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Table of Contents

  1. Elements of A Good Dessert Menu Template
  2. Dessert Bakery Menu Template
  3. Ice Cream Menu Template
  4. Bakery Menu Template
  5. Dessert Menu Template
  6. Elegant Dessert Menu Template
  7. Dessert Menu Sample
  8. Dessert Menu Layout
  9. Dessert Menu Template
  10. Dessert Menu Template
  11. How to Design an Excellent Dessert Menu (4 Steps)
  12. Dessert Menu Sizes
  13. Dessert Menu FAQs
  14. What are confectionery products?
  15. Why do people eat dessert after a meal?

Dessert Menu

“People confuse me. Food doesn’t,” the late Anthony Bourdain writes in his bestselling and critically acclaimed book, Kitchen Confidential. From the pastries of New York’s Upper East side where the world’s most popular chef spent much of his “haute cuisine” years, to Japan’s mochi, and to France’s famous Crème brûlée, people around the world had never run out of choices to satisfy the nagging sugar rush. And of course, out here, it doesn’t get any more American than a slice (or two) of apple pie. You can also use these Menu Templates to create beautiful menu in minutes.

Elements of A Good Dessert Menu Template

If you ask strangers or your friends about their favorite dessert, odds are safe that their answers would be different from yours. Childhood gave you grandma and grandpa’s homemade treats. High school was filled with memories of coffee, cakes and afternoons in the local ice cream parlor with your favorite crowd. This means our love of food, especially desserts, is deeply personal. If you have a dessert restaurant and are preparing to design a menu, that’s what you should never forget along with these elements:

Dessert Bakery Menu Template

dessert bakery menu template
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Ice Cream Menu Template

ice cream menu template
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Bakery Menu Template

sample bakery menu
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Dessert Menu Template

dessert menu template Download Now

Elegant Dessert Menu Template

dessert menu mock up Download Now

Dessert Menu Sample

dessert menuDownload Now

Dessert Menu Layout

dessert menu layout

Dessert Menu Template

dessert menu sampleDownload Now

Dessert Menu Template

dessert menu templateDownload Now

How to Design an Excellent Dessert Menu (4 Steps)

For all the nostalgia over pastries and sweets, some sugary treats are a cut above the local flavors. You only have to take the next flight to another country to find delicate Italian tiramisú slices right at the bottom section of cafe menus or get a good sniff out of creamy Korean yogurt in the world’s biggest cities. Offering topnotch foreign flavors can make your restaurant grow, especially if you give diners a great experience which begins in a well-designed dessert menu, using the following steps:

  • Step 1: Use appropriate titles.

    There are cases when a menu would simply call for clarity of item descriptions and titles. This is especially true for desserts since a cafe may have regular local customers who would appreciate an element of surprise and creativity with the usual selection once in a while. Having a clear layout with readable titles on your menu is crucial to keeping your customers coming back for more.

  • Step 2: Consider the size of your restaurant.

    The size of your kitchen and your restaurant as a whole will be a major deciding factor for how large or small your menu should be. The bigger your cafe is, the more items your menu would ultimately need. Offering a large and very exquisite dessert selection out of a modest kitchen isn’t entirely impossible but it’s going to be very costly and difficult.

  • Step 3: Choose your items well.

    Designing any type of restaurant menu has its fair share of creative challenges because you constantly have to think about the best desserts or dessert flavors to offer and which ones you can do without. The ideal cafe always aims to provide a unique combination of new and old-time favorites for its new and regular customers. A great dessert menu also offers just the right type of sweets to keep a stable profit, along with meal vouchers from time to time as an added marketing ploy.

  • Step 4: Use color and imagery.

    The use of color would help your customers understand and feel a personal connection to your cafe’s theme. For instance, a high-end restaurant serving the most expensive pastries in town may have a dress code for their staff, to go with the theme and would understandably want their menu printed on thick, brown paper. On the other hand, a local, quirky ice cream parlor would use popping bright colors consistent to the place’s atmosphere.

Dessert Menu Sizes

Although a menu can be edited and customized, they can be printed in these standard sizes:

Dessert Menu FAQs

What are confectionery products?

Confectionery is a broad term which refers to any sugar-manufactured sweet product. People also equate it to candy but confectionery is essentially a sugar-based or chocolate-based snack food.

Why do people eat dessert after a meal?

Sugar helps the absorption of tryptophan, which helps produce serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical that is sometimes referred to as the happy chemical because it contributes to one’s well-being and happiness. If something is weighing you down, eating something light and sweet can boost your mood.

The concept of serving dessert after a course meal is fairly recent in some continents such as Africa and Asia because these places view desserts as products of Western colonialism, making them relatively foreign. But “foreign” when it comes to food, is also a matter of language and culture. Like the best desserts with recipes hailing from pretty far-off lands, it’s better to blend your menu with treats that appeal to broad tastes.

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