44+ Sample Gift Card Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, Vector EPS


A gift card is indeed a present and a treat! It is a gift or token that can be used as a perfect alternative to cash. With a specific amount of money in a gift card, you certainly could use it for travel, shopping, fancy restaurant dates, and a lot more. Your leisure time will definitely be fun-filled with a gift card. It will come in handy to you as some gift cards are also re loadable. Gift cards are equally functional as cash.

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Check out these beautiful gift card designs and see a variety of gift cards in different patterns, format, and style.

Sample Restaurant Gift Cards

Best Restaurant Gift Card

best restaurant gift card Download

Fast Food Restaurant Gift Card

fast food restaurant gift card Download

Holiday Restaurant Gift Card

holiday restaurant gift card1 Download

Sample Wedding Gift Cards

Wedding Registry Gift Card

wedding registry gift card Download

Wedding Wishes Gift Card

wedding wishes on gift card Download

Blank Wedding Anniversary Gift Card

wedding anniversary gift card3 Download

Wedding Thank You Notes for Gift Card

wedding thank you notes for gift card Download

Sample Thank You Gift Cards

Bridal Shower Thank You Notes for Gift Card

bridal shower thank you card for gift card Download

Baby Shower Thank You Notes for Gift Card

baby shower thank you card for gift card Download

Thank You Notes for Gift Card Wording

thank you card for gift card wording Download

Sample Birthday Gift Cards

Birthday Wishes Gift Card

birthday wishes gift card2 Download

Birthday Email Gift Card

birthday email gift card Download

Birthday Return Gift Card

birthday return gift card Download

Happy Birthday Gift Card

happy birthday gift card3 Download

Sample Restaurant Gift Cards

Electronic Restaurant Gift Card

electronic restaurant gift card Download

Fundraising Restaurant Gift Card

fundraising restaurant gift card Download

Restaurant Association Gift Card

restaurant association gift card2 Download

Restaurant Bonus Gift Card

restaurant bonus gift card Download

Restaurant Group Gift Card

restaurant group gift card Download

Handy Presents

Gift cards are undeniably for everyone. These gift cards could be perfect gifts for a lot of people you would want to give presents to. You might want to use these printable gift card templates if you plan on giving out a bulk soon.

Mostly, corporations or companies have personal gift card designs for their own. Some also opt for DIY gift card designs and try a perfect layout whenever they want to. While others stick to one gift card design every year or month, there are also those who venture on a lot of designs to give their gift cards a new look and at the same time appropriate for peak seasons and occasions.

Everyone nowadays would prefer a gift card over anything they would receive on Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, and anniversaries. This becomes the trend as gift cards make its way through the market. People would now prefer gift cards and be the ones to choose what they want to purchase or avail with it. They could go for a cart of groceries, a shopping spree, or a movie even.

With the flexibility of preferences nowadays, it is no doubt that a gift card can really mean so much to whoever receives it. On your part, it would also be convenient and handy for you to give gift card treats.

Consumer Satisfaction out of a Gift Card

Almost every season really calls for a gift card even for birthdays and small occasions. You could even receive gift cards out of office bonuses and incentives. If you are to receive a gift card, what would you spend it for? Whatever it is, make sure you are satisfied with your decision and spend it wisely.

Here are helpful tips on how you spend your gift card and get a higher level of satisfaction from it.

