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Going straight to the point, any business that involves serving food to customers should always make use of food menus. While other types of business make use of catalogs to allow their clients to choose from among the products that are being offered, food establishments make use of menus which serve an almost similar purpose, they allow dining customers to choose from among the list of dishes and beverages available.

Regardless of the size of the food establishment, menus are still being used albeit some are presented and used quite differently. Some menu cards are single-paged, some come in more than just one page, and there are also menu designs which aren’t distributed to customers but rather place in an area near the counter so the customers can pay as they order. The bottom line here is that it is able to serve its purpose in giving customers something to look into to help them choose what food or drink to get.

If you are indeed planning on making your own food menu to use in a business or a special occasion, then you have definitely come to the right place. Scrolling down will take you to a collection of printable menu card templates that you can download and edit, we have gathered these templates from highly reliable sources. If you’re all set, go ahead and scroll down to see the templates yourself.

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Printable Menu Card Template

printable menu card template

We know Christmas is still a couple of months away, but you might already want to get your hands on a food and drink menu template ahead of time. Whether it’s eggnog, Christmas punch, or hot chocolate that you would like to concoct, you can list them up here on this template. So while it’s still early, download this template already so you’ll have enough time to think of what to offer to your customers when the Christmas season arrives.

Printable Food Menu Card Template

kids printable food menu card template

Don’t have a play area for children when they visit your restaurant? No worries, you can help them get engaged by actually making your menus double as activity sheets. There are various fun activities that you can choose from such as word search puzzles, connecting the dots, or coloring activities. This way, children will no longer get bored when they go to your restaurant with their families. You may also see menu word templates.

Clean Printable Menu Card Template

clean textual printable menu card template

Whether you are looking for a versatile menu card template that will fit appropriately with absolutely any theme, or you simply love to put a lot of white space on your menu card, then you’d probably be interested in downloading and using the template shown above. In order to split the dishes into categories, fine lines are drawn in between lists while still keeping the background plain white. But if you like, you may still be able to add a subtle background to this template such as textures or patterns, but be sure to keep it really subtle so as not to divert people’s attentions away from the list. You may also see wedding menu templates.

Kitchen Printable Menu Card Template

kitchen printable menu card template

Want to promote a naturally healthy living through vegetable-based dishes? Here is a sample menu card template that you might like. Many children hate vegetables and don’t realize its worth, but as adults, we already know healthy and nutritious they are. Those who eat vegetables have beautiful, healthy skin, an easily manageable body weight, a regular bowel with the help of the fiber content, and an elevated immune system. These are just some of the benefits that people can gain from eating vegetables regularly, there are actually a lot more. Which is why as early as possible, parents should already teach their children to eat vegetables so that they will grow up healthily.

Printable Menu Card Example

printable menu card example

Hamburgers, or just burgers, are every person’s—not just Americans—favorite sandwich. It’s got everything from meat to vegetables, which makes it already an entire meal in itself. If you believe that you can bring something new to this awesome treat and you are planning on establishing a business out of it, then you are very much welcome to download and use the burger menu template above. You may also see watercolor menu designs.

Printable Floral Wedding Menu Card

printable floral wedding menu card

When you go to wedding receptions, the most common type of dining you’ll see there is the buffet type, wherein the guests will have to line up at the buffet table to get food for themselves. But for those wedding receptions in which the food serving per guest is being controlled, then using menu cards would be the best way of doing it. This way, menu cards are handed off to each guest for them to take their order, and after doing so, food will be brought to them by food servers. If you think this is more practical than the buffet type, then you might want to use the menu card template above. You may also see a blank menu.

Italian Printable Menu Card Template

italian printable menu card template

Importance of Using Food Menus

If it hasn’t sunk in to you yet, you should know that food menus are highly necessary in food businesses, and it is due to multiple reasons. One of which is because food menus are able to help in setting the theme of the food establishment, which is why it is important that the theme of your menu card should be the same as the theme of your establishment. You may also see breakfast menu templates.

Another importance of food menus is that they actually provide customers with more information about the business. In what sense? They inform customers in terms of what to expect from the dishes and drinks that are being served, what goes on in a single dish and how it’s being prepared, and the type of ingredients used. These information are already enough in providing people with an idea as to the business’ background. You may also see sample birthday menus.

Coffee Shop Printable Menu Card Template

coffee shop printable menu card template

Do you know that coffee can help in improving your physical and mental energy, burn fat, increase metabolism, and decrease your risks of developing type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease? Believe it or not, they actually can and there are a lot more nutrients in coffee than you expect, and this includes vitamins B2, B3, B5, and potassium. Whether you have known this already or just found out about it, why not share this knowledge with others so that they will be able to benefit as well? If you are looking for a printable coffee menu template that you can use for your coffee shop, here’s a simple yet functional one that you might like.

Printable Seafood Menu Card Template

seafood dishes printable menu card template

There are people who choose not to eat meat due to health reasons or also due to personal preferences, which is why these people seek seafood instead. While seafood is more on being rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B complex, and iodine, to name a few, it is also rich in protein just like meat. This menu card template is perfect for those food establishments in places where fresh bodies of water are highly accessible since having to import seafood is very costly.

Printable InDesign Menu Card Template

pizza printable indesign menu card template

Chalkboard Fastfood Menu Card Template

chalkboard fastfood printable menu card template

If you are unsure whether to go for a pizza-themed food establishment or burger-themed, why not do both? This way, both pizza and burger lovers will be able to find the dishes that they’ve been craving for. If that’s exactly what you’re after, then why not use the menu template above? It’s simple, it’s functional, and it’s got a list for both pizza and hamburger. Basically, it’s got the best of both worlds

Printable Weekly Menu Planner Template

colorful printable weekly menu planner template

Want to organize your meals every week? Then you might be interested in using the menu planner template above. But if you haven’t tried using one before, feel free to read the guidelines provided below.

Tips When Using Meal Planners

1. Before writing your week’s meal plan, spend some time to looking for recipes either on television, recipe books, or online. Gather up as many recipes as you like so that you, your family, partner, or roommates will have enough dishes to choose from.

2. After gathering up recipes, show the list to the other members of the household and ask them what they like to eat. Your simple meal plan should also include the others within the household unless maybe you are cooking only for yourself.

3. Keep a journal handy and use it for writing relevant notes such as the dishes that you have already cooked, your shopping schedule samples, and some themes intended for certain days or occasions, you may even want to take note of the dishes that you or other people love.

Printable Menu Card Design

brochure style printable menu card template

Printable Pizza Menu Card Template

chalk pizza printable menu card template

When we think of pizza, we commonly associate it with Italian delicacies, but did it really originate in Italy? Let’s talk about that. According to historians, pizza actually came about as a precursor to the panis focacius—a flat bread common to the Romans which they topped with sauces, herbs, and spices. However, the modern pizza actually originated in Naples, Italy, when they started adding tomatoes to the focaccia during the late 18th century. Now that we are aware of that, you may want to start your own pizza business. If so, feel free to use the pizza menu card template above.

Printable Menu Card Sample

brewing tea printable menu card template

Are you an avid tea drinker? Are you aware of how good they are for the body? Take for example green tea, it contains high levels of antioxidants that actually help in interfering with the growth of certain types of cancer, reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, and control cholesterol levels. You may also see free menus.

Different kinds of tea have different sets of health benefits, which is why if you’re planning on serving tea to customers, you might want to list down those benefits on the menu card. This way, customers will not only enjoy sipping on their favorite cup of tea, but they will also be educated on the health benefits from the tea that they are drinking. You may also see tri-fold menu templates.

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