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How To Create A Barbecue Menu

When it comes to food, people have their own preferences in terms of how the dish is prepared. Some people love fried food while others prefer grilled or barbecued. There are several reasons as to why people prefer to have their food barbecued, but let’s focus first on our collection of downloadable barbecue menu templates below.

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How to Create a Barbecue Menu (5 Steps)

  • Step 1: Choose a type of menu

    In case you hadn’t known, there are various types of food menus to choose from and this includes but is not limited to the table d’hote, a la carte, cycle menu, and the prix fixe. When creating a menu, it would be best to be familiar with these types in order to choose one that perfectly fits your business.

  • Step 2: List down all the possible menu items

    Once you’ve chosen a suitable menu type, prepare your list of the menu items. Of course, this step is otherwise known as menu planning and we’ve got a modern menu planner template that you may also use for this. Factors should be considered here including capital, size establishment, size of the kitchen, and the number of cooks.

  • Step 3: Download a barbecue menu template

    Instead of starting from scratch when creating your barbecue menus, you can actually make use of a template instead. As mentioned earlier, we’ve got downloadable barbecue menu design templates below that you can use to save you the time. Also, these templates are high-quality and are fully editable.

  • Step 4: Add the item and price lists

    After downloading a menu template, you can then start adding the items based on the list that you prepared in Step 2. Aside from the menu items, you should also add their corresponding prices based on the capital or initial budget. Speaking of budget, you may use our financial budget plan template to help you with that.

  • Step 5: Add enhancements to the design

    Enhancing the appearance of your menu can help in making it look pleasing and worth reading. Since this step involves the use of an editing tool, always be mindful of the template’s file format. If you are using Adobe InDesign for editing, you should narrow down your choices and look at our menu templates in InDesign.

1. Barbecue Factory Menu Template


When families plan a get-together, it is usually in the form of a barbecue party. The reason behind this is because barbecue parties are easy to plan and pull off. Check out the image above for an example of a barbecue menu template in Illustrator, InDesign, MS Word, PSD, and Publisher.

2. Rustic Minimal Barbecue Menu Sample


Here’s a rustic-themed minimal menu board template that’s perfect for emphasizing the lists of dishes and beverages rather than the design. However, graphical elements are still present in this template and they are in the form of thumbnails to provide customers with an idea on how the dish may look like.

3. Barbecue House Menu Example

It’s about to get exciting for customers when they use this menu to choose their food and drinks. The rustic design on this menu template perfectly fits the tone of a barbecue meal, people will indeed be drawn to this. And despite all the elements used, the design doesn’t look cluttered and the content is organized.

4. Rustic Barbecue Menu Design


When food is barbecued, you no longer need to use butter which means lesser calories. Also, it tends to keep in nutrients such as thiamine and riboflavin which are good for the body. To give people a chance to enjoy these benefits, serve them barbecued food and allow them to choose from the ones listed on your restaurant menu.

5. Flame Barbecue Menu Format

Meat and vegetables over a blazing flame and having them together with friends and relatives, how else could it get better than that? That’s the beauty of having a barbecue party, it’ll teach you to enjoy the outdoors with loved ones. To share that passion with others, here’s a barbecue menu template to use at your restaurant.

6. Chalkboard Barbecue Menu Layout


We’re sure you want nothing but the best for your customers and we want you to get the best templates from us as well. By using the template above, you’re sure to pull off a one-of-a-kind barbecue menu. If you like this menu template, you might like this barbecue party invitation template as well.

7. Grill Barbecue Menu Sample

People often take a long time to choose what to have and looking at a bright menu card may be eye-straining to some. However, going for a dark color scheme such as the one shown on the menu board template above may solve that problem.

8. Modern Style Barbecue Menu Example


Some people say that barbecued food is less fattening than fried food because you no longer need to add oil or grease to cook the dish. Barbecuing your food may even help remove some of the excess fat making it healthier. Get people to love barbecued food by presenting them with a menu using the template above.

9. Grill Barbecue Menu Template

Your food price menus don’t necessarily have to be in booklet form, you can also have them in tri-fold form just like brochures. As we may have known, tri-fold brochures work best for organizing long and/or multiple contents, which are characteristics of menus.

10. Chalkboard Theme Barbecue Menu


Here’s another chalkboard-inspired menu template that you can use at your establishment. Take note of how the menu items are efficiently organized into boxed sections which makes it very easy to read. If you’re planning to promote your barbecue restaurant to the public, you may use this very fitting chalkboard flyer template.

11. Barbecue Menu Design Template

Here’s another impressively-designed menu template for all barbecue lovers out there. By just looking at this menu card template, it’ll make your mouth water and feel as if you’re actually cooking the food. Actually, every single one of the templates here is capable of making your mouths water, so pick at least one and download it.

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