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Happy Hour Menu

If you are a restaurateur, you would want to make sure that all items on your menu list get sold every day. This does not only reduce chances of food spoilage, it also means that more people are dining at your establishment and that you are likely to have increased sales as well. One way to turn this business goal into reality is by creating a separate happy hour menu for your dining establishment.

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Yes, you heard that right. In this article, we provide comprehensive information on how and why you need to create and use a separate menu list for your restaurant’s beverage and happy hour food menu offerings. In addition, we have also included multiple (fifteen, in fact) examples of printable happy hour menu templates that any business owner or manager can use for their respective restaurants.

Check Out These Examples of Happy Hour Menu Templates

As we have mentioned earlier, embedded below are fifteen examples of fully customizable and downloadable happy hour menu templates. All these templates are available as Adobe Photoshop template files. This means that you need to have Adobe Photoshop installed on your computer before you can open and successfully edit the template. Browse through these templates and choose the one that will best represent your restaurant’s brand image.

Beer Bar Happy Hour Menu Flyer Template

Black Happy Hour Menu Flyer Poster Template

What is a Happy Hour Menu Template?

The origin of the term Happy Hour is vague but it probably originated around naval or military bases where a lot of soldiers will have scheduled off times and these men will often go to bars to drink and socialize. Today, happy hours now have a marketing slant since it is used to refer to a period of time during a day where dining establishments offer slashed down rates of their alcoholic drinks and some food menu offerings.

A happy hour menu template then is a digital file containing a list of all the discounted menu items (typically beer, wine, cocktails, and other meals or dishes) that a restaurant offers during a certain part of the day. These pre-made restaurant templates will often come ready-made layouts, images, and text that the end-user can edit to match their restaurant’s brand image or personal preferences. Typically, happy hour menu cards or banners are put into effect towards the late afternoon to dinnertime.

As a marketing strategy, restaurants stand to gain a lot from happy hour menu offerings since most diners and bar-goers tend to flock to these establishments during these designated happy hours. In addition, most of these diners would not only order items on the happy hour menu. They may also order other regular restaurant dishes, meals, and drinks – making it a highly profitable business strategy.

Chalkboard Happy Hour Menu Flyer Template

Classic Happy Hour Drinks Flyer Menu Template

Cocktail Happy Hour Menu Doodle Template

Energetic Happy Hour Menu Flyer Template

How to Look For in a Happy Hour Menu Template

With the equally captivating designs of the different happy hour menu templates included in this list, you would most likely be confused on what specific menu template to choose. To help you make a more informed and better decision regarding this matter, check out this list of the top factors to consider before purchasing a happy hour menu template.

  • 1. Restaurant Budget.

    The first factor to consider before buying a happy hour menu template (or any kind of menu template for that matter), should be the amount of amount that your restaurant can allow for this business transaction. If your restaurant has enough funds, you can surely choose a menu template that costs higher.

    However, if your business is struggling, you may need to choose a printable menu template that costs less or you may even have to resort to a free menu template if that is available.

  • 2. Customizability of the Template.

    Another factor to consider when buying any kind of happy hour menu template is the template’s level of customizability. This means that you need to choose a menu template whose creator allows its end-users to make edits on the template itself after they have purchased it.

    Most often, menu templates created using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign will offer this flexibility in terms of editing. This is an essential aspect to look into before buying a template especially if you want to make customizations on the original happy hour menu template.

  • 3. Personal Editing Skills.

    When you use pre-made menu templates, you will still need to make minor changes to the template before you can print it out. These changes will include adding company logo designs and typing your happy hour discount terms and conditions. If you already know how to use graphic design software programs like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, you can easily accomplish this job since you will only have to edit text boxes and image placeholders. However, if you do not know how to use these software tools, you may find it hard to make edits yourself.

    So factor in all these things before you decide on getting a specific happy hour menu template or not. As a workaround, you may have to use a menu template that will be edited by its creator first before you can print it out. This way you will save yourself the time and effort needed to learn about graphic design and editing.

  • 4. A Relevant Template Design.

    Your decision on what happy hour menu template design to choose should also depend on the kind of restaurant or dining establishment you are running. For example, if you are operating a local pub or bistro, it will be best to choose a happy hour menu design that depicts a cozy or rustic feeling. Doing this will help in increasing your establishment’s recognizability among your customers and will also help cement your business’ image a the go-to place for, well, a happy hour.

    Take in all these factors and make sure to weigh each menu template design choice against them before you buy a menu template. We hope that you have gained useful knowledge in running your restaurant business through the understanding and use of these happy hour menu templates.

