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Need to create or redesign restaurant menu cards without having to use printable templates that rely on those newer graphic design software programs? If yes, you are not the only. That is why, in this article, we have curated the top fifteen menu template designs that can be opened and edited through the all-around word processing software tool known as Microsoft Word.

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The truth is, despite the efficiency and multiple design options brought about by Photoshop and Illustrator templates, some people still only know how to use Microsoft Word. Or, some just prefer MS Word because they do not have time to learn other more advanced software tools. So, if you are all in for Microsoft Word’s usability, be sure to read until the end of this article as we will provide tips, pieces of advice and various examples of downloadable menu card templates in MS Word format.

Take a Look at these Menu Templates in DOC Format

Yes, as promised, we have curated the best menu templates and listed them below. All these printable templates can be used for restaurants, wedding receptions, event dinners, and other kinds of dining establishments. Just make sure that you have Microsoft Word installed on your computer before you can open, edit, and print out the template.

Modern Menu Card Template

modern menu card template

DIY Wedding Printable Menu Template

diy wedding printable menu template

What is a Menu Template?

A menu card is a list of all the food items, meals, and beverages available and offered at a dining establishment or during a certain event. It is called a menu card since this list is usually printed on cardstock or thick paper and sometimes it may even be laminated, framed, or bound like a book.

To create a menu card, you can either follow the handmade card design route where you manually craft each menu card. Or, you may use menu card templates where you use a pre-made digital file to base your menu card design from. Both card-making methods have its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, handmade menu cards are great if you want your menu cards to have very original card designs. However, making them can take up a lot of your time. In the same vein, menu card templates can be edited and printed very quickly but the creativity of the menu design will be limited to your editing skills.

In this article, we primarily focus on the creation of menu cards through the use of pre-made menu card templates. You may also check out this article on the different steps to create a menu card if you wish to follow the handmade card-making method.

Luxurious Wedding Bar Menu Word Template

luxurious wedding bar menu word template

Printable Rustic Wedding Menu MS Word Template

printable rustic wedding menu ms word template

How to Choose a Menu Template

Whether you are running a restaurant business or you are just planning your wedding party, you will need to decide on what specific menu card template design to use for your business or event. This decision-making process is not easy especially if you are presented with equally beautiful menu templates. So to help you have an easier time when picking out the best menu template design for your business, we have listed the top factors that anyone should consider before entering your credit card details and finalizing your template orders.

Check out this list of factors below.

1. Type of Restaurant

The first factor to consider when picking out a menu card template is the type of restaurant you are running. You need to choose a menu template design that matches your dining establishment’s image. Or, alternatively, you can choose a menu template design that sports the kind of impression or business image you wish your customers to take away after just looking at or reading the menu.

This is an important factor to consider since most customers spend a lot of time looking at the menu card before they order. This is also a perfect time to help ingrain your business’ branding identity designs to their memory. Of course, it will take more than one encounter and use of the menu card before new customers can readily associate your business logo design with your restaurant business. But by considering the kind of image you want your restaurant to have and how you want to show this in your menu card designs, you are on your way into helping increase your business’ recognizability.

2. Event Theme

This next factor applies to those who are looking for menu template that can be used for events or celebrations like a wedding reception or a formal dinner event. When if you are looking for a menu card template design that will work best for these types of events, make sure that you also consider the event’s theme.

To illustrate, if you are planning a vintage wedding reception party, it only makes sense to use the same theme in choosing your wedding menu template and choose a vintage menu template design. By making sure that your menu template design matches or complements your event theme, your guests will realize that your party is well-coordinated and well planned.

Graduation Dinner Menu Card Template

graduation dinner menu card template

3. Budget

Another factor to consider when selecting a menu template is your budget. Whether you are a restaurateur or an event planner, you still need to factor in the total cost of the template itself and for printing the menu cards and how much it will set you back in the grand scheme of things. Most events (like weddings and parties) and dining establishments will need to work with a limited amount of money and adhere to a budget plan.

So, before you choose a menu template (or any kind of printable template), make sure that you analyze the costs and determine if you can pay for each expense item. If not, you may have to cut back on the number of menu cards that you are going to print out. Or, you may need to find other fund sources. (Check out this article if you want to learn how to make a budget plan.)

4. Knowledge of Microsoft Word

As we have mentioned earlier, this article curates menu templates that are available in Microsoft Word or  DOC format. Therefore, if you are on the fence on what specific menu template to choose, you should also consider your own skills in using Microsoft Word.

Remember that with any kind of pre-made restaurant menu template, you will still need to make minor changes or edits to the template. This allows you to add your restaurant’s own branding designs on the template and make any changes to the graphic design elements according to your personal preferences. And you will need a very good grasp of Microsoft Word before you can do all these things.

That is why if you do not know how to use Microsoft Word, you will still have time to learn to use this software program or delegate the entire editing task before you actually download the menu template of your choice. And thus, helping you save time in creating your restaurant or event menu cards.

5. Template’s Customization Options

A template’s built-in customization options is another factor to consider when choosing a menu card template. As we have mentioned earlier, minor edits will still need to be made to the template if you want to transform its design and look. Therefore, you should first check if the menu template in word format that you like allows its image and text components to be fully editable. If yes, go ahead and purchase that template. If not, you may be better off if you look for another word template that has more flexible customization options. You may also see sample menu.

6. Project Timeline

The last but not the least important factor to consider when choosing a restaurant menu template is your project timeline. This is the amount of time you need before your menu template needs get to the printers and are ready for printing. Or, if the menu template is for a wedding party, it is the number of days before the actual wedding.

This is an important factor to consider since it will help you choose those menu templates that can be created based on the amount of time you have left. For example, if you are planning a luncheon event that will be held in a week’s time, you may opt to use menu card templates that are ready to print and does not need further editing. And if you have a lot of time before you actually need the physical menu cards, you can freely choose the template that you want and edit it to your heart’s content.

Restaurant Food Menu Word Template

restaurant food menu word template

Tri-fold Restaurant Menu MS Word Template

tri fold restaurant menu ms word template

Vintage Roses Wedding Menu Template

vintage roses wedding menu template

Have You Chosen a Menu Template Design?

The importance of a menu card is often downplayed by people who are not working in the food and dining industry. But when it is proof that menu cards are working when customers are more enticed to order food from a dining establishment. So, if you are a restaurateur, make sure that this is a reality for your restaurant too. Follow the different tips that we have shared in this article so that you too can see positive results soo.

For more business articles and free printable templates, feel free to browse through our site. And if you have time, do not forget to share this article with your friends on social media or through your email list.

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