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Need to redesign your dining establishment’s menu card without spending an arm and a leg? If yes, you have come to the right place as this article provides different examples of free printable menu templates that any restaurateur may use.

What’s more, we are also providing different tips and inside information on how to choose the best menu template design for your restaurant or dining establishment. Check them out below.

Embedded Below are Examples of Free Printable Menu Templates

Take a look at all these downloadable menu templates that any restaurateur or manager can use. All these templates are available for free so grab these templates now before it’s too late. Also, note that most of these printable downloads are available as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop template files so make sure that you have the compatible software program installed on your computer.

Free Lace Wedding Menu Template

free lace wedding menu template Free Download

Free Vintage Menu Template

free vintage menu template Free Download

Free Minimal Barbecue Menu Template

free minimal barbecue menu template1 Free Download

What is a Printable Menu Template?

A menu template is a digital document file that contains all the text, layout, formatting, and graphic design elements needed to create a menu card. Menu templates take on the printable moniker when they follow a ready to print format. But whether or not menu templates are labeled as printable or not, most of these digital templates are pre-made by a senior artist or experienced graphic designer and would be ready to print after minor template edits are made.

There are different kinds of menu templates available today depending on the kind of dining establishment that you are operating. In this article, we provide event menu templates, wedding menu templates, coffee shop menu templates, and a lot more! Also, remember that the different templates included in this article are all free.

But if you want to create your own restaurant menu cards, check out this article on how to steps to create a menu card.

Free Chalkboard Wedding Menu Template

free chalkboard wedding menu template Free Download

Free Burger Menu Template

free burger menu template Free Download

Free Salon Menu Template

free salon menu template Free Download

Free Tea Party Menu Template

free tea party menu template Free Download

Free Product Menu Template

free product menu template Free Download

Free Italian Menu Template

free italian menu template Free Download

Free Rustic Menu Template

free rustic menu template Free Download

Advantages of Using Free Printable Menu Templates

Restaurateurs all over the world can attest to the fact that running a restaurant can be a very stressful job. So if you do not wish to add another item to the list of things that you have to manage closely on top of your restaurant management job, you should definitely try out using free printable menu templates instead.

To help you make a better decision in redesigning your restaurant’s menu cards, we have compiled the different advantages of specifically using free restaurant menu templates. Read the list below.

1. No additional cost.

Obviously, one of the best advantages of using free printable menu templates is that they are available at no additional cost. Just like the different sample menu templates featured in this article, you do not have to pay for downloading these menu template designs and on top of that, you can do whatever you want with the menu template’s design.

So if you are thinking that you could not afford the redesign of your restaurant’s menu card, think again. By using any of the free printable menu templates in this article, you will already be saving on the base template cost. All you have to consider then is the cost of printing for menu cards but that is another issue that you should plan for.

2. Save time in completing projects.

One of the most important aspects of using pre-made printable templates is that they help you get any graphic design project done easily and more quickly. By using these free and pre-made menu templates, you do not have to think about designing a restaurant menu card from scratch. The pre-made template will already contain all the graphic, text, and formatting elements that will make the menu card template stand out.

For example, if you want to create an elaborate menu card for your restaurant’s wine menu, you do not have to think up of different style ideas for that. You can just download a free menu template design that already sports the same menu design that you like to have and then print it out for your own restaurant. Isn’t that just great?

Free Ice Cream Menu Template

free ice cream menu template Free Download

Free Baby Shower Menu template

free baby shower menu template Free Download

Free Blank Printable School Menu Templates

free blank printable school menu templates

Free Blank Rustic Printable Menu Template

free blank rustic printable menu template

Free Cake Printable Menu PSD Template

free cake printable menu psd template

Restaurant Free Printable Menu PSD Template

restaurant free printable menu psd template

Free Kid’s Printable Menu Template

free kids printable menu template

Free Fast Food Table Tent Printable Menu Template

free fast food table tent printable menu template

Free Blank Event Menu Template

free blank event menu template

Free Coffee Shop Printable Menu Template

free coffee shop printable menu template

Free Printable European Cuisine Menu Template

free printable european cuisine menu template

Free Printable Food Truck Menu Template

free printable food truck menu template

Free Printable PSD Pizza Menu Template

free printable psd pizza menu template

Free Printable Seafood Restaurant Menu Template

free printable seafood restaurant menu template

3. Practice your editing skills.

For those who are thinking of creating their own restaurant menu cards, using pre-made printable menu samples also helps you hone your own graphic design and editing skills along the way. This happens because the templates will require a little editing or personalization before they can be printed out.

When you use these pre-made menu templates, you may even need to add your own logo designs, restaurant slogan, and business name in addition to the whole food menu list that you will need to add to the menu template. Surely, by editing just a single menu card template, you will be familiarized with the task easily and you will become more confident in dealing with it kinds graphic design projects in the future.

