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27+ Lookbook Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, INDD, PDF

There is a certain type of small businesses wherein you will need to show off certain “looks” to entice people to do the same or something that’s remotely similar to it. Whether it’s about fashion designs, interior designs, or anything that others can either copy or draw inspiration from, a lookbook may be something that you can put to good use. Why should you use one? As mentioned earlier, it helps potential customers to gather up ideas, but that’s all it does and that’s what makes lookbooks different from catalogs, because the latter is actually used for placing orders.

132+ FREE & Premium Lookbook Templates - Download NOWBeautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

With lookbooks, they are basically books that contain images of models showcasing trendy clothes or accessories, or it could also feature the interior aspects of a house to show what’s trendy when it comes to interior designs, and they are primarily made for scanning or “looking” purposes, hence the name. Catalogs, on the other hand, have the same contents with the exception of prices indicated on each product or set of products. Whatever purpose you’re going for, these lookbook templates may come in useful, so don’t hesitate to download any of them.

Fashion Lookbook Template

Across different cultures, there are also different meanings to the color peach. According to the Chinese, peach symbolizes longevity; in Japan, it symbolizes truth; and in western countries, the color symbolizes virginity, purity, virtue, and youth. While the color scheme used on the lookbook template above is somewhat different than what you’re expecting, it still is a certain shade of peach. If you believe that your lookbook magazine speaks the truth or is capable of showing high standards, then feel free to download the template above.

Clean Minimalist Contemporary Lookbook Template

Brand Lookbook Magazine Template

What Is a Lookbook?

On the early parts of this article, we mentioned briefly about what a lookbook is and how they are being used—they are books with images that feature trends in fashion or interior designs and are made for “looking” purposes. But this time around, let’s dig deeper into what lookbooks are and why they are relevant in our society. For those in the clothing industry, lookbooks are their tools for showcasing their collection, whether these are new or simply season-appropriate. However, since lookbooks are for “looking” purposes only, they do not directly influence readers to buy from their collection, but rather, inspire them to copy the style or invite them to visit their physical stores where they can purchase those pieces. You may also see minimal magazine templates.

On the other hand, since we also featured lookbooks in this article that are intended for use by interior designers or those in the home improvement industry, they can also make use of lookbooks to showcase certain furniture pieces, decorations, wallpapers, paint colors, and everything related to beautifying homes. Just like lookbooks used by fashion designers, their’s don’t exactly tell readers to buy those specific pieces that are being featured on the lookbook, it simply inspires them to emulate the style or to gather ideas in order to pull off their own style. You may also see blog design templates.

There are only two types of lookbooks: consumer lookbooks and wholesale lookbooks. Consumer lookbooks are those which are distributed and used by the general public, while wholesale lookbooks are those which are used exclusively by agents and distributors. You may also see wedding magazine templates.

Journal Lookbook Template

Sometimes, minimalism goes hand in hand with being more inclined with nature and being less materialistic. If you want to keep your lookbook design minimal and natural, you might want to take a peek at the lookbook template above since it will be able to do just that. Whether a minimalist theme is simply your preference or you’re into showcasing furniture, home accessories, or interior design themes in general, knock yourself out with this beautiful and calming lookbook template.

Minimalist Summer Lookbook Template

The spring season just ended, which only means that it’s already summer, and what better season to look forward to (aside from winter) than the summer season? Beaches, ice cream, camping, no school for youngsters. During the summer season, it’s not just all about swimsuits and beach apparel (we’ll get there later), but it’s definitely the time when people make the most out of their fashion senses. Whatever piece of clothing they have that they couldn’t wear during the other seasons, they usually dig that up and put it on during summer. If you want to share and inspire awesome looks to your readers, then make use of this minimalist spring and summer season lookbook template. You may also see InDesign magazine templates.

Spring Collection Lookbook Template

Yes, we know spring has already officially ended, and you’re wondering why we would bring up spring-themed templates if the summer is over. Well, for one thing, you always prepare yourself for next year’s spring season, this template may no longer be around for long. And another one, these lookbook templates are fully editable and what you see above is just a sample of a possible output, you can always change it to any theme or season you like. This template comes in two awesome formats—PDF and INDD—so make sure to get your hands first on either Acrobat or InDesign before you start working on this template. You may also see magazine templates in PSD.

