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People often de-stress or reward themselves by going out to eat, to party, or to go shopping but there are also others that reward themselves by getting pampered. The best way that they can do this is by going to spas and getting either a massage, a facial, or any kind of treatment.

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The reason why people love going to spas is that the services not only relieves them physically but also psychologically and emotionally. If you’re managing a spa, you will need to use menus to list down your services. Fortunately, we have gathered some menu templates for you to choose from.

Elements of a Good Spa Menu

  • Spa menu’s cover page

    Regardless of the type of menu, you have the choice of adding a cover page or not. If you are, then it can help in de-cluttering the design since the cover page can bear some of the other elements instead of cramming all of them into a single space.

  • Spa center’s name and logo

    Even if you choose not to use a cover page for your spa menu, you will still need to include your business name and logo on it. The reason behind that is already self-explanatory—to inform people who you are and what you do.

  • Categories of the different services

    Just like other types of menus, you should categorize your list of menu items according to the kind of services rendered. This way, it’ll be easier for customers to find the service they want to avail.

  • List of services offered

    Of course, your menu should contain a list of the different services that are being offered by your spa center. This list may include body massages, facial treatments, hand and/or foot reflexology, and many others.

  • Description for each service

    You can’t always expect all customers to know all the details for every service, even returning customers look for descriptions. This element will simply describe how the service is done and if it requires the use of any tool. Oftentimes, the description might also mention how the service can benefit the customer.

  • Price of each service

    And what are menus without the price lists? Regardless of the type of menu, it should always bear not only the list of services or products but also the corresponding prices.

  • Spa center’s contact details

    A business’ contact details should be indicated not only on marketing tools or business cards but on menu cards as well. This way, potential customers can easily reach out to them to ask questions or probably to make reservations.

  • Spa center’s address(es)

    It is a common practice for businesses to open a branch in a different location for them to reach a larger group of people and to grow. When this happens, your menu should indicate the address(es) of the different branches.

Printable Spa Bar Menu Template

lavender spa bar menu template
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Creative Spa Centre Menu Sample

creative spa centre menu sample
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Serenity Natural Spa Menu Example

serenity natural spa menu example
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City Club Spa Menu Design

Nishi Spa Centre Menu Example

Standard Green Leaves Spa Menu Sample

Aesthetics Spa Service Menu Design

Relaxing Spa Trifold Menu Format

How to Designing an Awesome Spa Menu (10 Steps)

  • Step 1: Think of a theme for your menu

    The first thing that you will need to do when designing a spa menu is to think of an appropriate theme. Your menu’s theme should always match with the one used on your business in order for it to be consistent.

  • Step 2: Choose a menu size

    After thinking of a theme for your menu, the next thing that you that you will need to choose is a size for your menu card. When choosing a size, make sure that it is neither too big nor too small.

  • Step 3: Sketch the layout of your spa menu

    Once you have chosen the size of your menu card, you can start working on the more technical aspects, and you can do this by making a sketch of the layout of your spa menu. If you aren’t into sketching, you can simply write down notes instead.

  • Step 4: List down the possible services that your spa center is offering

    What services are you offering to your customers? Whether you are certain about this or not, you might as well write all the possible services on your draft. Throughout the process, you can simply narrow down the list until you can come up with the final ones for the menu.

  • Step 5: Download a spa menu template

    Why would you choose to start all the way from the bottom when you can give yourself a big head start by downloading a menu template? With this, you will only need to download and then edit the design afterward.

  • Step 6: Customize the design of your spa menu

    As mentioned earlier, you can proceed directly to editing the design of the template right after downloading it. You can do as much as adding or removing elements, rearranging them on the layout, changing the color scheme, and adding data on the required fields.

  • Write the list of services, tStep 7: heir descriptions, and the prices

    Considering that you already have narrowed down your list on the possible services, now it is time to write them on your menu. Aside from the list, you should also write a brief description for each service and their corresponding price.

  • Step 8: Add photos to enhance the design

    As much as you want to fill your menu with a photo depicting your services being rendered, you should only do that with care. Adding too many photos can result in cluttering your menu design, which is why you should ensure that there is enough room for white space.

  • Step 9: Proofread the content for any error

    Since your menu comes with lists and descriptions, it is a must that you proofread it at least once or twice before proceeding to have your menu printed. Proofreading can ensure that your menu is free from any spelling and grammatical error.

  • Step 10: Print out your spa menus

    And finally, if you think your menu is already free from any errors, you can then proceed to the last step in the process, which is printing your menus. You can either have them printed by printing companies, or you can also have them printed yourself. If you choose the latter, be sure to use high quality materials.

Simple Tips for an Excellent Spa Menu Layout

  • Use photos sparingly, you might clutter the layout if you use too many photos.
  • Make sure that your text is readable and has enough space in between characters and lines.
  • Embrace the use of white space and margins to make your menu layout more organized.

Types of Menus

1. Food menus:

Menus are actually very common in the food business, it is what provides customers with a variety of selections on what to eat and drink. But with food menus, there are also various types, and these types are listed below.

  • Prix fixe menu

    This type of food menu offers customers with multiple options. But regardless of the choice, the customer will still be getting a fixed amount of course and are being charged a fixed price.

  • Cyclical menu

    This type of food menu lists down food items and use it over a given time period. Once that period reaches its end, the list reverts back to the beginning and the menu is then reused.

  • A la carte menu

    Translated to English as “according to the menu”, this type of food menu offers individual items and sells them to customers at individual prices. This type of menu is considered the most popular since it gives customers full control over their orders.

  • Static menu

    As the name suggests, this menu items for this type remain static and are unchanged all year round. Although this type of menu is highly common in the food business, this can actually be used for other kinds of businesses as well.

  • Du jour menu

    Du jour is French for “on the day”, but this type of menu is also known as the “chalkboard menu” simply because these are usually written on chalkboards. The reason behind that is because this type of menu changes its contents daily, and the use of chalkboards help in being able to erase or change the writings easily.

2. Online menu:

Basically, this type of menu is just like any type but with the exception that they are displayed online rather than being printed on a paper or card stock. This type of menu may feature foods, services, or any content that can be written on a menu.

3. Service menu:

Just like other types of menus, this one contains a list of what a business has to offer for their customers. The difference with this, however, is that instead of listing down foods and drinks, this type of menu lists down services that are being offered by the business.

Sizes of Menus

  • 4.25″ x 11″
  • 5.5″ x 15″
  • 8.5″ x 11″
  • 8.5″ x 14″
  • 11″ x 17″
  • 11″ x 25.5″

FAQs about Spa Menus

What are menus?

A menu is a list that enumerates all of the services that a business is offering to their customers.

What else does a menu communicate to its reader?

Aside from communicating only the list of services, it also communicates the business’ personality, their goals, and how they wish to make a profit.

Now that you’ve seen all the spa menu templates that we have gathered, and read through our guidelines on how to make your own spa menus, you’re definitely ready. Don’t worry about anything, we promise that your spa menus will end up stunning and exceptional if you’ll only follow the provided instructions.

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