  • Be reminded all the time. First of all, you have to be reminded all the time that you have a gift card and it is subject for consumption. Even if you do not patronize the products that are covered in the gift card, avoid its worth going down the drain and use it.
  • Check for expiration dates. While most gift cards do not expire within a period of 5 years, some still provide for an expiration date. You have to be informed that your gift card will not be available for you all the time. If you are aware of the expiration date, you are most likely to consume its worth on or before its expiration date. You will miss its value in cash and your gift card will be put to waste by simply just forgetting about it until you decide to use it only on its inactivity.
  • Treat it as your own money. Just because somebody handed you a gift card, you could already use it all up to your own convenience. You have to put in mind that this gift card is now good as cash and it is not at all free money for you to spend unwisely.
  • Wait for a sale. Like the cash in your wallet, spend your gift card just the same. Think about the number of items you could own when you’re up and patient for a sale. Weigh your options well and opt for instances where you could favor yourself big discounts. Waiting for your favorite items to go on sale won’t give you an expired gift card at the end of it, right? Don’t hesitate to longer, you will be able to save a lot and even buy yourself extra treats.
  • Consider shopping online. Prices and product quality are much better online. Also, a wide range of size availability online will make you thank your lucky stars. There could also be an offer of great discounts online. You would not want to miss this, do you? Always do a quick search online before consuming your gift card. There, you’re doing yourself a favor.
  • Swap deals. There is totally nothing wrong with giving up your gift card in exchange for the same amount that your gift card’s worth. If you find no use for your gift card because you hate or just not into what it offers, you could always give it up for someone who might be interested with it. Either way, you will still have your money through your swap deals.
  • Share. If you still can’t find any use for your gift card, you could always share it with someone or offer it somewhere else. Practically, you would not get the same value the gift card has in return. There could be organizations that might accept gift cards as some sort of donation, sharing it is also one way of putting it to good use.

Gift cards are ideal presents and you could possibly get one anytime soon. You just have to make sure you spend or consume it wisely. At times that you might not like what product or services it has in store, do not hesitate to find means to consume your gift card. It might serve some good purpose other than just letting it expire to inactivity by just forgetting you had a gift card in the first place.

Saving up Virtual Money

Your gift card is as good as your money. Often times, you might want to think when you receive a gift card, you automatically get free cash. This shouldn’t be a perspective toward these gift cards that your receiving. Trim your spending as much as you minimize squandering your gift cards.

Well, it may actually serve as a treat for yourself, but you also have to consider saving up your money whether it’s in the form of your gift card or your actual money.

Take note of these money-saving tips and see how much more capable you are of stretching a little bit of your budget.

  • Narrow down your choices. A few choices of a certain product brand is fine. You could choose from 2 stores of which has a better fit of a shirt you might like. It is in these instances that you really have to limit your choices. You cannot be hopping from brand to another, from one store to another looking for perfect satisfaction with varied prices. At times, you get to pick something that’s more expensive than the other and end up compromising your budget. This shouldn’t be your constant practice as this will take much of your time and money.
  • Consider negotiation. Always negotiate for lower prices. If you opt for fixed prices on your favorite products and services, you have to limit you trip to theses stores and make the most out of what you practice less frequently. Try to get lower prices on your favorites items and always look for discounts. At some point, you could also try to barter. This is worth the try as both parties get the best out of each other’s preferences.
  • Time table for purchase. It is better that you always look out for a sale. Just imagine how much you’re going to save if your favorite pair of pants goes out on a price cut off more than half its actual price. How much more could you save and spend for something else you might also like. Think about getting a better price of the item you want to buy somewhere else. Consider if it’s cheaper and of the same quality as well.
  • Alternative items. If something you like might be really expensive and out of your budget, you could always go for an alternative item that qualifies just almost the same. Be practical and look out for your expenses. Also, think about how necessary it is to really purchase or avail or a certain product. You would simply have to weigh which items you need most and which items you could just put off to purchase.

When you spend less with the money that you earn, it would be easy for you to keep track of how much you spend. It would also be your easiest way to save and make your money grow for a more meaningful purchase.

Look out for more designs that would look nice on your Thank-You voucher. You might also want gift card designs for all other occasions. Feel free to pick out from a collection of these gift card examples.

