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How to Design a Drink Menu [10+ Templates]

In this article, you will learn how to harness the power of your menu cards and see positive results in your business in no time. More specifically, we will show you the steps on how to design your own effective drink menus for different kinds of dining establishments. Multiple examples of printable drink menu templates are also embedded below.

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5 Steps To Make a Drink Menu

Excellent drinks or beverage menu cards should not only be well-designed but it should also contain the most relevant pieces of information about the beverages you are selling. We have outlined all the menu card-making steps below with that in mind. Read and study them diligently so that you may easily recreate the process on your own.

Step 1: Select a menu theme.

The first step in making a good drink menu is to choose a main menu theme or motif. Use this overarching theme in planning the layout, format, and overall effect of your printed drink menu. For example, if you want to use the cozy and homey feel of your coffee shop, then it is best to use a rustic menu design.

Step 2: Write down all the information you need to include on the menu.

Once you have chosen a menu theme, you should begin writing down all the menu items, their descriptions, and matching price lists. Save this information in a NotePad or DOC file on your computer or mobile phone.

Step 3: Download a printable drink menu template.

Next, choose a drink menu template. You can select one from the templates embedded below or you may browse for other templates in our website. Make sure that the printable menu template you’ve chosen sports a design that matches with your dining establishment’s brand image or with your marketing theme.

Step 4: Edit the template.

Then, open then downloaded template file on your preferred graphic design software program. Replace all the image and text placeholders with your own restaurant’s drink menu information. Also, remember to incorporate your business logo, letterhead, or slogan into the template design. Save the final drink menu design on your computer or in a flash drive.

Step 5: It’s time to print out the menu template.

Finally, it is time to begin printing out your drink menu template. If you are printing at home or in your office, make sure that you have prepared the right paper or cardstock. Another option will be to print the template file at your local print shop and they will take care of all the printing aspect for you.

So there you have it! A simplified and easy-to-follow guide on how to design your own drink menu cards. Start practicing your menu card-making skills now so that you will have an easier time creating actual menu cards for your restaurants.

10+ Drink Menu Templates

Check out all the premium and free drink menu templates curated below. Each printable template is fully customizable to match your business needs.

1. Modern Food and Drink Menu Template


Try the Modern Food and Drink Menu Template (shown above) if you prefer to present both drink and food lists in your menu card. Most importantly, this template design suits casual and formal dining establishments. The template file can also be downloaded as DOC, PSD, AI, PUB, and Apple Pages template files.

2. Restaurant Food and Drink Menu Template


What makes the Restaurant Food and Drink Menu Template (embedded above) stand out is its use of a clean typography style and subtle color scheme. If you want a clutter-free drink menu design, then this template is for you. Tip: Use paper or cardstock with high GSM number as they are thicker and more durable.

3. Food and Drink Menu Template


For those who want a minimalist menu design but still want to include ample descriptions of each type of drink or beverage on the menu list, check out the Food and Drink Menu Template featured above. When using this editable menu template, make sure to add your restaurant’s logo or letterhead designs to help increase brand recall.

4. Cocktail Drinks Menu Template


The Cocktail Drinks Menu Template shown above is perfect for fine dining and gourmet restaurants who really care about the liquor and drinks they serve. This template design can also be used for your restaurant’s regular food menu design. To add sophistication to the menu design, do not forget to incorporate actual photos of each cocktail that your establishment offers.

5. Wine Bar Drinks Menu Template


Need a classy drink menu design? Look no farther than the Wine Bar Drinks Menu Template featured above. This blank menu template follows a deep red color palette that will suit exclusive hotel lounges, fine dining restaurants, and even formal dinner events. When customizing this template, do not forget to use a watermarked version of your restaurant letterhead or logo. This way, the branding element design will not clash with the template’s built-in background pattern.

4. Classic Food and Drinks Menu Template


The Classic Food and Drinks Menu Template (shown above) is a multipurpose menu card template. It is perfect for restaurateurs who wish to combine their food and drinks menu lists in one menu page. It also works best if your dining establishment only offers a few food and beverage choices.

7. Tea Party Menu Template


As anyone can deduce from the template’s name, the Tea Party Menu Template (embedded above) best suits those who are planning tea parties or those who are running actual tea shops or cafes. This creative menu template follows an organized layout and also uses fun, well-spaced typefaces that make the entire menu more readable.

8. Bar Menu Template


The Bar Menu Template (shown above) uses bold and clean font styles with a black and white color palette. This bar menu design often renders well when it is printed as flyers, menu boards, or in a booklet format. And as an editable menu template, you may easily change the current color scheme to something that will best suit your business’ image.

9. Simple Cocktail Menu Template


Download the Simple Cocktail Menu Template (showcased above) is ideal for restaurateurs who are looking for menu cards with good layout design. In this modern menu template, all the menu information is presented in the middle of the page in a logical and readable manner. This template may be edited in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, MS Word, Publisher, or Apple Pages.

10. Christmas Drinks Menu Template


To get the most out of your restaurant menu cards, it is best to update their design with each season change. When the holiday season comes, try out the Christmas Drinks Menu Template shown above. This menu template design has slight rustic feels so it can also be used as a vintage menu card and remind your guests of past Christmas dinners.

11. Minimalist Drink Menu Template

If you are looking for a simple menu card design but do not want to limit your beverage descriptions and other food details, then you may like the Minimalist Drink Menu Template featured above. This MS Word menu template will look best when printed on thick Kraft paper.

Did you find a drink menu template design that struck a chord with your restaurant’s brand? We certainly hope so. Feel free to bookmark this page so that you can easily peruse the menu card-making steps and download any template later on.

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