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Table of Contents

  1. Sample Vegetarian Wedding Menu Template
  2. Vegetarian Restaurant Food Menu Format Template
  3. Creative Vegan Food Menu Template
  4. Simple Blank Vegetarian Menu Template
  5. Healthy Food Vegetarian Design Menu Template
  6. Why is a menu important?
  7. Basic Clean Vegetarian Menu Template
  8. Printable Artistic Vegetarian Menu Template
  9. Standard Green Vegetarian Menu Template
  10. Things you should know before creating a menu
  11. Modern Vintage Vegetarian Menu Template
  12. Fruit Juice Vegetarian Menu Layout Template
  13. Modern Vegetarian Menu Template Download
  14. Chalk Drawing Vegetarian Menu Example Template
  15. How to Make an Impressive Menu (10 Steps)
  16. New Hand-drawn Vegetarian Menu Template
  17. Basic Raw Vegetarian Menu Template
  18. Sample Vegetarian Menu Brochure Template
  19. Vegetarian Beverages Menu Layout Template
  20. Have you found the right design?

Vegetarian Menu

An integral part of living a healthy lifestyle involves eating the right food and implementing various practices to improve one’s health. Some people even get so committed to having a healthy lifestyle that they opt to go full-on vegetarian.

If you have a restaurant that caters mostly to vegetarians, then you need to clearly show it in your menu. In this article, we have gathered various menu designs and templates that you can use to feature your vegetarian dishes. Helpful tips and guidelines are also included to assist you in creating and customizing the structure and design for your restaurant’s menu templates.

Sample Vegetarian Wedding Menu Template

vegetarian wedding menu template
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Vegetarian Restaurant Food Menu Format Template

vegetarian restaurant food menu 788x

Creative Vegan Food Menu Template

vegan food menu 788x

Simple Blank Vegetarian Menu Template

blank vegetarian menu

Healthy Food Vegetarian Design Menu Template

healthy food vegetarian menu

Why is a menu important?

The menu is a passage to a gastronomical world. It is responsible for introducing the variety of food that your restaurant serves. It is a standout amongst the most vital promotional tools that one can use to acquaint visitors with what your restaurant or eatery can offer to the table. In this technological age, people commonly take pictures of anything that’s aesthetically pleasing and they post those photos on social media sites. Eventually, the online post will gain attention and word will be spread about a restaurant with an impressive menu.

But other than building an online presence, a menu is known to be important with other things as well. Read on to know more about the other reasons why the menu is important.

1. It sets the theme

Restaurants, eatery, or any food establishment that serves vegetarian food usually have aesthetics that concentrates on something green. Clearly, this is because they have a selection that revolves around vegetables and fruits. To complement the concept of a vegetarian theme, the menu needs to have graphical elements that will embody the design. For example, the obvious choice would be including images of various vegetables to act as ornaments in the design. You can scatter them all over the layout, or group them according to their color or something else entirely. It’s up to you how you can come up with a creative way of using them for your menu’s design.

A menu can be a game-changer for a restaurant for vegetarians. A compelling list of appetizing food may convince people to dine at your restaurant or it might do the opposite and discourage them. So, in order to avoid the latter, make sure that your menu is well-organized, has an attractive design, and of course, sets the theme of the restaurant. Even without looking at the list of food, an eye-catching design will make your customers consider looking at the menu.

2. It is informative

As a new customer, a person may have decided to visit the restaurant because of the location’s inviting interior design or compelling advertisements. But as soon as they step in the restaurant, the first thing that they would look at is the menu.

The menu contains all the other details that they weren’t able to see in the ads, thus they will be curious about the new choices that are shown to them. A good menu should show what food the customers expect from the restaurant. To entertain customers even more, you could include a brief history and fun facts about the restaurant. But, more importantly, it should highlight most, if not all, of the dishes on the list. Put in minor details about each dish, like the ingredients, the number of people it can serve, and the price. Giving such information will help the customers make an informed decision.

3. It offers a good variety

A great menu puts into the spotlight the variety of food that the restaurant has to offer. Considering that we all have different tastes, a menu should be able to show to their customers the different alternatives or choices that they can possibly choose from.

Also, having a variety of choices might encourage others to experiment with food that they haven’t tried yet. It’s a great opportunity to help promote your restaurant’s specialties and best-sellers, especially if they are originally conceptualized by you. Introducing customers to newly invented or conceptualized food will help boost your reputation and distinguish you from the rest.

Basic Clean Vegetarian Menu Template

clean vegetarian menu e

Printable Artistic Vegetarian Menu Template

artistic vegetarian menu template 788x

Standard Green Vegetarian Menu Template

green vegetarian menu 788x

Things you should know before creating a menu

1. Information

The information that you will be using in your menu should be well-researched in order to avoid confusing the customers. Information regarding the menu includes the type of menu that you are going to use, the categories of the food items, and the description and price of each food item. If you are planning to put up a restaurant mainly for vegetarians, we will help by showing you the lists of menu types and the categories for the food items and what pricing is all about.

Menu types:


2. Pricing

3. Design

A good menu consists of comprehensive information and attractive design. In design, there are a lot of factors that you have to consider before you create one for your menu. This section will show you a variety of choices for each element of the design.