Lookbook Portfolio Template

Adding white space to a design can help in creating an organized look wherein the elements on the design are easily distinguishable from the others. Adding a lot of white space—and we do mean a lot—can create an even cleaner look which is perfect for those who prefer minimalism. However, if you do this with your design, you have two choices for your elements, you can either have them in contrasting colors to make them stand out, or you can also copy the lookbook template above by having the elements desaturated so they would blend in with all the white space. Either way, they WILL look good on your lookbook so don’t worry about it.

Spring Interiors Lookbook Template

We’ve got more spring-themed lookbook templates here, but this one is more on showing off interior design-related accessories rather than fashion design, and if you’re artistic and skillful enough in terms of interior designing, then this template might be for you. Show off your skills in revamping homes, mixing and matching colors, and maximizing the use of available space through this lookbook. If you are able to pull it off successfully, you’ll be looking at homes heavily inspired by your style, and that is something that any interior designer should be proud of indeed. You may also see fashion magazine templates.

Classic Summer Lookbook Template

InDesign Photography Lookbook Template

Simple Summer Lookbook Template

Here is a summer-themed lookbook template that is perfect for the summer season. For the sample provided above, the cover page features a photo of a swimsuit-clad girl which makes it appropriate for the theme of the lookbook. When people see the image on the cover page, they will already be able to understand that this lookbook is all about summer fashion trends and will feature summer clothing such as swimsuits, beach cover-ups, large brimmed hats, and sunglasses. That is indeed what you want to achieve with your lookbook, which is why it is best that you follow the same strategy to give people an idea of what to expect from your lookbook. You may also see minimalist magazine templates.

Creative Lookbook Template

Contents of a Lookbook

If you plan on designing a lookbook but haven’t actually done it before, you may want to gather up some ideas to help you out in the process. In terms of content or what should be found inside and on the cover page of your lookbook, stay tuned. You may also see creative magazine templates.

With regards to the cover page of your lookbook, it is very important to indicate the name of the stylist or the business itself and a logo if available. Other than those two elements, you should also indicate the name of the collection to give readers a first impression before they even start to go to the first page of your lookbook. If you have noticed from the templates that we have shown you, many of those featured specific seasons or years which are something that you may or may not include. And of course, an introductory cover image which can help in giving readers an idea on what to expect from the collection, though some designers would also prefer to use solid colors for their cover pages as opposed to actual images. You may also see magazine layouts.

Enough with the cover page, let’s proceed to the internal pages of the lookbook. What are lookbooks without images of the featured products? There wouldn’t be anything to “look” as if there aren’t any photos, and this defeats the purpose of using lookbooks in the first place. When adding photos or images on the lookbook, you can either go with editorial style photos—those that are taken during photo shoots—or just simple photos of only the products, though many businesses prefer to use the former. For each featured product, you may want to include the name of the style, a serial or style number, type of material used, the available colors and sizes, and a wholesale price (optional). You may also see magazine portfolio templates.

Lastly, for the back cover of the lookbook, you may also want to add another full-page editorial style photo or you can just stick to a solid color for a much cleaner look. And on top of that layer, you can add another business logo, but make it smaller than the one that you used for the front cover. And then for the most important part of the back cover page, the business’ contact details which includes the URL for the company’s website or a URL for the social media page, phone number/s, email address, and maybe a QR code if there is one.

Minimal Lookbook Template

Monochrome Lookbook Template

How can you make a lookbook simple, classy, and visually stunning at the same time? Do it the same way as the lookbook template above, go for a high-contrasted black and white theme. This template is perfect for driving readers more towards the overall style of the clothing and not the color. But if you’re into colorful clothing pieces, then this lookbook template might not be for you.

Spring Summer Lookbook Template

Modern Lookbook Template

Summer Fashion Lookbook Template

Advantages of Using Lookbooks in Businesses

1. Lookbooks serve to inspire as well as educate its readers in terms of how to dress up well, wearing jewelry or accessories, an arrangement of home furniture pieces, mixing and matching colors, and anything related to designs. Also, lookbooks actually give you a firsthand image of how a clothing piece looks when actually worn by a person or how a furniture piece appears when placed inside a given space. You may also see business magazine templates.

2. Lookbooks encourage a person to shop sensibly and not out of compulsion. The reason behind this is because lookbooks are able to provide readers with a concrete idea on what to buy, which decreases the instances of buying clothes, accessories, or furniture that will end up not being used just because they are incompatible or out-of-fashion. You may also see a free book cover templates.

3. Lookbooks can actually help in giving a positive first impression towards the business even though they aren’t always used as a tool for making purchases. But when readers like what they see on your lookbook, they will usually talk about it with others which will help in spreading the word about your collection. And when the word is spread, the more chances that people will look into your collection, they may even want to visit your physical store if they want to. You may also see book cover templates.

