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With the proliferation of coffee shops, one can assert that more and more people are consuming overpriced coffee while spending quality time chatting with their family and friends. The coffee shop (or café) is a common niche for people who love to take a chill time while drinking their favorite coffee. But recently, it has also become a pseudo-library for students who stay late studying for exams and a pseudo-office for freelancers who have clients with time zones different from theirs.

These night owls swarm into coffee shops especially those shops that close past midnight. And with social media being used frequently, people take photos of the coffee shop’s facade and interior design, the food items, and sometimes the menu, which is one of the few reasons why the owners bump up the aesthetics of the shop to the top of the priority list.

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Stylish Coffee Shop Menu Template

stylish coffee shop menu

Peg Board Coffee Shop Menu Template

peg board coffee shop menu

Modern Coffee Shop Menu Template

modern coffee shop menu 788x505

The menu is one of the factors that helps determine a food establishment’s success. With that said, it is of utmost importance to create a menu that’s both appealing and informative. For the design of the menu, it should be attractive enough to entice customers and not be too distracting as it will only take away the attention that is needed to be focused on the food items on the menu.

If you are not that confident in your graphic designing skills, you can hire a graphic designer instead. But, if you want to learn how to create your own template or you are confident with the skills that you have, you can opt to purchase and download a template for our list. We have gathered an array of attention-grabbing designs and templates for you to choose from. They can help improve the image of your menu and your coffee shop. Let’s check them out, shall we?

Vintage Coffee Shop Menu Template

vintage coffee shop menu

Sophisticated Coffee Shop Menu Template

sophisticated coffee shop menu

Black and White Coffee Shop Menu Template

black and white coffee shop menu

Classy Coffee Shop Menu Template

classy coffee house menu

Why is a menu important?

The menu is your door to a world of indulgent treats. It is one of the most important marketing tools that is used to lead the customers to an amazing experience of coffee goodness. Other than a great marketing tool, there are other reasons why a menu is important for coffee shops. Some of the reasons are listed below:

1. It sets the theme

Most of the coffee shops have simple, classic themes because they focus more on the quality of the coffee that they serve. However, coffee shop owners have recently taken their aesthetics game to the next level and have applied a certain theme to their store’s interior design and even the facade to add a fun and intriguing atmosphere for the customers. One of the most common themes that people use for their shop is that from pop culture such as a Star Wars concept that has an R2-D2 replica to serve up the orders of the customers. It’s a gimmick that will surely attract coffee lovers and Star Wars fans.

The aesthetics of the menu should be aligned with that of the coffee shop’s design. In the example of a Star Wars theme, the menu should also be designed similar to it. Being cohesive with the overall look of your coffee shop will definitely earn you praises and positive feedback which are extremely important for any business.

2. It is informative

For new customers, the first thing they look for is the menu since they have no idea what food items are served in your coffee shop or they want to try out the items that were featured in your ads. A great menu is one that’s organized and concise with how it presents the food items. It should have all the necessary details about the food offers and they should be arranged in a clear and understandable way so the customers will be able to make an informed decision. And, to add some fun to it, you can include a bit of your coffee shop’s history if it has an interesting one. You may also see coffee shop menu templates.

3. It offers a good variety

It would be too bland of a menu if it only has a few items on the list. If you can, put on more variety of food items to proved more options for the customers. But don’t make it too long that it would overwhelm the customers. Search for examples of the information that are needed for a coffee shop menu so you would have an idea of how much you are going to put in it. You may also see cafe menu templates.

Flat Lay Coffee Shop Menu Template

flat lay coffee shop menu

Cute Coffee Shop Menu Template

cute coffee shop menu

Black Coffee Shop Menu Template

black and white coffee shop menu

Trendy Coffee Shop Menu Template

trendy coffee shop menu

Minimalistic Coffee Shop Menu Template

minimalistic coffee shop menu e1516589573557

How to make an impressive menu

The menu should be as impressive as the food that are offered. But how exactly do you create a menu that would gain positive feedback from the customers? Let us find out below! You may also see coffee house menu designs.

1. List all your menu items

The list of your menu doesn’t only have to be organized but it should also be complete. Round up all your food items, from the caffeinated and non-caffeinated drinks to the desserts to the meals if you offer them. Create a list on Google Sheets so it would be easier to keep track of the changes you made until you have created the final one.

2. Logically sort out your menu items into sections

Group the food items according to certain categories. Some of these categories are for the frappe, non-caffeinated, espresso, coffee, juice or smoothies, special drinks, and desserts. Organizing them this way helps the customers know which kind of drink they would want to buy and so it would be easy for them to distinguish the different kinds. You may also see cafe menu templates.

3. Pick a color scheme

Colors are one of the most important design elements. When you choose the color scheme for your menu’s design, make sure that it complements that of your coffee shop’s design. A cohesive color scheme from the facade down to the menu of the coffee shop would surely impress the customers.

4. Put prices on the items

Of course, would it be a menu without the prices? The prices are normally placed below or beside the food items on the list. Make sure that the items are reasonably priced. Don’t be one of those who overprice things when their food and service aren’t even worthy of what the customers paid for. You may also see vintage menu templates.

5. Describe each item

An item’s description is as short as it can be. You can either stick to the basic description where the ingredients are enumerated or you can creatively put a spin on it and incorporate witty and funny lines. You may also see breakfast menu templates.

6. Translate into a menu

In this part, you are going to create a skeletal layout for the menu’s design. It’s about setting the margins, spaces between the elements, and maybe creating dummy texts so you can set the font style and size that you want for a specific text. Again, you can hire a graphic designer or you can do it yourself if you want to try it out.

7. Add photos

Adding photos to the menu’s content allows for a more entertaining design. Also, since it’s a menu, it would be better to capture photos of the food items so the customers will have an idea as to what the food looks like. It’s one of the factors that affect their purchasing decisions. You may also see restaurant menu templates.

8. Create the actual menu

Once all the preparations are laid out, it’s time to combine all the elements to create the menu that you envisioned for your coffee shop to have. Add the photos and text for the food items and apply the color scheme that you have chosen. After everything has been added, change some elements if you are still not satisfied with the output. Also, remember to make space for an update on your menu. Leaving enough space for changes on the menu, especially if you update seasonally, will not result in an overhaul of your vintage menu’s design. Otherwise, you would have to start the process all over again.

9. Choose the final layout

Once you’re done with designing, it would be better if you create another design. This way, you and your stakeholders would have more choices on which design would best represent your brand identity. It would also create backup designs once you want to switch to a new one.

10. Proofread and print

Don’t forget to proofread the content of your menu: titles, descriptions, and prices. To make it have few to no errors, send it to someone who is an expert on proofreading. It will save you time and help you finalize the menu’s content before printing the final design. Don’t skip this step in order to avoid throwing the printouts into the trash. You may also see hotel menu designs.

Elegant Coffee Shop Menu Template

elegant coffee menu 788x1114

Neat Coffee Shop Menu Template

neat coffee shop menu 788x731

Tri-fold Coffee Shop Menu Template

tri fold cofffee shop menu

Creative Coffee Shop Menu Template

creative coffee shop menu e1516589524301

Have you found the right coffee shop menu design?

A menu’s design is an indication of what kind of image the coffee shop’s owner wants to project to their customers. With that said, it is important that you choose the best design that you can find for it. The templates that we have shown you can cater to a lot of themes that you might want to apply for your coffee shop’s menu.

If you find this article helpful, make sure you bookmark this page and share it on your social media accounts Congratulations on your new business and may it succeed!

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