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We are at an age where every milestone and every monumental stage of one’s life ought to be celebrated. As the numbers of people wanting to celebrate milestones grow, the number of food services grow along as well.

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The food servicing industry or simply known as the catering industry is a highly marketable and profitable industry that offers a service for providing foods and drinks at social events and even in a professional capacity either on-site or at a remote site. With numbers and numbers of people trying out their luck in the food servicing industry, it is no surprise that catering services increase, in turn, congesting the market with different caterers. With that said, if you own or run a catering service you need to be able to stand out from the rest of your competitors, not only in the dishes you offer but also in the way you present yourself to the market.

Clean & Simple Food Menu

clean food menu

Restaurant Catering Menu

restaurant catering menu 788x625

Minimal Food Menu Template

minimal food menu template

Types of catering services:

There are actually two types of catering services that the catering industry offers. Although other services offered vary from brand to brand, the type of catering service is pretty much the same.

modern catering menu 788x447

1. On-premise catering. This type of catering service business means that the location of where the catering will be done is in or within the facility of the caterer. The best example for this, are restaurants as they do their catering within their halls or banquet and does not have to bring it elsewhere.

2. Off-premise or remote catering. This type of catering service like its name suggests is held in a place, not in or within the facility of the caterer. This is common with parties of any type, especially outdoor parties with which the caterer is only asked to be the food service provider and nothing more. You may also like restaurant menu designs.

Special Restaurant Menu

special restaurant menu 788x626

Minimal Catering Menu Template

minimal catering menu template

Minimalist Food Menu

minimalist food menu 788x524

Simple Minimal A4 Menu

simple minimal a4 menu

Catering services concepts:

The food servicing industry, like the very nature of it, has a wide array of options to choose from. Depending on the theme, cuisine, or type. The food servicing industry offers you options that best fit your taste and preference:

  • Amuse Bouche. A French translation for “amuse the mouth”. The idea behind this concept is to serve small-bite foods. This is actually an unusual concept for the food servicing industry as most are used to larger and fuller meals, but its fancy name could definitely catch anyone’s attention. You may also like sample menu cards.
  • Street foods. Many discount street foods as being a cheap and dirty, but there is actually an abundance of flavor and beauty that can be found in street foods. This can also be an interesting concept, as it is a challenge. Using street foods like kabobs, tempuras, and tacos and elevating them to a much more luxurious and refined food for a catering service. You may also like beautiful restaurant menu designs.
  • Fusion cuisine. An exciting concept for your catering service, from the name itself “fusion”, meaning the process of combining two or more elements into a unified whole. Fusion cuisine is an exciting concept as it lets you combine different cuisines across the world together creating different, fun, and unique flavors and dishes.
  • Color. It has been always said that people eat with their eyes first before with their mouth. The way your dishes are being presented have the influence to encourage people to give your dish a try or not. Visuals create the first impression and then taste follows. The best way to do this is to add food that adds color and life to your dishes. For example, a grated carrot adds to the vibrancy of your dish. You may also like small restaurant menu templates.
  • Vegetarian or Vegan. This could not be a more timely and relevant concept. Now that people are being more health-conscious, having a vegetarian or vegan concept is perfect. Your menu could be one hundred percent vegetarian or vegan and cater to those health-buffs. You can also add a few dishes of meat on the side to satisfy  meat lovers.

Restaurant Food Menu Design

restaurant food menu design 788x626

Minimalist Food Menu Template

minimalist food menu template

Editable Restaurant Menu

editable restaurant menu 788x626

Different types of menu designs

Speaking of designs, your catering menu should have a life of its own. Deviating from the usual that is one way to stand out from simple and boring designs. Simple does not have to be boring. It does not have to be lifeless. These modern catering menu designs offer you more sophisticated designs for your catering menus.

There are varying designs that you can go for without losing the effectivity of showing your dishes and their prices in a list. There minimal designs will enable you to fully showcase your dishes without any unnecessary elements. These minimal menus are not designed in a way to make your menus look bland or ordinary. They are designed in a really streamlined and organized manner that helps in creating a polished and refined catering menu. There are also printed menus, menus that come in varying simplistic prints that matches well with any type of catering service. Some of prints include slanted stripes, broken lines, and polka dots. Some of the menus have fun and unique fonts that try to catch the attention of customers and to help differentiate your menu from the market.

Minimal A4 Menu Pack

minimal a4 menu pack

Drink Menu Design

drink menu design 788x626

Elegant Food Menu Design

elegant food menu design

Importance of a Menu

Menus are one way to help make your catering service stand out from the rest already out in the market. Some menus are simple, dated, and boring. This shouldn’t be the case for your ment. It is important that your menu design will impress your customers.

More often than not, caterers forget that menus reflect and represent their business as a whole and that it should work as an extension of their small business. Some catering services tend to simplify their menus by just using a piece of paper that lists all the dishes and their prices down and nothing more. But menus actually work in ways you never knew it could; it has the capacity to elevate your catering service to more than what it is and can showcase your business’ personality. It can also generate impressions from your loyal and new customers depending on how you choose to design your catering menu.

It has been always said that menus communicate your business to your customers. It gives them the list of dishes and their prices and at most extent provide your customers most or all of the information about your catering service. But not only that, depending on how you design your catering menu, it can also elicit the same characteristics you want to show to your market. You may also like sample restaurant menus.

Simple Food Menu Template

simple food menu template1 788x524

Simple Catering Menu Design

simple catering menu design

Why Choose a Premade Menu for Your Catering Service?


Putting up your very own catering service is never cheap. A lot of things have to be taken into account in order for your business to start operating. There are things that have to be considered. Things that are needed and beneficial for the catering service to survive. One of these things are the sample menus. You are actually given options as to how or where you want your menus done. You could have someone professionally design and make it for you or you could simply buy one that is premade and available online with the same effectivity. The latter is highly suggested because it allows you to save a lot of money and a lot of time since these designs are very easy to edit to your preference.You may also like vintage menu designs.


  • Premade menu designs are way cheaper.
  • They have the same effectivity as having done it professionally.
  • These designs are designed by talented and professional graphics artists.
  • Premade menus come in different and varying designs which are print ready.
  • They also come in different sizes.
  • These premade menus are easy to customize and edit to your preference.
  • These menus are simple, sophisticated, and professional.
  • Premade menu designs are versatile and can be used for any kind of catering service with any theme.

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