InDesign Lookbook Layout Template

Denim Fashion InDesign Lookbook Template

Editable Horizontal Lookbook Template

InDesign Photoshop Lookbook Magazine Template

Minimal Fashion Lookbook Template

Jasmine Lookbook Brochure Template

Home Lookbook Template

Are you working as an interior designer? If so, then you may be able to use this lookbook template to show off how good your skills are at arranging, decorating, and enhancing the interior aspects of a home. But if you are managing a business that sells home improvement products, this template may still come in handy since you can use this for featuring your products. However, unlike other business catalogs which simply show images of the products itself, a lookbook simulates how these products will appear when placed in a given space.

Magazine Lookbook Template

If you’re planning on making a one-of-a-kind Google Slide presentation for showing off your different products and fashion styles, you will most likely be interested in this lookbook Google Slide template. For this template, it’s got everything you need for your presentation, from over 80 full high-definition slides to free access to various fonts. If you are interested in using this template but prefer to use it in either PowerPoint or Keynote, there are alternative formats which are also available for download. You might not see it above but after you click on the download button, you will be redirected to a page where links for the alternative file formats are presented.

Brand Styles Lookbook Example

Designing Your Own Lookbook

1. Plan out your lookbook first before actually attempting to design it. Just like any other project, the planning phase is very important since it paves the way for the implementation phase, and for lookbooks, it inspires you on what elements to add and what colors to use. Some of the important factors to consider during the planning phase involve the number three, such as thinking of three reasons as to why you should make use of a lookbook, three ways on how you will be able to distribute your lookbook, and three ways that your lookbook can help you make a profit. You may also see book cover designs.

2. The templates featured in this article come in different formats which gives you various options to chose from. While we strongly encourage you to download any of the templates here to make your project easier to accomplish, make sure to pick out the right format that allows you to work freely so as to save you from all the stress. You may also see magazine cover templates.

3. After looking at the collection of templates in this article, pick out the best one that makes you visualize how your lookbook might possibly look once it’s finished. If you are able to find one, don’t hesitate to click on the download button because you might not get that same opportunity in the future. You may also see magazine cover designs.

4. Now for the editing phase, and as sensible as it seems, all you need to do here is to edit the template according to how you want your lookbook to end up. Luckily for you, the templates here are all fully editable, from the colors, text, and images, these are all editable. If you need help during this phase, you can always ask for assistance from professional graphic artists. You may also see sample album cover templates.

Keynote Presentation Lookbook Template

Here is another presentation template that you can download and use for making exceptional lookbook slideshow presentations. This time around, the featured template above is in Keynote format intended for iMac users, but just like the previous lookbook presentation template, there are alternative file formats that you can download as well. So don’t worry if you’re using Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint, you may be able to use this template for those programs as well.

Tropical Fashion Lookbook Template

Do’s and Don’ts When Preparing or Designing Lookbooks

1. DO use high quality, professionally shot photos of the products or the models showcasing the products, and to achieve this, hire a professional photographer. This is very important since photographers know how to make every shot count, which is something that you would want to achieve when trying to show off your collection through lookbooks, every shot should count.

2. Aside from just hiring a professional photographer, DO hire a professional model as well. Seem costly? It doesn’t have to be. By professional models, we’re not talking about Victoria’s Secret Angels or those that you see on television, there are actually a lot of professional freelance models that you can find through social media or the internet, in general. Hire these models since they are well trained on how to make any product look good in front of the camera.

3. If you think those are the only two people that you will need to hire, you’re wrong, unfortunately. If you want to make the most out of your lookbooks, you would want to hire a professional hair stylist and makeup artist to fix up your model, so DO it. Oftentimes, you’ll be able to find a professional makeup artist that does hair styling as well, but if you are unable to do so, then you’ll probably be forced to hire one for each task.

4. If you plan on making your lookbook from total scratch, DO NOT attempt to do the graphic designing yourself. Just because you know how to work with Photoshop, it doesn’t automatically make you a graphic designer, let the professionals do it. However, if you’re working with downloadable templates such as the ones we are providing here, then feel free to edit them yourself.

5. As much as possible, DO NOT make the entirety of the lookbook using Word because the end product will look cheap, low quality, and unprofessional. You may probably use Word for certain aspects only such as adding textual elements, but for the rest of it, use programs which are capable of rendering high-quality results. You may also see best ebook cover templates.

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