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If you have watched the movie ‘Chef’, then you would know that the main character bought a food truck that he uses to travel across the state and sell food of their self-invented recipe in hopes of piecing his family back together. It’s a heartwarming movie full of gastronomical treats. But we are not going to talk about how entertaining (and hunger-triggering) that movie was. We are here to discuss food trucks and how creating a menu with a concept about it will help your food truck business succeed.

Food trucks are one of the most popular trends in the food and beverage industry. But recently, it has transcended from being a trend to a concept similar to a restaurant and family style dining or fast food. A lot of aspiring restaurateurs are now going for a mobile food business. And, as an important aspect of such business, a menu is needed for it. The menu is the heart of every food establishment. It dictates what food you serve and the quality of it. Through the menu, the customers are informed about the available dishes and the respective prices and they can make an informed decision about which food to order. And to attract more customers to your food truck, you need a stunning and attractive design for it. The designs may vary depending on the style of food that you serve. You may also like menu design templates.

If you are serving Mexican food, then a Mexican theme would be the most appropriate. If you are only serving pizza, then a theme that highlights pizza is the right fit. We have prepared more than a handful of designs for an array of styles and concepts for your food truck. If you are still confused as to which design to choose, then take a look at the list below!

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Food Truck Menu Flyer Business Card

food truck menu flyer business card

Chalkboard Food Truck Menu Template

chalkboard food truck menu 788x524

Chalkboard is a common platform that food establishments use as a menu. In this template, the chalkboard style is only applied to the images of the food which is probably the best thing that you can get as it highlights the food that you are serving. And to complement the black background, a lighter shade of blue was used for the other graphical images. This creates a great contrast that will make the menu stand out even more. It’s a simple design made to creatively present the list of food that your food truck offers for the customers. So, if you are up for a chalkboard design, you should click that download button now!

Food Truck Menu Flyer Template

food truck menu flyer

Hand-Drawn Food Truck Menu Template

hand drawing food truck menu 788x560

Food Pattern Food Truck Menu Template

food pattern food truck menu e1517474737676

Doodle Food Truck Menu Template

doodle food truck menu 788x543

Every artist starts with drawing doodles at some point in time. And as time passes, these doodles become an impressive art that people greatly appreciate. So, if you want your food truck menu to be as creative as the doodles that artists make, you should download this template. The combination of the colors in the design makes the menu pop out and it makes it hard not to notice. Also, with the artistic and refined doodles as the background, it creates a fun vibe to it which is entertaining to look at. The texts also have different font styles, which adds variety and creativity to it.

An Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) vector file with all the elements is included in this package. For it to be opened, you need a vector editing program such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel. The EPS files support Adobe Illustrator version 10 and up. You may also see the printable menu templates.

Mexican Festival Street Food Truck Menu Template

mexican festival street food truck menu

This template’s vibrant colors will definitely grab one’s attention at first glance, especially with that big title with ‘Mexico’ on it. And, as expected of a Mexican theme, the design exudes a festive mood that will get people hyped up for the food you will be serving. A food truck that serves Mexican food will definitely have tacos and burritos, so it is only appropriate that these two will have special seats placed on both sides of the food truck. The graphical images for the design are all related to Mexican culture, like the hand-painted skulls and the grandiose and colorful costumes. So, if you want your Mexican food truck to be more attention-grabbing, get this template now by clicking the download button above! You may also like the pizza menu templates.

The elements of this design are 100% re-sizable and the images are 100% vector. The elements can be easily extracted, so you can edit or change them if needed. Unfortunately, the texts are not editable but they can be deleted or substituted. You may also like the food menu templates.

BBQ Street Food Truck Menu Template

bbq street food truck menu 788x524

Most food trucks don’t provide tables and seats for their customers, so most of their food is for takeouts. That’s why barbecue is perfect for food trucks. So, if you have a food truck that only serves barbecue, you should definitely use this template.The dark background is a perfect color to highlight the graphical elements used in this template. And to complement it more, most of these elements are colored in yellow and red which pairs perfectly well with dark colors. The design has used an American flag, but you can change it if you want to since this template is fully customizable. Grab this template now and start editing!

The main format of this template is in JPG with a resolution of approximately 5556 by 3889 pixels and a 300 Dots Per Inch (DPI). This package also includes an EPS format that can be opened and edited with an Adobe Photoshop CS1 version and higher. You may also like the free menu templates.