Medium (Menu presentation)

Layout (Menu categorization)

Color (Menu color scheme)

Font (Text style and size)

Art (Photos and graphic images)

Modern Vintage Vegetarian Menu Template

vintage vegetarian menu template 788x

Fruit Juice Vegetarian Menu Layout Template

fruit juice vegetarian menu 788x

Modern Vegetarian Menu Template Download

modern vegetarian menu e1518484920

Chalk Drawing Vegetarian Menu Example Template

chalk drawing vegetarian menu template 788x

How to Make an Impressive Menu (10 Steps)

A menu should be as detailed and organized as it should be attractive and compelling. To ensure this can be tedious, but it should be done as it will reflect the kind of restaurant that you want people to perceive your business to be. Take a look at the list below to know about the steps in order to make a great menu.

  • Step 1: List all your menu items

    Write down every food item that you want to include in your sample menu. Make sure that the items you included offer variety so customers will have more to choose from. You can write them on a piece of paper, or input them in Google Sheet or any word processor program if you want to have a backup of the list.

  • Step 2: Logically sort out your menu items into sections

    Grouping the menu items into different categories will help your customers pick out orders efficiently. List your menu item whether it belongs to the appetizers, entrees, desserts, or any other category. After categorizing, decide which category you want to appear first on the menu. Normally, appetizers would be at the top of the list. Everything else would then follow once you’ve decided which category would go first. You may also like tri-fold menu templates.

  • Step 3: Pick a color scheme

    Choosing a color scheme has to be based on which would match the theme of your restuarant and what would best represent your restraurant’s brand. A great color scheme will help customers have a clear image of what your restaurant’s identity is.

  • Step 4: Put prices on the items

    The price of an item is one of the most important aspects of a menu as it could either compel people to order in your restaurant or make them want to leave. But, of course, no one’s going to blame you if the food is a bit pricey since there are numerous things that need to be considered before pricing an item. As long as the items are fairly priced, then there’s nothing you have to worry about. You may also see food menu templates.

  • Step 5: Describe each item

    You can hire a copywriter for this step, but if you don’t want to deprive yourself of all the fun, why not do it yourself? Naming and describing your food items can be fun, as you get to play with words and think of creative ways to describe them. But, always remember to keep it short. No one wants to look at a paragraph-long description of a food. You may also like drink menu templates.

  • Step 6: Translate into a menu

    This part can be fun for some and bothersome for others. Things will be much easier for you if you hire a graphic designer. But if you want to do it yourself, you can do so by using software programs like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Suite, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, etc. This section will only involve creating a skeleton for your menu’s layout.

  • Step 7: Add photos

    Providing photos of the items on your menu will help the customers have an idea as to what they are going to order. Afterall, the presentation is also important for a dish. Take great quality shots of the items that you want to highlight, most especially your specialties and the best-sellers. But don’t overdo placing photos in your menu as it will only be a distraction from everything else: the food and your awesome descriptions. You may also like chalkboard menu templates.

  • Step 8: Create the actual menu

    Now that you already have the list of the items, their corresponding prices, the skeleton of the layout, and the photos of the items, all you need to do next is to combine them and make the actual design of the menu. Take note of the margins and spacing so it won’t look too crowded. Choose fonts that are not too distracting or stylish that words would be hard to read. Also, remember to make space for an update on your menu. Leaving enough space for changes on the menu, especially if you update seasonally, will not result in an overhaul of your menu’s design. Otherwise, you would have to start the process all over again.

  • Step 9: Choose the final layout

    Once you’re done with designing, it would be better if you create another design. This way, you and your stakeholders would have more choices on which design would best represent your brand identity. It would also help to create backup designs once you want to switch to a new one.

  • Step 10: Proofread and print

    Don’t forget to proofread the content of your menu: titles, descriptions, and prices. To ensure it doesn’t have errors, send it to someone who is an expert on proofreading. It will save you time and help you finalize the menu’s content before printing the final design. Don’t skip this step in order to avoid putting the printouts into the trash. You may also like elegant menu templates.

There are different sizes for a menu. It will sometimes depend on the length of the list of your items, and sometimes it could also be based on the kind of look that you want for your menu. The material that will be printed for your menu will depend on your preference. You could use special papers that have embedded designs on them or you could use a cardboard-type material so your menu will not be easily folded and damaged. You may also see tea party menu templates.

New Hand-drawn Vegetarian Menu Template

hand drawn vegetarian menu 788x

Basic Raw Vegetarian Menu Template

raw vegetarian menu template 788x

Sample Vegetarian Menu Brochure Template

vegetarian menu brochure

Vegetarian Beverages Menu Layout Template

vegetarian beverages menu

Have you found the right design?

Choosing a design for the menu can still be a difficult task even if you already have a main concept to go for. There is still a need for contemplation and deliberation with the shareholders of the restaurant. You can pick any of the creative designs that we included in the list and use it as it is or transform it into a design that will best represent the image of the restaurant.

We have curated the best of the best designs, so rest assured that whatever you pick from the list will definitely attract customers. Once you find the right one, make sure that you edit the details with that of your restaurant. Good luck with your business and your future endeavors! You may also see watercolor menu designs.

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