Indie Happy Hour Flyer Menu Template

Oktoberfest Happy Hour Flyer Menu Template

Advantages of Using Happy Hour Menu Cards

Getting more restaurant sales is one of the biggest advantages of using happy hour menu cards. As a restaurateur, you should already begin thinking of ways on how to implement this business strategy for your restaurant. But if you are still on the fence about instituting such policy to your business, here is a list of other advantages of starting a happy hour and using happy hour menu cards for your restaurant.

  • 1. They help increase restaurant sales.

    Sales. Sales. Sales. Yes, all businesses are all about sales, profits, and money. And there is nothing wrong with that as long as things are done legally and morally. By simply instituting a happy hour policy at your restaurant or dining establishment, your business’s sales margins are likely to increase.

    This occurs because a lot of people will be at your restaurant either to eat or drink or both. And typically, only the alcoholic beverages are set at discounted rates during a happy hour period. This means that you can still earn a maximum profit for all the other things that you see in your restaurant. In fact, you can even earn from giving discounts. Make sure to learn more about how to price your goods and services so that you can apply this knowledge to discount pricing during your restaurant’s happy hour. Check out this article on how to create a price list.

  • 2. They are easy to create.

    Another reason why it can be advantageous and profitable to use happy hour menu cards for your dining establishment is that they are very easy to create. With the help of the different pre-made creative happy hour menu templates embedded throughout this article, any restaurant manager can easily download and print them out in just a few hours.

    By using these printable menu templates, you do not need to spend a lot of time in thinking of a good menu card design. This aspect has been taken cared of by the original template creator. As the template’ end-user, all you have to do is add your restaurant’s unique logo design and the details of your happy hour menu offerings. And viola! You now have a happy hour menu card waiting to be used.

  • 3. They attract new customers.

    The use of happy hour menu cards, quite obviously, means that your business establishment has a happy hour policy or business strategy in place. This is a huge draw for customers since they can get beverages or menu items at a discounted rate. (Who doesn’t want discounts, right?)

    Also, when people learn that a restaurant or bar offers lower than normal pricing or has a promotion, people will often flock to these places as a way to try them out. And if these new customers find your restaurant menu offerings acceptable, they will surely return. In the long run, having a designated happy hour for your restaurant can become a sustainable marketing strategy.

  • 4. They help showcase your restaurant’s branding image.

    Another positive effect of using happy hour menu cards is that they can be a perfect medium for letting the public know about your restaurant or brand. Every time a potential customer sees your happy hour menu in banner or flyer design format, they will be reminded that this unique marketing strategy is associated with your brand. Ultimately, this can help increase brand recognition – something that most established restaurants work hard for.

    The printable menu card format also makes it easy for you to add your restaurant logo design and to showcase different images of food items that your restaurant is famous for. And when you decide to follow this approach, make sure to always use good images or hire a food photographer so that the food photos will come out well.

  • 5. They are reusable.

    The beauty of using pre-made restaurant menu card templates is that they are reusable. Templates are digital files that can forever be stored on your computer’s hard drive or on the cloud. So if you decide to implement a happy hour policy for a few weeks or months in your dining establishment, you can still reuse the same template when you decide to bring back your happy hour promotions.

    And since these menu templates are fully customizable, you can easily edit the old menu template’s wording and change it to a more updated one. Also, you can even further personalize your happy hour menu templates so that they can be used as another form of restaurant advertising materials. For example, you can create restaurant menu flyers, restaurant menu brochures, or restaurant menu banners from a single restaurant happy hour menu card template.

  • 6. They help increase customer loyalty.

    Another often overlooked advantage of using happy hour menu cards for your restaurant is that they can be used to help boost customer loyalty. This happens because restaurant happy hours can be considered as a customer engagement tool itself. Just like how a happy hour menu helps attract new customers, using these discounted menu cards will also let your current customers know that the deals that your restaurant offers are the best for them too. For more information on how to come up with a restaurant marketing plan, check out the linked article.

    So those are the top advantages of using happy hour menu cards. Whether you already are a restaurateur or just thinking of planning to start a restaurant business, you should begin applying these tips into how you intend to run your business. Over time, all these different marketing strategies will merge together and bring your business to greater heights.

Pub Happy Hour Menu Flyer Template

Typography Happy Hour Menu Template

Retro Happy Hour Flyer Menu Template

Vintage Happy Hour Menu Flyer Template

Ready For Your Restaurant’s Happy Hour?

We hope that you have enjoyed reading the different tips on how and why you should use happy hour menu cards for your own dining establishment. Also, feel free to download and use any of the happy hour menu card templates that we have embedded within this article. For more examples of happy hour menu templates and other restaurant templates, do not hesitate to search through the website.

And if you found this article useful and highly informative, do not forget to bookmark it and share it with your other entrepreneur friends and colleagues through social media or through email. Have a Happy Hour!

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