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Regardless of how long you have lived at your current address, there is always a tinge of emotional attachment to it. Every corner of the room has a patch of memory etched on it. The kitchen where you used to cook for your lover, the living room where you always sleep at when you get drunk, or the bathroom where you cry your heart out in times of unbearable pain. Moving out is more than just moving into another house; it’s about leaving your past behind and taking a step forward to another chance of a new life.

For various reasons, there are some people who prefer to move out quietly and don’t want to inform anyone of their new address. But for those who would want their family and friends to visit them in their new abode, you can create a moving announcement and send it to them. With that said, wouldn’t it be fun to play with its design? You can create any design that you want for it, but if you can’t decide on which direction you want the design to take, then you definitely need some inspiration or just a list of options to use as the design. We have collected an extensive list of funny, simple, creative, and aesthetically pleasing designs and templates that you can’t resist to take a look at. You can easily download them and use them for your moving announcement. Care to check them out?

Simple Moving Announcement Card Template

simple moving announcement card template 788x

Minimalistic Moving Announcement Card

minimalistic moving announcement card 788x

Why does one move out?

Empty boxes, packaging tapes, and a mountain of clothes and personal belongings spread across the room. These are all signs that one is going to move out. Usually, moving out is a choice that is done out of necessity. There are a lot of factors contributing to arrive at such a decision. Money? Safety? It could be anything. If you are interested to know the reasons why one moves out, then you must read the following list that shows some of those reasons.

moving announcement card 788x

1. Safety Concerns

No matter how long you may have been living in your current house or apartment, it still does not exclude you from the probability of being unsafe in it. The world is full of people who are willing to commit wrongdoings, like stealing and, unfortunately, taking one’s life just for the sake of their own desires. There might be some who are doing such dreadful acts with good intentions, but, as always, the ends do not justify the means. The sad reality is that this way of living has been the norm for others which has naturally stemmed from their will to survive in this harsh and unforgiving world.

Safety is one of the most common reasons why one moves out. That feeling of being unsafe even in your own home makes you think of moving to another place. This happens mostly to people who are living alone. No matter how much you feel confident about the safety of where you are living, there will always be that flicker of anxiety and fear that something might happen to you or to your home while you are asleep or gone away. This feeling of uneasiness grows every moment you experience something that triggers it. And once it grows tremendous enough, that’s the time that you will decide to move to another place out of fear.

Another reason for feeling unsafe in your own house is its location. Sometimes, the neighborhood that has kept you safe all these years can suddenly become your own version of dystopia. The haven that you have treasured and loved may no longer make you feel secure anymore. Be it violence, disturbance, or whatever reason there is, it will definitely make you decide to transfer to a new town that will become your place of refuge. In the case of geographical location, this may refer to places where natural disasters frequently occur. Living near the beach with the possibility of having a tsunami or on the top of the hill where earthquakes might shake it down — these situations definitely need some reconsiderations.

The fear of not being secure will linger for a while even if you have moved out from your previous residence. But, it will eventually die down once you have settled and carefully assessed that the neighborhood and the house or apartment that you will be living is safer than before. Moving out is an extremely tedious task, but for the sake of your safety, and perhaps for your family too, you have no choice but to gather all your belongings, use them to fill the empty boxes, and seal them with packaging tapes. It’s time to move out.

Modern Moving Announcement Card

modern moving announcement card1 788x

Chalkboard Moving Announcement Card

chalkboard moving announcement card

Watercolor Moving Announcement Card

watercolor moving announcement card

DIY Moving Announcement Card

diy moving announcement card 788x

Gold Moving Announcement Card Design

gold moving announcement card design

Black & White Moving Announcement Card

black white moving announcement card 788x

2. Fresh Start

We all face our individual battles every day. Sometimes we end up victorious and left with only a few grazes. But there are times when we valiantly fought but still ended up defeated and earned nothing but wounds that will scar us for the rest of our lives. These setbacks, more often than not, haunt us. And with our never-ending problems to add to the equation, it sometimes gets overwhelming with everything that’s happening around us. We get drowned. We feel helpless, hopeless. We feel troubled and get lost in the way that we can only wish for things to turn to a different path.

Moving to a new place for a fresh start is one way of escaping everything that’s giving us pain and from what’s feeding us with despair, hate, and self-loath. A clean slate. A new life. The ultimate luxury that we try to afford — and we certainly can. Only that we get scared and anxious about what’s waiting for us on the other hill. Is it greener over there? Or has its soil become spoiled that every speck of hope has withered away with it? The uncertainty and doubt should not hold us back from taking a single step towards it. We have already faced too many battles. Why not conquer another one when we have already come this far?

