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Table of Contents

  1. How To Make an Excellent Food Menu (5 Steps)
  2. 1. Blank Restaurant Menu Template
  3. 2. Classic Food and Drinks Menu Template
  4. 3. Creative Ice Cream Menu Template
  5. 4. Italian Menu Template
  6. 5. Classy Food Menu Template
  7. 6. School Canteen Menu Template
  8. 7. Seafood Menu Template
  9. 8. Minimal Barbecue Food Menu Template
  10. 9. Rustic Food Menu Template
  11. 10. Sample Breakfast Food Menu Template
  12. 11. Simple Food Menu Template

How to Design a Food Menu

Menu cards are a restaurateur’s first tool when it comes to marketing any dining establishment. In this comprehensive how-to guide, you will learn how to ace that first step and hook customers into trying out your food. We’ve also included multiple examples of ready-made food menu and menu templates below for you to peruse and download.

How To Make an Excellent Food Menu (5 Steps)

The best menu cards are those that contain accurate and enticing food lists with their corresponding prices and descriptions. Study and follow all the steps outlined below and you will end up with a food menu card design that you will truly be proud of.

  • Step 1: Pick a menu design theme.

    You must first choose a relevant design theme or motif for your menu. This theme should be related to the type of dining establishment you are running. For example, if you are opening a Mexican restaurant, you may choose a chalkboard Mexican menu template design.

  • Step 2: Choose a layout design.

    The next step is to choose a menu layout design that allows you to present all the menu details in an organized and logical manner. The simpler the menu layout, the easier it will be for your customers to read and understand its content.

  • Step 3: Use a pre-made food menu template.

    Once you have a theme and layout design in mind, it’s time to choose a blank food menu template that best embodies these qualities. Choose from any of the free and premium food menu templates that we have included in this article.

  • Step 4: Edit the menu template using your preferred graphic design software.

    After downloading the printable food menu template of your choice, it’s time to start customizing the template. Open your preferred graphic design software program. You may retain the template’s original design and just add your restaurant’s menu details. Or, you may add your own touch to the menu design by incorporating your restaurant logo or letterhead designs.

  • Step 5: Print out the template on high-quality paper.

    When you have completed the template editing phase, proofread the menu’s content and save the final template file. And, finally, it’s time to print out the menu cards. Remember, use high-quality and thick paper or card stock to make sure that your menu cards last longer.

    And that’s it! Just follow all these simple steps and you will have well-designed food menu cards at the end of the day.

Shown below are multiple examples of food menu templates in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Microsoft Publisher, Word, and Apple Pages file formats. Check out each template design and download the one that you like best.

1. Blank Restaurant Menu Template

blank restaurant menu template Download Now

Use the Blank Restaurant Menu Template (embedded above) as a base menu template if you want a comprehensive multi-page menu list. This template may also work well as an Asian restaurant menu or as a banquet menu due to its format and the amount of information it can contain.

2. Classic Food and Drinks Menu Template

classic food and drinks menu template Download Now

With the Classic Food and Drinks Menu Template (shown above) allows you to present all the most-needed menu and dish options in one glance. Use this price menu card design with caution since all this information can overwhelm any customer. As a workaround, it may be best to break the walls of text by adding images of the different food items that you offer.

3. Creative Ice Cream Menu Template

creative ice cream menu template Download Now

Finding a brick-and-mortar ice cream shop today can be a pleasant surprise for diners. That is why you need to leverage this advantage by crafting an equally captivating ice cream menu card. Use the Creative Ice Cream Menu Template shown above and your store will definitely stick to your customer’s minds for a long time.

4. Italian Menu Template

italian menu template Download Now

The Italian Menu Template (embedded above) is the go-to menu card design for those who are operating niche dining establishments. This editable Italian food menu card may be printed on various paper sizes measuring 8.5 inches by 11 inches, 5 inches 7 inches, or 4.25 inches 11 inches. Choose a menu card size that you think is most convenient for your customers.

5. Classy Food Menu Template

classy food menu template Download Now

The Classy Food Menu Template (featured above) features a simple yet elegant menu card design —perfect for quaint dining places like cafes, bistros, and pastry shops. When using this elegant menu template, make sure to match the menu card’s color palette with your dining establishment’s existing decorative color scheme.

6. School Canteen Menu Template

school canteen menu template Download Now

Need a creative menu that will entice young children to eat their food? Look no farther than the School Canteen Menu Template shown above. This template follows a chalkboard menu card template design that offers a creative take on a classroom blackboard. Tip: Do not forget to add sumptuous-looking food photos to make the menu more appealing.

7. Seafood Menu Template

seafood menu template Download Now

Seafood restaurant owners will love the Seafood Menu Template (embedded above) as it is specifically designed for selling seafood menu options. This creative menu board template is fully editable so you may change the color scheme to match your dining establishment’s official business colors.

8. Minimal Barbecue Food Menu Template

minimal barbecue food menu template Download Now

The Minimal Barbecue Food Menu Template (shown above) is a multipurpose menu card template that you can use to sell different menu items. When using this menu card template, make sure to include high-quality photos to help further entice your customers.

9. Rustic Food Menu Template

rustic food menu template Download Now

Diners of pubs, bistros, and themed cafes will adore your menu cards if you follow the Rustic Food Menu Template Design shown above. To get the most of out of this menu template, make sure that it is printed on Kraft paper or any card stock that has a rustic color or texture.

10. Sample Breakfast Food Menu Template

sample breakfast menu template Download Now

Creating a separate breakfast menu for your dining establishment can be a good way to generate more income. And by using the Sample Breakfast Food Menu Template (featured above), you can further leverage your breakfast meal offerings since customers can easily choose what to order from an organized restaurant menu list

11. Simple Food Menu Template

simple food menu template

Pick the Simple Food Menu Template (shown above) if you want to feature your restaurant’s specialty dish on your menu card’s front page. The template uses clean font styles and a simple layout making it perfect for fine dining restaurants or family-run bistros.

Have you decided on what food menu template design to choose? Use all the menu card-making tips we’ve shared earlier to help you narrow down your template choices and to make the template customization phase easier. For more graphic design and business document templates like the ones shown above, check out the rest of our website.

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