Sample Travel Gift Cards

Travel Agency Gift Card

travel agency gift card1 Download

Travel Company Gift Card

travel company gift card Download

Travel Money Gift Card

travel money gift card1 Download

Sample Gift Business Cards

Gift Tag Business Card

gift tag business card Download

Promotional  Business Gift Card

promotional gift business card Download

Business Gift Card for Babies

baby gift business card Download

Sample Money Gift Cards

Exchange Gift Card for Money

exchange gift card for money Download

Money Laundering Gift Card

money laundering gift card Download

Money Saving Gift Card

money saving gift card Download

Sample Printable Gift Cards

Printable Spa Gift Card

printable spa gift card Download

Sample Frozen Gift Cards

Disney Frozen Gift Card

disney frozen gift card Download

Frozen Invitation Gift Card

frozen invitation gift card Download

Why Gift Cards Are Preferred by Retailers

Retailers are those people or business outlets that sell their goods, products, and services directly to their consumers in their target market. These retailers aim to earn a profit out of their businesses.

Gift cards are preferred by retailers since it is their way of making the process of buying gifts a lot easier. It would save its consumers a lot of time. Just a swing by any store and a quick purchase of a gift card, you would now have something that’s worth a present.

How easy is it for retailers to make money out of gift cards? Here’s how it really is and here are reasons why they prefer gift cards:

  • Expired gift cards. This may seem really unfortunate to those who missed on consuming their gift cards. To retailers, expired gift cards are easily acquired money out of nothing. Not everyone gets to use up their gift cards and this will only end up expired. This does so much favor to retailers once you gift cards are no longer honored passed that expiration date. All you get is the inactivity but retailers earn from every inactive gift card.
  • Seasonal business. Every season boosts sales of gift cards. This means retailers’ businesses get to sell whenever a new season comes in or a new occasion is out to celebrate. Every season and every occasion, especially holiday gift cards and graduation gift cards, will make people need to purchase gifts, and the easiest way to instantly purchase is through gift cards. People would also get to patronize gift cards and would most likely purchase gift cards for certain promos every season.

When convenience beats almost anything, people would opt for gift cards. These types of presents are easy to wrap (you only need a gift card envelope) and convenient to buy. It represents every gift there is that one might want to buy as soon as he or she gets one.

This is an advantage to the growing number of gift card retailers. There is easy and high potential of earning through gift card purchase, consumption, and even for those who do not completely use up their gift cards before expiry.

Sample DIY Gift Cards

DIY Birthday Wrapping Gift Card

diy wrapping gift card Download

DIY Mother’S Day Gift Card

diy mothers day gift card Download

DIY Gift Registry Card

diy gift registry card1 Download

Target Photo Gift Card

target photo gift card Download

Sample Graduation Gift Cards

High School Graduation Gift Card

high school graduation gift card Download

College Graduation Gift Card

college graduation gift card Download

Sample Funny Gift Cards

Funny Messages for Gift Card

funny messages for gift card Download

Funny Animated Birthday Gift Card

funny animated gift card1 Download

Funny Gift Card Presentation

funny gift card presentation Download

Sample Paper Gift Cards

Recycled Paper Gift Card

recycled paper gift card Download

Blank Paper Gift Card

blank paper gift card Download

Paper Die Cut Gift Card

paper die cut gift card Download

Frozen Playing Gift Card

frozen playing gift card

Printable Plastic Gift Card

printable plastic gift card

Final Word

So, are you looking for the perfect gift cards for a loved one? This one must really be well deserved. Check out more of our specialized gift cards (especially these bridal gift card samples_ and download those that you don’t get to see every day. A unique gift card might only bring you so much advantage per consumer preference. Either way, everyone earns with a gift card. Retailers and consumers mainly are dependent on the production and consumption respectively. This really gives a give-and-take situation for both parties and a benefit to each at the same time.

You could also try out these Wedding Gift Card Designs as souvenirs or part of your wedding goody bags! You might want to away gift cards on your wedding day or perhaps you find the theme attractive enough for your purchase. You could always use up gift cards to your advantage; you just have to read closely through all you have read above and make sure you make the most out of every gift card you get or send.

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