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Useful Reception Menu

Want to make sure that all the micro events in your wedding go on smoothly and make sure that you (the newlyweds) and your guests enjoy the entire event? If yes, you have come to the right corner of the internet. In this article, we provide a creative and practical way to help further organize your reception event using wedding reception menu cards. You can also use these Menu Templates to create beautiful menu in minutes.

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What is a Reception Menu?

A reception menu is a printed document that lists all the available food items that will be served during the dining portion of an event. And, if the event is for a wedding reception, the menu list is called a wedding reception menu card.

Most reception cards are printed on thick paper or card stock following at least a 2 inches by 5 inches paper size. This print size may be changed according to the couple’s preferences or the event’s menu offering.

Check out these Printable Reception Cards

Embedded below are examples of pre-made reception card templates that can be used for weddings and other formal reception events. Be inspired with any of these downloadable template designs so that you can create the best reception card for your special day.

Reception Wedding Menu Template

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Wedding Reception Menu Template

Printable Wedding Reception Menu Card Template

Black and Gold Wedding Reception Menu Suite

Save the Date Reception Menu Template

How to Use Reception Menu Card Templates? (5 Steps)

The use of reception menu cards is not compulsory for most dining events. However, if you want to add elegance and formality to an event reception, it is best to use them. There are two main ways to create a reception menu card. The first and most traditional way is to use make the cards from scratch – just like making a handmade card. This method may take a longer time to complete since you will be crafting all the reception menu cards by yourself.

The next but most preferred method is the use reception menu card templates. These pre-made digital files allow end-users to customize and print out reception menu cards in no time at all. So if you are still on the fence whether to use menu card templates or not, check out the list of advantages of using them that we have compiled below.

  • Step 1: They are Cost-Effective.

    If you are planning an event on a tight budget, the use of pre-made menu templates can be a lifesaver. These ready to print templates will come preformatted with text and graphic design elements but will only cost way less than hiring a professional graphic designer for creating it. These templates are perfect for those who are planning to host their own wedding receptions or charity gala dinner events.

    Also, note that the printing of these pre-made menu templates will cost lesser than if you want to manually create each of these sample menu cards.

  • Step 2: You Can Choose from Multiple Designs.

    Another reason why it is more practical to use reception menu card templates is that there are thousands of them available online. This also means that you can choose from a wide range of reception menu template designs. For example, if you are planning a wedding dinner, you can look for and ultimately find a wedding reception menu template design that will really work well with your wedding theme or motif.

    And since there are a lot of menu card template designs available online, you do not have to worry about not finding a suitable menu template design at all.

  • Step 3: You Can Edit them Easily.

    Most pre-made menu templates can be edited according to the end-users’ personal preference. This is an important advantage that any printable template should have so that you can freely transform a pre-existing reception menu template into something that is unique and original.

    If you already know how to use different graphic design software tools, editing reception menu templates will come easier to you. However, if you do not know how to use software programs like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, you can learn the basics by watching Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials online.

  • Step 4: They Help You Save Time.

    In connection with the previous benefit of using reception menu card templates, using these pre-made menu templates will also help you save time. This happens because you do not have to design the reception menu card template from scratch. In some cases, you do not even have to make major edits to the template designs and you can just print them out right away. You may also see event menu in PSD.

    As an event organizer or as a wedding planner, this is something that you can certainly benefit from as it allows you to free up more of your time. For example, if you are planning your wedding, you do not have to waste precious time on designing an entire wedding reception dinner menu template since this task has already been done by the template’s original creator. Your free time can then be spent on doing more important tasks related to the wedding.

  • Step 5: They Help You Improve Your Graphic Design Skills.

    Lastly, the use of pre-made wedding reception menu templates will allow you to brush up on your Photoshop and Illustrator editing skills. Even if you are only customizing small portions of a pre-made template, this task will still refresh your mind on the entire graphic design and editing process. And you never know, little by little, your graphic design skills will gradually improve and you will be creating your own graphic design projects in no time.

    As we have mentioned earlier, the use of reception menu card templates is not compulsory for any wedding planner or event organizer. But after reading all the advantages of using these printable menu templates, hopefully, you will be convinced to try them out and make your life easier. Browse through this collection of reception menu templates and download the template design which you think will best convey your wedding or event theme to your guests.

Elegant PSD Reception Menu Card Template

Wedding Reception Menu Template

Floral Hearts Reception Menu Card Template

Grunge Chalk Reception Menu Wedding Template

What to Include in a Reception Menu Card Template?

Most pre-made menu card templates will include a set of pre-formatted text boxes and image placeholders. And the amount and type of text and graphic design elements in a template will vary depending on the template design that you have chosen. As an end-user of a printable menu template, you should make sure that your reception menu card contains all the necessary pieces of information that a reception menu card should have.

Listed below are a few of the key elements (text and graphic design elements) that you should be included and you should add in your reception menu card template design before printing it out.

  • 1. Menu Header

    All reception menu cards should include a header design. This allows your guests or event attendees to know what the small piece of paper on their dining plates are for. This menu header design may be the word ‘menu’ written in big cursive font styles or this may also include an elaborate header pattern.

    When creating your menu card header design, you should take note of the event’s theme or purpose. The header design should match the event that the reception dinner is being held for. For instance, if you are hosting a wedding reception, the header design should best match your wedding stationery designs.

  • 2. Menu Item Names

    The next piece of information that should be found in most reception menu cards is, obviously, the menu list. This is the list of all the meal and food courses that will be served during the event. Most reception menu cards will follow the format of a typical formal meal. The soup or appetizer is listed first, followed by the entree, main course, refreshments, and desserts. Note that this list may be changed depending on the type of formal dinner event you want to have.

  • 3. Menu Descriptions

    The next piece of information that should be included in a reception menu card is a concise and brief description of the menu items. You do not have to list all the ingredients needed to cook a certain food item. Instead, you may just list the main ingredients and/or write down a description of the meal or dish. Doing this will help give your event guests an idea of how the food is prepared if they are not familiar with it. You may also see wedding reception invitation templates.

  • 4. Event Monogram or Logo Design

    Another piece of information that you should be included in your reception menu card template design is the event’s identifying logo design, monogram, emblem, icon, or vector illustration. Adding an identifying mark that looks similar to your event or company logo design on our menu card will add more credence to the occasion. And if you are hosting a wedding reception dinner, the couple’s official monogram on the menu card will help reinforce the idea that the event is for the newlyweds.

So those are the few key pieces of information that should be prominently displayed in your reception dinner menu design. Feel free to combine any of these elements according to the type of reception event you are hosting.

Printable Wedding Reception Menu Card Template

Retro Reception Menu Wedding Template

Rustic Reception Menu Card PSD Template

Simple Reception Menu Template

Watercolor Floral Reception Menu Card Template

Minimalist Reception Menu Card Template

Which Reception Menu Card Template Have You Chosen?

Most of the examples of reception menu card templates included in this list are for new wedding reception events. However, these templates may still be customized and used for any kind of reception (like gala reception dinners, conference reception events, etc). It is up to you on how you can personalize each template design.

If you found this article useful, do not hesitate to share it on social media or through email. Also, do not forget to bookmark this article for your future reference.

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