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Mexican cuisine like its country is full of culture, it is simply different from the rest of the cuisines around the world. One thing truly notable about Mexican cuisines is what an experience it is, especially with authentically done and cooked Mexican dishes, it feels like being transported to Mexico when you are not a native of the country. Mexican cuisines are unique, vibrant, and full of life, it lets the people who want to try it, taste what Mexico is like and also, this cuisine does not rely heavily on very expensive and luxurious ingredients. You may also like the chalkboard menu designs.

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Mexican cooks use humble and modest ingredients for their cuisines which is also another beauty of this distinct cuisine. As mentioned earlier, Mexican cuisine is full of culture as they uphold the value of how they started to discover the beauty of their dishes, though they assimilate fractions of methods, cooking, and ingredients from all across the world, they make it to a point that they retain their culture and tradition through their food. With that notion, it helps make their dishes distinctly Mexican and as authentic and true to their roots. You may also see the chalkboard restaurant menu.

Mexican Food Menu Template

mexican food menu template restaurant cm

This Mexican sample menu design by BarcelonaShop offers a more fun and exuberant approach to your menu. It is designed in such a way, to look like an organized-mess which speaks profoundly to this age. When you buy this design, it offers one hundred hand-drawn graphics which includes: vegetables, fruits, desserts, nuts, kitchen utensils, and drinks. This design is fully customizable to your preference.

Mexican Dishes Menu Design


If you are seeking for a more literal menu, this menu design is for you. It could not get any literal than this with all the famous symbols that remind people of Mexico as a border to the menu. This Mexican menu is vibrant and helps in making your Mexican dishes look more appetizing. This design’s text is customizable to your preference. You may also like lunch menu templates.

Mexican Restaurant Menu Template

04  788x525

If you are seeking for a more restrained Mexican menu, this pastel explosion Mexican PSD menu is for you. This is an equally non-conforming and Mexican menu at the same time, with all the colors reminiscent of the very colorful and vibrant culture of Mexico. The subdued colors of this design make it different from the rest of the Mexican menus out there with bold and vibrant colors. This Mexican menu design is fully customizable to your preference and it is available in A4 size.

Bi-Fold Mexican Menu


This Mexican bi-fold menu design by Arifpoernomo offers a more rustic approach to your Mexican menu design. With a wooden background, it helps really differentiate your menu from the rest of the existing menus out there. This design is in A3 size and is fully customizable and editable to your restaurant’s preference.

In recent times a lot of restaurants have now dived into the whole Mexican culture by not only assimilating factors of their cuisine but also fully emulating their dishes. It is really a good motive as most people do not have the means to travel, so the closest they can ever get to experiencing Mexico is through their foods. Authentic or not there is still a touch of Mexico in these restaurants. If you are an upcoming restaurateur and is seeking the perfect theme for your restaurant, ‘Mexican’ would be a great option. But in order for your customers to fully experience Mexico, you have to, as much as possible, try to assimilate or if not emulate their dishes to bring Mexico to your customer’s platter. Not only that, you have to also make sure the ambiance of your restaurant is truly reminiscent of the very diverse and vibrant cultures of Mexico.

Chalkboard Mexican Menu Design

food menu mexican restaurant template  788x557

Here is another fun design for your Mexican menu by BarcelonaShop. This design compared to the other one on this list offers a more streamlined approach. The black background helps makes its text of bright and vibrant colors standout. To also note, this design also comes with one hundred hand-drawn illustrations and all texts in this design is fully editable.

Tri-Fold Mexican Food Menu


This tri-fold Mexican food menu leans towards a more simplistic design. It is, despite its minimal design, still reminiscent of Mexico with the Banderitas-like design on the border. The front of this menu template showcases a really arresting design with its varying fonts. To note, this Mexican menu design’s text is customizable to your restaurant’s preference and this design comes in an A4 size.

Mexican Menu Flyer Design

1 1 788x524

A Mexican menu that is eight point five by eleven (‘8.5×11’) in dimensions offers a more streamlined approach to your menu design contrary to the most on this list. If you are seeking for a more organized menu, then this design is for you. With a wood background and colors, all in different shades of brown, this design is a simpler approach to your Mexican menu design. To note, all the texts in this design are editable to your restaurant’s preference.

Mexican Restaurant Menu Template in PSD

mexican restaurant menu preview

Here is another more streamlined approach to your Mexican menu design. This modern menu design, like the previous one, is a perfect choice if you opt for a more organized and more simple design for your Mexican menu. The beauty of this specific design is with its very striking and bold color, almost reminiscent of the ones we see in Mexico. This design comes in an A4 size.

You also have to put your attention to the microdetails: the furniture, the utensils, even the menu, they all have to exude the Mexican appeal and vibe in order to fully bring Mexico to your restaurant and make your customers feel like being transported to the country. As mentioned, focus also on the menu of your restaurant, menus create an impression and have the ability to create an impact for your dining customers. So, while deciding on your vintage menu’s design make sure it is full of life, unique, vibrant, and truly a reflection of the culture of Mexico. Though having someone professionally design your menu comes at a cost, you can instead buy a premade design that is perfect for your Mexican restaurant. Buying premade designs and templates for your menu is equally efficient and practical as you only have to customize the details according to your restaurant’s preference. So, this list curates the best and perfect Mexican menu for your upcoming or your already established Mexican restaurant.

Chalkboard Mexican Food Menu

drawing vertical scetch of mexican food menu design on blackboard 2  788x525

This specific Mexican menu design by Netkoff, is a truly non-conforming menu design. With its chalkboard-like illustration, it can certainly differentiate your Mexican menu design from the rest of the menu designs out there. It is unique and distinct just like the Mexican cuisines you are trying to sell. So, if you are seeking for a menu that is a reflection of your dishes’ uniqueness this could be it. All the texts in this design are fully editable. You may also see the small restaurant menu.

Mexican Food Menu Flyer


This menu is ideal for those selling with a more specific Mexican cuisine in their small restaurant (i.e tacos). But this menu is designed in such a way that it can be versatile enough to expand to more than a specific product. What is beautiful with this Mexican menu design is the colors present are the very same colors that are in the Mexican flag, so even if it is more simple compared to the others on this list, it still lets your customers know you have a Mexican themed restaurant. To also note, this design is fully customizable and editable according to yours and your restaurant’s preference.

Vertical Mexican Food Menu

drawing vertical color mexican food food menu design on blackboard 2  788x525

Another non-conforming option for your Mexican menu design. Similar to the other one on this list with a chalkboard-like illustration, the difference is this design’s illustrations are colored and the whole idea looks more streamlined. The certainty for your menu design to be unique and to standout is there as it is truly different from the rest of the Mexican menu designs already existing out there. To note, the texts in this design are fully editable. You may also see the restaurant menu designs.

A4 Mexican Menu Template


This Mexican tri-fold menu design is an equal balance of simplicity and funny elements. Simple in a sense that this menu design is laid out in a really organized manner and fun with the very idea of having the edges of the paper in this design, resemble that of burnt edges of a paper. This Mexican menu design is very easy to customize and edit according to your preference. You may also like the watercolor menu designs.

Hopefully, with these designs on this article, you will be able to find the best Mexican menu design for your upcoming Mexican restaurant. The designs on this list are very quintessential to the culture of Mexico with something to remind you of. They are all vibrant, full of life, and unique- irreverent to some extent, just like the very idea of the different Mexican cuisines. If you found this article helpful, bookmark this page for ease of accessibility in case you need more reference in the future. Do not forget to also share this post with other restaurateurs putting up their own Mexican restaurant and is seeking the best Mexican sample menu designs.

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