower Free Greeting Cards

Baby Shower Gift Greeting Card

baby shower gift greeting card2Download

Easter Free Greeting Cards

Easter Photo Greeting Card

easter photo greeting cardDownload

Easter Holiday Greeting Card

easter holiday greeting cardDownload

Free Graduation Greeting Cards

Graduation Congratulation Greeting Card

graduation congratulation greeting card2Download

High School Graduation Greeting Card

high school graduation greeting card3Download

College Graduation Greeting Card

college graduation greeting card4Download

The Process of Mass Production

The mass production of your Printable Greeting Cards depends greatly on the size of the corporations. Most, if not all, greeting card corporations consider factors such as target market evaluation, production research, and greeting card craftsmanship. All these factors could help corporations determine which type of cards would most likely sell to their target market.

Go through these factors if you would consider staking a claim in the greeting card industry:

  • Target market evaluation. Greeting cards aren’t necessarily for all. Such evaluation is done to filter potential consumers of greeting cards. This factor will include in depth research and analysis of how to perhaps attract more from the target market. As for mass production for these Greeting Cards, it will involve research about the market’s needs and concerns regarding the product. These types of product are most likely to sell to a large market, and this will be made available to a lot of consumers.
  • Production research. This factor will entitle corporations to either slow down their production or increase their quantity of greeting cards. They will have to include in their research if they have had enough of the quantity for a certain piece of card. Corporations should include a study on seasonal production as well since specific cards are undeniably attractive to the market on specific occasions.
  • Craftsmanship. You will have to deal with the quality control of your products and there will you be only certain of which products sell better than the other. It raises much concern about the designs that are out in the market and which designs are mostly preferred. This will all include printing of cards as well as their packaging. This factor will focus on advertising the products as well as aiming to sell these at firsthand notice.

All these factors portray significant role in mass production of products such as greeting cards. Without highlighting the factors mentioned above, it would be difficult to consider positive results in the idea of mass production.

Check on these Holiday Card Templates if you are looking for unique greeting cards. Reach out to a loved one today!

Downloadable Greeting Cards

Here are greeting cards you might want to use for a close relative, a friend, or anyone from your family! Any day could certainly be a day worth celebrating with these greeting cards. Have a reason to celebrate and download these cards available:

  • Children’s Day Greeting Card. With all the mother’s day, father’s day, and grandparent’s day celebration, it wouldn’t really hurt if you give your children a chance to celebrate too. Avail of these greeting cards and let children know they’re cherished in your ways. These greeting cards will definitely warm their hearts:
    • Disney Greeting Card
    • Easter Greeting Card
    • Christmas Greeting Card
    • New Year Greeting Card
  • Funny Greeting Card. Mind giving away greeting cards with great sense of humor in it? It will surely give your loved one something to laugh about and, yes, something that would remind him or her of you. Send your thoughts and some laughter through these greeting cards.
  • Handmade Greeting Card. Let someone know they’re appreciated through efforts.These handmade greeting cards will make you want to keep on creating for anyone you want to express appreciation to. It could be possible to include your greetings and messages to make them feel even more special.

All these designs for your greeting cards are made available at your convenience! Pick yours now and let someone know you’re thinking of them.

Thank You Free Greeting Cards

Thank You Teacher Greeting Card

thank you teacher greeting card1Download

Unique Free Greeting Cards

Unique Love Greeting Card

unique love greeting cardDownload

Unique Get Well Soon Greeting Card

unique greeting get well cardDownload

Good Life Greeting Card

good life greeting cardsDownload

Vintage Free Greeting Cards

Vintage Halloween Greeting Card

vintage halloween greeting card Download

Vintage Flower Greeting Card

vintage flower greeting card2Download

Vintage Lace Greeting Card

vintage lace greeting cardDownload

Luxury Greeting Cards

Luxury Greeting Email Card

luxury greeting email cardDownload

Product Innovation

All sorts of cards be it Photo Greeting Cards or Sports Greeting Cards will eventually need innovation with design and quality. You just have to always make sure you keep your products such as greeting cards to be as unique as possible.

Innovation really matters as it will determine the rise and fall of your product consumption. It will suggest growth and profitability in your corporations whether you could just be possibly starting or on the verge of a booming business. The loophole there is could be that even though consumers constantly want innovation, the means of the corporations do not adequately meet with the consumer standards. Too much of this going on will make corporations innovate for even bigger purposes and end up not all consumed by an unsatisfied target market.

Improve Your Greeting Cards

At some point there has to be creation of improved characteristics in the products that you produce. In the case of these greeting cards, you could make use of other layouts or formats to make it look attractive as it has always been to your target market. Always look for ways to innovate, whether it is improved production or improved delivery of your greeting cards.

Here are suggestions as to how you go about with innovation in the design production of your greeting cards:

  • Consider the market. With a wide coverage of your target market, you would definitely not have to worry about innovation with your greeting cards. You will just have to narrow down your market to different consumers as per age and preference. More so, you will also have to be able to come up with a specific target market every season. Innovation starts small but hits up the greatest factor in marketing.
  • Classified designs. Designs on your greeting cards should vary according to your consumers age bracket and preference. You will have to consider simplifying greeting cards for those consumers who are over 45 years old, for example, and stir up excitement with greeting cards that are appropriate greeting cards for kids. This way, you get to maximize their differences. In both ways, it may not apply to all of your consumers but it sure does create classifications that are most likely each of the consumers’ preference.

The Final Word

Greeting cards must not lose value despite full virtual innovation nowadays. Up to date, there will still be so many ways to innovate designs and ideas on almost anything, and after all, designs are the very first detail that consumers look into. Innovation doesn’t have to be so great for it to be noticeable; it just has to be convenient for the target market and very much useful to its firsthand consumers. You might as well find more greeting cards that suit your preference and, at the same time, satisfy you as a firsthand consumer.

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