Starting a new chapter is a mountain that we are afraid to climb because we have become weak. Dispose of that thought. We are warriors. We are gladiators. We are survivors. We strive to rise above everything that’s pulling us down. No matter how little of our strength is left, we always stand on our feet and fight. Let us move forward and create a fresh start. We owe that to ourselves.

Modern Moving Announcement Card

modern moving announcement card

Vintage Moving Announcement Card Template

vintage moving announcement card template

Typography Moving Announcement Card

typography moving announcement card

3. Eagerness to Explore

There are people who want to move out purely for the sake of adventure. The wanderer in all of us always comes out in times of stillness. We can’t put stop our feet in moving from one place to another. We are naturally curious, explorers of the vast world that we haven’t gotten to know more about. It is only natural that we move to travel, to meet new people, and to discover new places. Be it a temporary refuge or not, moving out to an unfamiliar place can give you new experiences that you didn’t think you would encounter.

4. Financial Instability

Not all of us are born with a silver spoon. Some of us need to work diligently just to provide ourselves with enough necessities to survive every day. There are people who only rent their apartments and houses. And if their bills are piled up for months, then it is expected that they are kicked out. Financial instability will force them to move out to a cheaper place to live in. It might not be the best place, but you can always choose to make it the best in your own little ways.

5. Work

There are cases where our job requires us to work at places far away from home. It could take weeks, months, or even years for the job to be finished. That’s why in cases like this, acquiring a temporary place to live in for work is the best decision to make. But, you can also choose to make it a permanent residence if you want to. Once you get transferred, you just have to deal with the new neighbors and town that you are in. It’s going to be challenging, but it’s going to give you new experiences as well.

Plant Moving Announcement Card

plant moving announcement card

Moving Announcement Card Template

moving announcement card template

6. Change of Lifestyle

There will always come a time when we get tired of the current lifestyle that we have and try to change it for the better. For example, we want to live in the countryside and stay away from the city that we have lived in for years. We want to avoid the pollution, the bustling streets, the long traffic, and the constant noise. This time, we want to breathe in fresh air, get one with nature, and just have a relaxing atmosphere that we don’t get from the stressful environment of the city. A change of pace is always healthy for our body.

7. Accessibility

If you are living in a place where there aren’t that many resources to get from, then you’d definitely decide to move to someplace where you can easily acquire all that you need for your daily consumption. One case is when you are staying in the mountainous area where there might not be that much to get food from. As part of your daily routine, you have to frequently go down the base where people sell most of the things that you need. You need to buy them in bulk so you can store them to last for days. But as time passes by, you’d get tired of it and decide to move down. Accessibility is not much of a concern for most, but it’s certainly something that one should take consideration of.

Sample Moving Announcement Card

sample moving announcement card

How to use and edit moving announcement cards

You do not have to be a graphic designer to be able to use and edit these templates. It only takes the right software and diligence to get the design that you want for your moving announcement cards. We have provided easy steps for you to follow, so read them below.

1. Download a photo editing software program. If you already have photo editing software, then that is great. But if you do not, download one software application that can edit multiple image formats so you will not have to switch between applications. You can download them online, and you can go for either paid or freeware programs.

2. Download the template. After you have downloaded the photo editing software, you can now download the template that you like. Sure, pick the one that is the most attractive and eye-catching, but always remembers to choose the best design that you think will fit the theme that you are going for.

3. Open the template using the photo editing software. Now that you have the necessary software application and the template that you prefer using for your moving announcement card, it is time to play and have fun!

4. Edit the template. This is where the fun part begins! Tweak every element of the template that you can and experiment to your heart’s content. There is no limit on how much you can do with it. Delete what you want to delete. Change what you want to change. What matters most is that you arrive at a final design for the moving announcement card that you are genuinely happy with.

5. Save it! Of course, you have to save everything so you will not have to redo it. But, if you feel that you can still use this template in its original form in the near future, you might as well save your edited template as a separate file and not overwrite the original. This way, you can perform as many edits as you can with your chosen template and generate multiple personal designs from it.

Have you found the perfect one?

There might be a need to transfer due to financial reasons or it might also be because of wanting to create new experiences. But for whatever reason that you decide to move out from your current residence, you should be considerate enough to inform your family and friends about where you are moving to. Informing them would allow for future visits and get-togethers. Also, if they want to send mail or packages, they need your new address. So, choose the final design now and tell everyone that you are moving out!

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