4. You retain all creative freedom.

In connection with the previous tip on practicing and honing your own graphic design skills, using pre-made menu card templates will also allow you to have total creative reign on the project. Even if the original menu template that you have chosen already comes with a pre-formatted template design, you can add, remove, or customize certain aspects of the design template to transform it. You may also see free menus.

By doing this, you will end up having a very creative and original menu card template that truly showcases what your dining establishment stands for. Having total creative control of how your restaurant menu card design will end up can also be a way to showcase your restaurant’s different branding identity design elements. And when done right, this can be a step to help increase brand recognizability.

5. Stress relief.

Another added benefit of using free printable menu templates is that they help you relieve stress. As we have mentioned earlier, when you use free templates, you do not have to think about the cost of the template. And, when you add up all the other benefits we have listed above, it cannot but help you feel more confident and less stressed with how your dining establishment’s stationery and advertisement designs will turn out. You may also see sample menus.

For some, graphic design and tinkering with the menu template’s layers can be a therapeutic activity. It can help them relax and focus on unleashing their pent-up energies towards a creative project. Graphic design, after all, is still a form of art. You may also see simple menu templates.

Whether you are creating a takeaway menu card or a regular restaurant menu card, we hope that you internalize all the advantages of using free printable menu templates that we have shared above. Apply what you have learned here and you will not regret.

Free Printable Vegetables Menu PSD Template

free printable vegetables menu psd template

Free Printable Wedding Menu Template

free printable wedding menu template

Free Sample Printable Menu Template

free sample printable menu template

Free Steak House Printable Menu Template

free steak house printable menu template

Free Vintage Printable Menu Card Template

free vintage printable menu card template

Free Menu Card Template Selection Guide

Just like choosing among different premium menu card template designs, selecting the best free printable menu card template design can be very difficult since these free templates also sport the same design quality and usability. That is why we have come up with this short list on how you any restaurateur can better select the free printable menu template for their respective dining establishments. You may also see pub menu templates.

Read each item or factor below and incorporate all of them into your template selection process. Not only will this set of guidelines help make you do your job faster, but it will also help assure your customers that you really have thought of even the minutest detail for your restaurant. And that is a major plus point for getting loyal customers. You may also see cafe menu templates.

1. Printing Cost and Budget

Most entrepreneurs who choose to use free printable menu templates for their restaurant’s menu card redesign or preliminary selection may have done so because there is no upfront cost of choosing these gratis templates. However, let it be known that despite saving money on the cost of the basic menu template, you will still have to pay for the printing of the menu card itself.

So if you are having a hard time choosing between different printable menu template designs, it may help if you consider the cost of printing out the menu card templates beforehand. There are some pre-made printable menu templates that may require a different printing format and, thus, may cost more when printing them out. You may also see take out menu templates.

When you factor in the template’s printing cost, you will be in a better position to make a decision whether to download and use a specific menu template or not. You can also determine if your restaurant’s budget plan for creating menu cards is enough or not. If not, you may have to choose a different and cheaper printable menu template with a more affordable printing cost. Or, you may have to scale down on the total number of menu cards that you will want to print out. For more information on how to create a budget, check out the linked article.

2. Restaurant Type and Theme

The next factor to consider when picking out a printable menu template is the kind of restaurant or dining establishment you are running. To illustrate, if you have a seafood restaurant, it is best to choose a printable menu card template that already follows a seafood theme. By doing this, you are making it easier for yourself to showcase your restaurant’s theme. You may also see blank menu templates.

Having a restaurant theme will follow helps you (the entrepreneur) create a unique selling point for your business. Over time, this will be known as your restaurant’s branding design and this unique characteristic will help customers readily recognize your brand.

That is why when you are choosing what printable menu card template to choose, it is best to factor in the restaurant type and theme into your decision-making process. Hopefully, by doing this you will end up with a free menu template that can help draw in more customers. You may also see vintage menu designs.

3. Target Customers

Another important factor to consider when choosing a restaurant menu card template is your target customers. Remember that you need to create a restaurant menu card that will appeal to the sensibilities of your customers. And as a restaurateur, that should be your first goal. You may also see dessert menu templates.

You need to find a menu card design that will make anyone looking at your menu card order more food and/or frequently return to your restaurant. When done right, you will achieve all these things for your restaurant and more. Check out this article for more information on menu design hacks to increase customer orders.

4. Graphic Design Skills

We have already mentioned that using any kind of printable template will require some graphic design skills since you (the end-user) will need to customize the template after downloading it. Most free printable menu templates are fully editable and are stored either as PDF, Photoshop, or Illustrator templates. This means that you will need to know how to edit using these graphic design software tools if you want to make the most of them.

So before downloading a free menu template, you should first consider and assess your own editing skills. After all, what use is a free menu template if you do not know what to do with it, right? You may also see kids menu templates.

