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9+ Gift Card Envelopes

A gift card envelope usually is used to keep the message that is to be given to the receiver of the gift. In other countries, gift cards are actually pertained to as a prepaid-stored value money card or those cards that you may use to purchase an item without using cash. 

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In this article, though, what we are talking about are envelopes that are used for gift giving purposes. They enclose a letter and not a card used for purchasing items.

You may take a look at our envelope templates and select the next envelope that you are to use in your next gift giving.

Congratulations Gift Card Envelope

Black Gift Card Envelope

Handmade Gift Card Envelope

Surprise Gift Card Envelope

Valentine’s Gift Card Envelope


An envelope may not be essential to gift giving as letters may not usually be that long, but it gives so much value to the gift as it makes it more personal. The receiver can also see the effort that you have done in the wrapping process of the gift should a proper envelope be added to conceal the letter together with the gift.

Here are a few gift card envelope templates that you may use. Here we offer a few ideas in putting more creativity in making an envelope look more appealing below:

  • Create patterns for the envelope to have a cohesive overall appeal. You may actually use a medium that already has a pattern on it and make it to an envelope for an easier job.
  • You can put small items that are not easy to fall outside the envelope for a three-dimensional style. Some of these items include ribbons, buttons, small flowers, patches, and other items that you can easily see at the four corners of your home.
  • Use lines and other designs to give your envelope its own character. You can actually draw on them and put different shades of colors or pen strokes depending on how you want the outcome to look like.

Birthday Gift Card Envelope

Printable Gift Card Envelope

Decorative Gift Card Envelope

Floral Gift Card Envelope

Business Gift Card Envelope


Though there are a lot of other creative ideas that you can apply in creating an envelope and making it more artistic, you should consider the following as well:

  • The design of the envelope must be appropriate to the gender and age of the giver. You need to know the likes or wants of this person and show that idea through the visuals of the envelope. He or she must feel that the envelope really intended to be given to him or her.
  • The design of the envelope may sometimes need to follow the theme of the event or even just the occasion being celebrated. You need to make sure that the envelope still looks appropriate even if you’ve added certain elements to eat already.
  • The inside letter in the envelope may be an inspiration in terms of the envelope design. What is better than a matching envelope and letter page, right? You may take a look at our greeting card designs and base your envelope design from there.

Start getting those creative juices of yours to work and create an envelope that will give more appreciation from the receiver of your gift.


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