Simple Food Truck Menu Template

simple food truck menu 788x522

Fast Food Truck Menu Template

fast food truck menu 788x524

Creative Food Truck Menu Template

creative food truck menu

Italian Pizza Food Truck Menu Template

italian pizza food truck menu 788x524

A food truck serving pizzas is like a chariot that came from the heavens to share the food of the gods with the mortals on earth. A combination of a food truck and pizzas could very well be the greatest combination out there. People will surely line up in every place you go to. And, when you use this design for your menu, more people will keep coming to order one for a takeout. This template focuses on the Italian style of pizza, as what is obviously seen from the header. That’s why if you noticed, the color scheme used for the design is made up of red, white, and green, which are the colors for the flag of Italy. But you can change it to other styles if you want to since this template is editable. Your pizza food truck will definitely grab more attention with this design on your menu. So grab this one now by clicking that ‘Buy Now’ button above!

The main format of this template is in JPG with a resolution of approximately 5556×3889 pixels and a 300 Dots Per Inch (DPI). This package also includes an Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) format that can be opened and edited with an Adobe Photoshop CS1 version and higher. You may also see the free menu templates.

Chinese Street Food Truck Menu Template

chinese street food truck menu

Chinese cuisine has always been a popular one even in the Asian continent. Their unique and scrumptious food always captures the heart of those who taste it. That’s why putting up a food truck serving Chinese food will surely become a hit that everyone will excitedly line up for! With this design, the customers will get the feeling that what you serve is authentic Chinese food. The elements of this design are definitely of the Chinese culture, like the pagoda, the hand-painted porcelain vases, and the bowl of Chinese noodles or ramen, as what people commonly know of. The images of spring roll and steamed ravioli are placed beside the image of the food truck, meaning they are usually the best-sellers. But if you think otherwise, you can change it as this template is fully customizable. Start planning your menu and use this design to give your customers the authentic Chinese style! You may also see the sample price menu.

The elements of this design are 100% re-sizable and the images are 100% vector. The elements can be easily extracted, so you can edit or change them if needed. Unfortunately, the texts are not editable but they can be deleted or substituted. You may also like the restaurant menu designs.

Neat Food Truck Menu Template

neat food truck menu

 Pop Art Food Truck Menu Template

pop art food truck menu

Pop art uses colorful images of mass-media, mass-production, and mass-culture. The images are mostly from popular and commercial culture. The colors used in this design definitely represents that of pop art, and they match well with each other. The design, which is cartoonish, creates a different style for the images which make them look like cut-outs from a storybook, especially with the white outline of the truck that greatly highlights it. The design also is reminiscent of a cartoon show, which is perfect if you are promoting your food through your menu. The meals placed on the front side of the menu are the best-sellers, and there is more space at the back for the rest of the food. Also, this menu acts somewhat of a business card as well. You can put your contact details and website link at the bottom of the menu to let customers know that they can reach out to you using these details. If you are planning for a pop art theme for your food truck, then you should now wait long and click that ‘Buy Now’ button!

There are six PSD and Adobe Illustrator (AI) files included in this package that can be opened and edited using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. This template is in A4 size, 8.27 inches by 11.69 inches with bleed. You may also see the fine dining restaurant menus.

Hipster Burger Street Food Truck Menu Template

hipster burger street food truck menu

Have you Chosen the Right Design?

Choosing a design is as complex and confusing as choosing an outfit for any occasion. There are attractive and beautiful outfits that look like they would be a great fit for you, but it becomes a different story once you wear them. When you choose a design for your menu, you should experiment and try to match it with the theme that you are going for your food truck. Most, if not all of the designs that we have listed are stunning and creative, but the most important thing you must always remember is that the final design that you will choose should be true the identity of your brand. As with clothes, it doesn’t feel right if you pretentiously wear an outfit that doesn’t even feel right wearing. You may also see the sample menu cards.

It’s the same with the design. Use a design that will make you feel that it fits well with the identity of your business. Own it. That way, people will feel more of your sincerity towards your business. They can connect more, thus gaining more trust and admiration from the customers. You may also like the small restaurant menu templates.

We wish you all the best in your endeavors! Good luck with your food truck!

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