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For couples, marriage is the pinnacle of any relationship, it is both the end and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives; it is an ultimate goal for any couple to reach that level in love. Though marriage might seem all too glamorous and dreamy on the outside, it becomes a responsibility because of the so many things that needed to be done- we all want our wedding day to be as perfect as possible, don’t we? There’s the planning, the buying, and so on, just to materialize the wedding that we have been dreaming about. It might sound a lot or demanding at most, but it is equally exciting and stressful. The stress that comes with the wedding preparations is completely understandable as it is what is asked and what you want. It is months and months of careful and thorough planning. From the bride and groom’s gown and suit to the bouquets for each member of the entourage, even down to the invitations and menu cards for the reception. Any wedding preparation is truly tedious and as said, stressful, so for other couples, it is inevitable to seek help with a wedding planner, but that comes at a cost. Wedding planning is an expensive service, as they intensively do everything for you- the couple, so you will be in turn, stress and worry free come the day of your wedding.

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Lace Wedding Menu Template

lace wedding menu template Free Download

But, if seeking a wedding planner is too costly for you as you are under a restrictive budget and you plan to do every doable task yourself, here is a little help. To take away a fraction of the burden of having to decide on smaller details, here is a curated list with which wedding menu to go with on your wedding day. Wedding menus can add a little touch of sophistication and flair to your wedding reception- even if you are on a budget. They should be cohesive with your motif and should be at least in relation to the whole theme and idea that you are trying to go with on your wedding.

Lace Wedding Menu Card Designs

This type of wedding menu showcases intricately designed details on your menu card. This is a perfect choice for the brides if you want everything from your invitation cards to your menu cards to go with the design of your beautiful and elegant lace gown.

Kraft Paper and Lace Wedding Menu

ws41cma  788x524

This design for a wedding menu card is in equal parts masculine and dainty. The contrast of the corkboard-like background and the beautiful lace, mesh perfectly in unison for the couple getting married. It is not too masculine for the bride, as it is not too feminine for the groom either. It is the equal balance of design that both (of you- the couple) can happily agree on. Also, all the text in this design are completely editable and if you want a more personalized menu card, you can contact the designer if you decided to buy this design, as personalization is free of charge.

Wedding Invitation & Menu Cards Design


preview e1516778940697

If you are more into contrasts and believe in its beauty, then this design of the menu card is for you on your wedding day. The contrast of the colors blue, brown, and gold that surprisingly works together looks exquisitely eccentric. If you do not mind having a menu card that does not go with the whole motif of the wedding, give this design a go. Give your guests something to talk about- in a good way of course.

Gold Floral Wedding Invitation Suite

untitled 2 06 e1516779457660

The details of this menu card closely resemble that of a lace fabric, a beautiful and delicate design. It is simple but elegant and its elegance makes up for its simplicity. Let us say, the bride’s gown has a beautiful, intricate gold lace detailing, you can use this menu card to match the gown of the bride. If not, this menu card is versatile enough to go with any themed weddings.

Wedding Invitation Suite – Isabella

isabela e1516781186235

Just like the previous design, this menu card’s details resemble that of a lace fabric. The difference is, the details of this menu card are much more simple and less intricate. The colors white and gold are a classic combination contrasted with a bold navy blue. The color navy blue, although a surprising addition to the color story, did not really put off the whole look of the card, instead, it gave it more of an edge.

Here are other options you can go with for your menu cards on your wedding day other than the lace wedding menu designs.

Floral Wedding Menu Card Designs

Floral wedding menus are a great alternative to the lace wedding menus. Like the lace details, floral- flowers and leaves, give the whole wedding a soft and delicate vibe. It exudes a softness that reflects the aura of the glowing bride. If laces or lace-like detailing is not your cup of tea, these designs are perfect options for your wedding menu cards during your reception. They exude a kind of youth and maturity that is perfect for couples in different age brackets.

Flower Burst Wedding Suite

mainmockup4  788x525

The design for the menu card (part of this bundle) illuminates youthful effervescence and is perfect for young couples planning to marry. The simple layout is still able to catch anyone’s attention. The color story of green and different shades of pink could not be perfect and timely, the calligraphy-like font also gives the youthful and ‘now’ factor. To also note, the flowers in this design are completely movable and the text and font colors are also editable.

Floral Decorative Wedding Menu Template Design

wedding menu

This design is more toned down and minimal compared to the first option in this category. This menu card is perfect for a more matured age couple planning to marry. The flowers are well-positioned, that it helps give off a really sophisticated aura and the design itself looks expensive.

Watercolor Leaves Wedding Invitation Suite


This menu card is ideally suited for a garden wedding, as the watercolor leaves match the nature of the setting. What is beautiful with this design is that it is equally minimal and detailed. Not overbearing, just the right amount of space and details. Not too simple to a point it looks boring and not too detailed that it looks overdone.

Minimal Wedding Menu Card Designs

Minimal wedding menu cards are safer choices when you do not want to worry about the little things (like menu cards, table numbers, program cards to name a few). These cards, although plain is still able to look refined and polished and not awfully boring, contrary to the notion that ‘minimal is too boring’. The designs for these menu cards are universal enough to fit any kind of or any themed wedding.

Eucalyptus Wedding Suite Vol.3

menuockup  788x525

First on this list is this design, although not as minimal as expected but the very nature of this design leans toward the more minimal side. Though to add more touch to an otherwise plain white card, a green paint effect (that can also be modified according to your chosen motif) is smeared on the top part of the menu. It is simple but with it, it has enough detail to make it stand out from the rest.

Editable PDF – Wedding Menu

menu a cm 01 custom  788x524

Here is a menu card that is designed to fit for any themed weddings. So, if you are a couple that has no idea with which menu card to go with, this is your haven, as this card was designed to be universal. Although really simple, the beautiful fonts compensated for its plainness. These fonts exude sophistication amidst simplicity and also, these fonts are editable so you have choices to go through if you decide to buy this design.

Pearl-Minimal Wedding Collection

743a26da2b89f72198339ff19e0fea20  788x524

This Pearl-Minimal wedding menu card is ideal for those who wish to set their wedding on the beach as it perfectly fits the theme and idea. Though if not, this menu card design is flexible enough as it leans more on the minimal side. The minimal pearl touch on the design added to the luxuriousness of the card and its color, posh and refined. To also note, the seashells on this design are in a vector format, so it is completely resizable, editable, and movable according to your preference.

Hopefully, with this, a fraction of your struggle as a couple is being weighed off. All couples deserve to be relaxed and free from any form of stress on their wedding day, and this list will get you on your way to being that stress and worry free couple on the most beautiful day of your lives, with one task already sorted out. And, don’t forget to bookmark this page so if you have both mutually agreed on a wedding menu card design, you can just easily come back to this post. Also share this with other couples who are also having a hard time making decisions with their wedding details, especially with their wedding menu cards.



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