If you already know the basics of using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, you should proceed with using and downloading the free menu card template of your choice. However, if you have non-existent or lacking skills, it may be time to learn different Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials before starting to edit these free templates. On the other hand, you may still continue to use and download free printable menu templates even if you do not know how to edit them. A workaround that is just to delegate the editing task to someone who already knows how to use Photoshop.

The final decision is yours. The main thing here is that you have thought of all the eventualities before you actually download a free menu card template and you help save yourself time. You may also see easter menu templates.

5. Amount of Time

Another factor to consider before downloading a free menu template is the amount of time you have before you need to use the printed menu cards. For some, this may not be a big issue to consider if you are just redesigning your restaurant’s menu cards and you do not need them right away. However, if your new restaurant needs to be opened at a set date, you will need to have your final menu cards printed before your restaurant opens to the public.

Take into consideration the amount of time you have for editing these templates before you actually download, edit, and use any free printable menu card template. Also, you may factor in the amount of time you need to properly learn how to edit and use different editing software tools as they may take a long time to master and before you can actually begin editing templates on your own. This way, you save yourself all the stress associated with having printed menu cards whose quality is not up to the standards.

6. Personal Preference

Lastly, another aspect to consider prior to downloading a free menu card template is your own personal preference. As the restaurateur or chief restaurant manager, you have full authority on what is cooked, prepared, used in your restaurant. This even applies to the design of your menu cards.

This last factor is especially important for restaurant owners since they serve as the roots of the business. For example, if you are choosing a menu card design, you should make sure that it is something that you want to see and look at yourself. Remember that your restaurant menu cards should be a reflection of your restaurant and your personality as the business owner or chef. When all these things work together, you can be guaranteed a good run for your restaurant for a long time.

And those are the top factors to consider prior to choosing a printable menu template. All these tips apply both to paid and free menu templates. Be ready to apply and incorporate all these criteria into your menu template selection process, and hopefully, it will help lead you to the best free printable menu template design for your own dining establishment. You may also see weekly menus.

Gourmet Cafe Free Printable Menu Template

gourmet cafe free printable menu template

Ice Cream Printable Menu Template PSD

ice cream printable menu template psd

Guidelines for Creating a Menu Template

A few paragraphs above, we have mentioned about different menu design hacks that you can apply to your own menu template designs and make them more appealing to customers. We have written down a few of these tips below so make sure to read them and implement them when you craft your own restaurant menu card.

1. Use pictures.

One important menu design hack is the use of images. Remember that your menu card is the item that customers get to read or browse through when they want to order something from your establishment. You should leverage this experience and make sure that customers are tempted to buy more. And that can subtly be done by putting images of the different meals, food items, or beverages that your restaurant offers. You may also see ice cream menu templates.

2. Minimize use of currency symbols.

The next simple menu design tip that every restaurateur should follow when making your own menu card is to avoid using currency symbols or the dollar $ sign (or whatever currency you sell your menu items in) on the menu card. Plenty of studies show that when customers see a currency sign on a menu card, they are reminded of how much the meal is costing them. So if you want to maximize every order that a customer places, do not remind them of the price and instead let them focus on how appetizing your menu offerings are.

3. Add menu item descriptions.

In addition to adding photos of the different food items that your restaurant offers, it is also advisable to add descriptions in your menu card. This allows your customers to know what makes up your food and how it was prepared. This tip is especially important if you want your restaurant to adopt the clean label trend. Reading a menu description will also help entice customers about a certain dish or meal.

4. Offer discounts.

Another menu design hack that restaurant owners seldom implement on their actual menu cards is including discounts and special offers on the menu card itself. This simple marketing strategy can help your restaurant gain more loyal customers as they will be more likely to go back to your dining establishment after learning about the new reduced rate.

If you are a new restaurant owner or if you are just thinking of redesigning your restaurant’s menu card design, be sure to be the first one to apply the different menu design hacks and tips that we have listed above. Your dining establishment should be the first one to set the trend on innovative restaurant marketing plans. In no time, you will see the results of all your efforts. You may also see french menu templates.

New Years Party Free Menu Template

new years party free menu template

Chalkboard Style Free Printable Menu Template

chalkboard style free printable menu template

Free Elegant Bakery Printable Menu Template

free elegant bakery printable menu template

Pink Valentine’s Day Free Printable Menu Template

pink valentines day free printable menu template

Restaurant Free Printable Menu PSD Template

restaurant free printable menu psd template

Choose Your Free Printable Menu Template Now

No matter how big or small your restaurant business is, it is always good to make it a priority to showcase all your menu list in presentable and readable manner. Even the use of printable menu templates can already help bring about many positive effects to your restaurant business. Harness the all the knowledge that you have learned from this article today and you will see these results in your restaurant sales and profits soon.

For more tips and guidelines on how to set up your own startup restaurant business, check out the linked article. Also, do not forget to share this article with your friends and followers on social media.

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